Friday, November 16, 2012

Still Blogging Till The World Ends!!!

So, I'm finally back after a reaallly LOOOOONG break from blogging as I was hunting vampires, demons and werewolves (Just kidding!) I was just really busy plus I ran out of things to ramble on and on about aside from Vampire Diaries and Twilight and other nonsense going on in my life...I would lie and say I studied hard but...I didn't so honestly I'm like the worse student EVER!!! My lecturers are ranting on and on about studying often and I only have one thing on my mind which is LUNCH!!!! Okay, two things: BREAKFAST AND LUNCH!!!!

See what I mean about being the WORST STUDENT EVER!!! And the lecturers ask any questions, I'm tempted to put up my hand and ask, When is class ending? or What do you think I should eat for lunch?Any suggestions?

Yup, time to screw my mind correctly or I'm going to waste another year slacking as usual...Lots of assignments to keep me busy and last week was majorly insane too!!! To that thieving menaces who stole my mum's handbag, I hope you get what's coming to you because honestly, you didn't need to come back and hurt my mum!!! What is wrong with you people???? You had her handbag yet you came back to push her before running away!!! Yes, my mum is perfectly fine and thank heavens, a good Samaritan found my mum's ID card, driver's license, house keys, car keys and RETURNED THEM! Urgh...seriously, what's wrong with people nowadays? Have we seriously downgraded to the animal phase????

And could everyone please stop with the 2012 thing where everyone's going like the world's going to end on the 26th of December 2012??? First of all, we are not Mayans so why are we trusting their calenders again and secondly, they never said it would end just that their calender is ending and for all you know they could have run out of paper or decided to do something more interesting than writing number for thousands and thousands of years!!! I get classmates going insane saying that we shouldn't bother to study even though our exams are on May next year as the world's going to end...Chill people because what if it doesn't? Then you'll be stuck during the exams looking like a fool so please people, be reasonable. At least finish what you started so that when the world does end (If it does, touch wood!) you'll be free to do other stuff in your afterlife!!!

So anyways, just a little post to show everyone that yes, I'm still very much blogging like a fool and still coming up with really weird encounters with strange people in my life...More updates coming up so stay tuned!!!