Sunday, January 23, 2011

Broken Friendship, Broken trust...

I'm not exactly thrilled about losing my friendship with one of my close friend in high school and looking back I am confident that it was the right move for me in order to move forward in my life. I know that sometimes things in life don't work out well but to be truthful I never saw this coming. At first, I was devastated to lose 'P' but now I'm quite relieved that I got rid of P as we never could come to terms on certain things which should have been resolved easily but it had made our friendship stall for so long. She had gotten consumed with the idea that I could not be trustworthy in her eyes as she believed that I had told her sister all her secrets which I had promised to guard with my life. I was also told by one of my close friends that she had wrote lies about me which I can't understand why she had done so when I meant no harm to her. I guess she saw me as a threat to her and she can't bare to face me but I can't understand why she had to backstab me for no apparent reason when I was her friend.
I moved on from that day now and I can see clearly now that she had changed so much that she was blinded by the need to fit in until she could even hurt her friend that I won't say that I forgive her but I do hope that she would learn from this bitter experience as I won't look back anymore. I'm prepared to live my life without having to carry someone else's burden around.
I'm ready to face anything but I promise to not hand out my hand easily to her as she had caused me so much pain and I am better off without her. She is off my facebook friends list and also my twitter too. If you are reading this, I wish you the best in your life and I'm sorry because you could not stand with me.
For now, I need to focus on myself in this time and you were not any help in my mission. I'm only sorry that I didn't see your change any sooner.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My College Life: Part 2

The First day of college was the scariest day for me as I barely knew anyone there. I was all alone in a strange place where I have NEVER been to!!!I felt nervous and i was sweating bullets!!! But I am pretty pleased with my college as it has really awesome facilities there!! I have met some great friends there too and they are really friendly and different from High School!!! I can't believe my luck!!! I guess that most of my new classmates felt the same way too as we were from different places and all we wanted was to fit in the college without feeling alone. I mean who wouldn't want to fit in???

I hope that my college experience will be unforgettable for me as I really want to remember this great experience!!! I have met incredible people who seem really nice and friendly though I barely know them. I think that many people especially you readers would want my experience too and the truth is those American movies are lies!!! Don't assume that college life would be exactly the same as it really isn't in my case. So forget about Gossip Girls or 90210 as it makes it seem as though the school/college is filled with bullies and cheerleaders who rule the school!!! IT IS SOOO FAKE!!! My advise to you all is to be yourself and don't pretend to be someone else. People will like you if you show them how you really are but of course try talking about basic things to check if you shared a similar interest then leave the rest to fate!! There is bound to be someone who wants to be your friends. I have learn certain new things since I attended college!!!

1. How to use the LRT
2. How to use the Monorail
3. To be independent(I travel into the city central by myself everyday to college!!!)

I guess I am pretty lucky to be doing this by myself. Well, college seems like a great place for me!!! You should experience it yourself to know!!!Have fun!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My College Life:Part 1

I can't believe that I finally graduated from High school!!! I am so happy but at the same time a little sad about that as I miss my high school friends!!! I can't wait to start my college life though!! I am studying the subjects that I am interested in!!! And guess what??? No maths calculation....Oh wait there is a little maths for economics but at least not the really complicated additional mathematics in high school that cracked my brain so badly. I think I have a love-hate relationship with maths subjects!!! I am finally free from those torturous subjects and finally I have moved forward to college!!! HURRAY!!!
Too bad my holiday was cut short by my sudden registration into the January intake and I was even surprised that they EVEN accepted me with my horrible trial results!!! Well, my results wasn't that bad but it was terrible to ME!!! I mean it was soooo embarassing to even mention it anyone!!! Tomorrow will be my first day and I am super excited for college!!! HEHE!!! Most of my friends have already started their college but frankly I wouldn't have mind taking the March intake but oh well!!! I can't refuse that offer. I hope that I will not be lost in Kuala Lumpur as tomorrow will be my first time riding on the LRT and Monorail alone!!! It will also be my third time riding on any public transportation!!! I am dead serious about that!!!

