Sunday, February 20, 2011

I really hate pretenders...cuz they pretend!!!

So, one thing that I realized is that I hate pretenders and fakers who just follow everyone and expect to be anything special but they aren't as they look exactly like everyone else. What ever happened to being an individual or being yourself??? Think for a moment, what will you gain from copying everyone??? There's not many pros compared to the cons so why do it??? Well, I can only imagine a few reasons they resort to copying.

1. They don't think for themselves....Or they wouldn't be doing it!
2. They have no life....admit it, it's true because what other reasons do you have to look like someone????
3. They are mentally unstable....Who would want to look like another human being when everyone is different???

You see, I actually talking based on my observation on a lucky candidate(who didn't know that I was actually doing that) and Melinda* failed as an individual completely!!! But it was fun to watch all her transformation into her best friend as she wanted desperately to be her friend. Imagine this, she was perfectly normal and she noticed that her friend was gaining attention from the opposite sex thus she vowed to be exactly like her. She started to change her clothes for sexier and short skirts that were exactly the same as her friend and also wore high heels around although it was uncomfortable but she like it because it made her feel tall!!! She keep her hairstyle long and tied her hair into a ponytail like her friend. What made it hilarious was she even walked like her friend that you wouldn't be able to identify her or her friend. Freaky much??? I feel goosebumps appearing now....Anyhow, she freaked out all her friends and well, she's history now!!!

She decided to seem more attractive on facebook so she changed her picture to a picture of her with makeup on and boy, all I think of is a 6 years old kid playing with makeup. I mean what is the rush to grow up, Melinda*? You were so different last time and now you are just like any other girl. Look at me, I have no makeup on nor am I wearing any of those trend clothings yet I'm perfectly content with my life so why would you want to be a Barbie doll??? Natural beauty makes everyone beautiful so stop covering up!!! Makeup is just a prop sold to make people feel matured but some people tend to overuse it, thinking that the more you used the more prettier. Who told them that should be hit on the head with a long stick!!!

Melinda* is just a tad insecure in her life as I have been told by several people so I guess that explains the obsession to look like her best friend. So, remember all to keep being yourself, your true beauty will shine out!!!!

That's all for now!!! Thanks for reading and I'm off to do my assignments!!! Until next time!!!

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