Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recap after 1 YEAR!!!

So, I'm back after almost a year of absence and oh my gosh, I can't believe that I managed to stop blogging for so long!!!

Well, here's a little recap on the months that I was missing in action (MIA)

 1. My UOL Intermediate exams has come and gone. (Thank god!!!)
    Yes, so the BIG exam that I was posting about all the time during last year before my hiatus has finally left the building!!! So, what on earth did I get for my several months of absence????


Yes, I passed and it was a miracle that I did since I don't actually remember what I'd written during the entire exam period!!!

Criminal Law: Oh my gosh, I actually had a brain freeze and I completely forgot about one of the topics: Provocation!!! The best remedy in that situation: Just write crap and flip through the statute book, looking for answers (Yup, unfortunately there was no answers in that statute book!!!) So, I pretended to know what I was writing about but in reality I was thinking in my head, WHAT THE HECK AM I WRITING ABOUT????

Verdict: That subject was the killer of the whole exam and it was the first freaking exam that I'd sat for!!! I almost hyperventilated in that exam hall!!! Seriously, how can anyone take that much stress and pressure???? I felt like I was about to burst, full of information!!!

Public Law: Was it just me or did the paper completely change like 360 degrees???? Did the examiner of Criminal Law change or did Public Law because I swear that when I got the paper, I flipped to the front page several times to make sure that I was sitting for the correct paper!!!

Verdict: I made up things as I went because honestly, the paper was so different beyond recognition!!! Either I was really smart by making sure that my handwriting was illegible so they could make out the words or I am actually pretty smart that I remembered what I'd cramped into my small brain!!!

Common Law: Oh my gosh, by this time, I was mentally and physically drained that my hands were shaking before I even went into the exam hall!!! Thank god, I could do the questions although I wasn't sure what I was thinking at that time...

Verdict: WHY DO THEY TORTURE ME WITH EXAMS??? Honestly, I feel like my hands are going to break from all the writing!!! I almost used up all my pens and I bought 50 pens!!!

Contract Law: Thank god, I took this subject for my A-Levels because I roughly remembered what I'd studied... In my head, I just kept thinking "FREEDOM!!!" that I even had fireworks playing around my head before the exam even started!!!

Verdict: FREEDOM so who care what I wrote!!!

And the three months break that I had ended up being spent at a law firm!!! And maybe a little shopping!!!

To end this post because I don't really know what else to post about, it is my favourite BRITISH BAND, LAWSON!!! Ah, I never get enough of their songs and that British accent!!!

And my favourite song on my playlist right now, Ariana Grande- Almost is Never Enough!!! I really need to watch City Of Bones because I am obsessed with that series right now!!!

Isn't Ariana just so cute looking and I love her cute dresses!!!

Okay, back to my boring life and until next time!!!