I really doubt that college life would be as simple as those shown on in the American movies/shows as first of all, I am NOT living in America!!! All I know about college life is based mainly on my friends experience so I will not judge anything...yet. All this talk of college has gotten to me and I doubt that I will be able to sleep at all tonight. I am always restless on my first day to school and college might be worse for me!!! I do hope that it wouldn't be bad or I might cry. All the best to me then!!! I have crossed my fingers and I will find out tomorrow!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New season of Merlin the series!!!

This is one of the first show that caught my attention while I was a non-twilight freak!! It was filled with fantasy yet some cool special effects to match!!! The series is based on the legend of King Arthur but mostly focuses on Merlin, Arthur's helper. He is gifted with magic powers and he is forced to hide his secret from anyone or he will face death as commanded by Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon. He has to face many obstacles in his life to ensure that Arthur will achieve his destiny as the greatest King of Camelot including the loss of his long lost father also known as the Dragon Master. This season will be more focused on Morgana's rise to her evil fate as she tries to be rid of Arthur in order to possess the throne and be known as queen! Besides that, the series will focus on the love story between Gwen and Arthur as they are fated to be together. To be honest, I wasn't glad with the actress playing Gwen as she doesn't fit the description of Gwen who is seen as a lady with endless beauty and I opted to watch Katie Mcgrath who plays Morgana as she is so beautiful. I would have preferred a switch between the two actresses as Katie would be a much better match for Arthur played by Bradley James perfectly as an arrogant yet brave prince who actually has a heart for magic which his father has forbidden due to his wife's death. I could imagine the chemistry between Katie and Bradley to be really strong but unfortunately it isn't possible to switch but oh well, I still enjoy the show!!!Seriously, watch the chemistry between Angel Coulby and Bradley and you could not even sense the feeling of love between them at all. I guess not everything can be perfect. I might sound offensive towards Angel Coulby but I am not against her because of her race so I hope you readers who have a liking towards her will not misunderstand my words. I am a really BIG fan of Merlin and I hope that as the show progresses that the chemistry will too!!! Fingers crossed!!!In the mean time, I hope you are watching the show as it is really a great show to entertain yourself with.

My New Favourite TV Show: Victorious

This show is sooo cool!!! Notice my long soooooo earlier!!!But honestly, this show is fun filled and really cool. It has a song every three episodes and so far there are 6 songs!!! I have it all and the songs are really catchy!!!

1. Make It Shine(Theme Song)
2. You're the Reason(Birthweek episode)
3. Tell Me That You Love Me
4. Finally Falling(Tori the Zombie)
5. Freak The Freak Out
6. Give It Up

Trust me that the songs are really good to listen to and I would recommend Freak the freak out and give it up. Try listening to songs now!!! You will not be disappointed with the tracks and most of the cast are really talented. They are quite good at acting, dancing and even singing especially Victoria Justice!!! She is the star of the show and plays Tori Vega who was discovered and she got a place at Hollywood arts and she finds herself in a different world!!! She underestimates herself and doesn't see her talent. She finds friends and she soon discovers that she truly belongs in the school all along. She is really funny at times and although I wish for more songs, I can't help but enjoy watching the show!!! I can't wait for more songs and episode but until then I will watch the reruns again!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Randon Posting!!!

Basically like any other former school student in Malaysia, I am bored of my life after SPM exams is over cuz I am doing nothing.I'm serious!!! I am just sleeping, walking around, eating and reading books!!! I feel like a PIG!!!I should just go Oink these days and paint my entire body PINK!!!Well, I was SUPPOSED to meet up with my friends anytime possible but nowadays it seems as though everyone is busy with their college life so here I am writing about my miserable life!!! My best friend, Xheylie is attending National service and I miss talking to her!!! She always smses me but it isn't the same as talking to her. Well, I am debating on which college I am attending and it seems so difficult to choose. I have narrowed it down to two well-established law colleges but each school seems alike in every way possible!!! It is like picking between two chocolate bars. I guess when I first started high school, I was desperate to leave but now I miss my school days!!! I miss three things mostly.

1. My friends
2. Hanging out with my friends
3. Ditching classes

So, I guess i miss mostly my friends! But the truth is my friends and I have gone through so much together and it wouldn't be right for me to just forget about them. My friends and I have fought with each other, cried and laughed together and it may not seem perfect at times but I do need them in my life. Here are a few memories that I miss of my friends badly.

