Thursday, February 16, 2012

Youtube Addict Plus Chocolates!!!

I'm back from today's class well, technically it wasn't a lecture since we weren't studying plus there were NO LECTURERS there and why in the world was I there anyway??? Thanks to Miss Lynn for texting to me last night asking me to go for fun and how could I say no when a friend ask??? I should learn to say NO!!!

Guess which lucky girl got chocolates for being a good girl today???

Thank you, Miss Lynn for the chocolates and key chain!!! Imma post a picture of those two things once I find my hand phone wire to connect to my laptop so wait for it, peeps!!!

So anyway, we were visited by two visitors who talked to us about our rights as adults!!! Can you believe it??? Someone who actually sees me as an adult!!! Anyway, we played "God" in one of the games by deciding who we would save if the the world was ending and boy, was it tough to decide!!! Now I rather be simple and plain me than be God because it was so hard to pick who to save!!! Thank you, God for doing such a tough job while I wander around doing nothing!!!

Gosh, I'm tired after a long journey back home and looking at all the sleeping people in front of me doesn't help my case!!! Every time I open my textbook to try reading, the words become BLUR!!!

And a certain woman isn't answering her phone again!!! How many text must I send before she answers!!! Press that button and TALK before I travel to your house and drag you to college!!! I'll do it if I have to so don't test me!!!

Did I mention how addicted I am to youtube??? Yeah, I can find things to do even when I'm bored and guess who I found??? Another youtube sensation and HURRAY!!! She can totally sing!!! Her name is Tiffany Alvord and she sang a couple of songs with Megan Nicole so yeah, that's the connection and how I found her!!! Check out a few of her videos!!!

Isn't she so cute and pretty??? Doesn't this song kinda remind you of Taylor Swift's songs??? Oh well, there's enough space in my music player for them all!!!

Yeah, subscribe to her channel for more great covers or songs and let's support all the great talents on youtube for having awesome talents!!! THANK YOU FOR ENTERTAINING A BORED ME!!! THANK YOU!!!

Time for a little nap before I start wrapping my new textbooks!!! It's SO NICE AND NEW!!! I love NEW THINGS!!! Have a great weekend guys!!!


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