Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rambling about Logan Lerman and Three musketeers...

So, I was happily wandering the net when I noticed this post about the three musketeer and I thought to myself "Isn't the movie and old one?" I clicked onto it and BOOM!!! It was a remake of the original tales on the three musketeers and guess who Summit Entertainment decided to cast as the lead male character??? Well, here's a hint...He has blue eyes and a charming smile!! No, it's not Zac Efron because he has moved into the boring zone...Just kidding... It's Logan Lerman!!! Don't ask me who he is because you should remember that awesome name!! He played Percy Jackson in the movie Percy Jackson and the lightning thief!!!

Wait, here's a picture of how cute he looks...

Okay, maybe that wasn't the right picture for him but I love his boyish smile and blue eyes...No, not Mika's song Blue eyes!!! Look at those eyes!! I could drown in it forever like I am lost at sea... I even watched the trailer and boy, was my heart pumping as I watched it!!! I am anticipating this movie really badly!!! It will be released on October 2011 which is this awesome year!!! Watch this darn trailer now!!!

YES!!! Awesome right??? If you think not then grab the closest thing to you right now and hit yourself several times with it!!! I think my heart was pumping at 360 beats per minute!!! Here's a few pictures from the movie and enjoy it!!!

OH MY GOSH!!! What happened to that floppy hair I love so much???

Isn't it the four musketeers then??? Three plus one??? Hehe!!

Awwww!! she is the luckiest girl EVER!!! I am so jealous now!!!

So, reason why I am going to watch this movie....
1. Logan Lerman
2. Logan Lerman
3. Logan Lerman's blue ocean eyes...
4. Need I give more reasons???

It's another few months left!!! I wish it was coming out this month but now I am forced to drool over his pictures on google...Oops, I drooled all over my keyboard. Bad me...Hehe!!! My life seems slightly better now. Time to return to reality... Sigh...

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