1. Elaine and her funny stunts of chasing after my guy friends. She makes me laugh everyday
2. The cute Mayee with her Kevin and Khunnie talk whenever she isn't ditching school
3. The smart Katherine(aka Kat) who always helps me whenever I have a problem in my studies
4. The open minded Leanne who is always talking about out of the box subjects and laughs really loud.
5. The always missed Rachel who visits us at school whenever possible and of course her creation of the fairytale story.
6. Grace, the one who always listens to everyone's problems and advises well
7. My best friend, Xheylie with our random talks about absolutely anything for hours
8. Maggie who always tries her best to understand me and make me smile
9. The funny Lam who does really weird stunts who is also smart and helps me with my maths and add maths problems even after I insulted him many times
10. The little Kai Ling who is really cute and friendly.
11. The really quiet Patrick who is really quite smart but modest.
12. The penguin Jac and always seems to be missing from school due to her health problems and her constant arguement with Jay!!! They seem so cute together!! Hehe!!

I guess high school wasn't so terrible after all with a group of wacky friends who make life seem so fun! So remember to spend every moment with your friends to the fullest because you will might never get the chance in the future. Now, I shall revisit my past in my mind and maybe even laugh at the funny moments!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alright then.... I'm back again!!! Well, this time I decided to write out my New Year's Resolutions so that hopefully I will decide to complete my entire list this year. Most of the past years I have decided to throw it away due to my laziness. Yes, now you know how lazy i truly am. Well, I am hoping to complete it all and I will write the end of the year to show if I did achieve my goal!!! Hopefully I do!!! WIsh me luck then!!!

1. Update my blog more often
2. Study hard for my A-levels
3. Clear my room(Always on my list!)
4. Save more of my pocket money
5. Start thinking like a college student(I can't wait)
6. Learn to drive like a pro fast(Yes, I can't wait to learn!!!)
7. Write my stories finish(I don't think i will have time but I will try)
8. Keep up with my friends!!!
9. Help anyone who needs my help
10. Check my email often(I seriously had more than 2000 over emails once!!! In a few months and I was so freaked out!!!)

Well, it sounds simple this time but believe me when I do say that I LOVE to be lazy!!! I can't help it but I tend to avoid doing task!!! Oh, I'm rambling again. Gosh, why is the weather is cold and why is it raining??? Gosh, I think I am not warm blooded!!! Going of topic again!!! Anyhow, I am going to try to complete all this things on my list!!! So, wish me luck!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Latest Obsession!!!

Hey!!! I'm back again after a few months of quietness due to my laziness(I couldn't think of what to write too!!!) Anyway, I am currently obsessed with many thing(I think it is because of my lack of self confidence...or not)like
1. The Twilight Saga
2. The Vampire Diaries
3. Merlin
4. Supernatural
5. Facebook(who isn't, honestly)

But now I am in love with korean dramas too!!!! To be specific, the title of the drama is Playful Kiss and it is so good until I kept watching it over and over again(I have it in my laptop to watch it anytime). I'm not sure why I got so addicted to it but here are a few reasons why I think I got hooked to it so easily.
1. I am seriously desperate for a hot guy like that(minus that annoying attitude)
2. I am crazy for love stories
3. I have no life so i resorted to watching it to fill my empty life hoping to find my life's meaning

Allow me to break out the plot for those whom have NOT watch the drama yet so that you all may get hooked on it like I am. The drama revolves around this girl who isn't really bright and she confesses to her high school crush who happens to be the smartest guy in the school. He rejects her in front of everyone and she feels devastated. When her house breaks down, her father and her are forced to stay in her father's old friend. She is shocked when she finds out that it turns out to be her crush's house.?He continues to be mean to her and she is determine to win his heart. If you really want to know, watch the show!!!! The drama is really filled with funny moments and of course, it is a love story!The male lead is played by SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and he is absolutely perfect for the role!!! I have learnt to hate his character at times but he is actually a really sweet guy in the drama. The lead female is played by Jung So Min and she is really annoying at times but I guess that's how Ha-ni is supposed to be like. I haven't finished the show yet but I am rooting for them to have a happy ending.
I just love happy endings....don't you?