Monday, June 25, 2012

Working Out!!!

So, I started working out again and...Well, let's just say I'm not as fast as I was two years ago...Which girl has two thumbs and has put on weight???

Even Jennifer agrees with me!!!

Now, my body is aching because some genius decided to go crazy and speed up the treadmill all the way to 8.4 on the second day of my workout so now I'm suffering but the good thing is I am more energetic and active (At least I think so) plus I feel fit although it might take a while for the results to show but here's a few tips in case you decide to exercise to remove some excess fat... Well, I don't have excess fat but more like a little chubbiness so I'm trying to lose at least 5 kg this year so wish me luck and I'll let you know if my workout works!!!

Tip #1
Have proper clothings to exercise (No bikini or jeans!!!) 
Try wearing breathable clothes like maybe shorts and a simple shirt or tank top and why breathable you ask??? Well, let me put this in a simple way, when you exercise, you sweat and what happens when you sweat??? YES, YOU STINK!!! Try standing out in the hot sun during summer for half an hour (Don't forget your sunscreen if you do try it!!!) and amplify the sweat and smell by 10 times or more and need I say more???
I totally agree but what do expect to happen when you exercise??? Marshmellows???
Tip #2
 Get yourself some shoes (Don't forget to wear thin socks!!!)
Firstly, don't ask me a dumb question on why you need shoes and I'm talking about those running shoes not those insanely high heels or flats because even an infant knows what shoes are for!!! How do expect to walk on the treadmills barefooted??? Worse case senario is you could slip on your own sweat and fall, hitting your head and getting hurt further so yeah, try it if you dare but you've been warned!!!) And don't try to be funny and wear shoes without socks because honestly, that is just gross!!! And remember to wash those socks after your intensive workout because they really STINK and I'm speaking from personal experience so just trust me!!!

Tip #3
Prepare all your equipments before you start
Speaking from personal experience,  do make a list before you start exercising because there should be NO DISTRACTIONS for your full workout...You don't want go workout halfway and decide to get your water bottle and 5 minutes later, run upstairs for a handkerchief to wipe your sweat, 5 minutes after that, to get your mp3 player and handphone and the next 5 minutes after that, to get a watch...Prepare all these things before you enter your gym so you won't have any excuse to leave that room until your time is up!!! Trust me, it works to have no distractions but just you and the machine in that room!!!

Tip #4
Drink plenty of water
Do this before, during and after your workout, remember to keep yourself hydrated but do not drink it immediately when you stop for a break because you'll feel like puking plus do not stop yourself from drinking if you're thirsty, your body is SCREAMING for water SO DRINK IT!!! Water won't make you fat so drink more water!!! No eating snacks as you workout (Duh!) 

Tip #5 
Do have appropriate time allocated for your breaks...
3 minutes should be enough time for you to rest after a few laps to drink some water or even sit down but DO NOT SIT DOWN IMMEDIATELY unless you want to scream around in pain due to cramps...Actually it would be better if you don't sit down because trust me, you wouldn't want to workout when your butt touches any surface to rest...GET THAT BUTT TO STAY UP FOR AT LEAST THAT 30 MINUTES OF INTENSIVE WORKOUT!!! My grandmother can stand longer than that and she's more than 70+++ years old!!! 

Oh and your workout will also be easier if you play your really fun playlist suitable to pump up your energy and get you going!!! My playlist is more korean because the beats are unbelieveably funky and awesome!!! Allow me to share a few tracks with you!!!

Let's Dance people!!!

1. Super Junior- Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr Simple, A Cha
2. SNSD (Girls Generation)- Paparazzi, Hoot, Mr. Taxi, The Boys
3. Secret-Madonna, Magic, Love Is Move
4. 4Minute-Huh, I My Me Mine, Change, Mirror Mirror, Volume Up
5. F(x)- Electric Shock
6. After School- Because Of You, Bang, Flashback

That's all for now!!! Thanks for reading and I hope this tips will um...get you all in shape too!!! Let me know if it works out for you!!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Facts About The One And ONLY ME!!!

Remind me next time not to post anything relating to my butt as my latest Facebook status unless I want my crazy friends to comment all about MY BUTT!!! No, seriously, they were doing it and it was...awkward!!! Like Elaine was describing my BUTT in full detail because yeah, get this right, people!!! She HARASSED MY BUTT in Secondary School so yeah, thank god I don't go to the same college and Uni or my butt would be in trouble!!! See, I have a touching issue and let's get this straight, ME NO LIKEY PEOPLE TOUCHING ME!!!

Plus I find PDA a little too much because We all get that you're with a guy you really really like but honestly, can you just keep that a little less public and more PRIVATE???

So, here a a few random facts about me that I'm willing to share...

1. I don't like people coming up to me and trying to hit on me when I don't know who they are...

Seriously, I mean how is it that in American movies, it looks so easy and cool to do...Girl meets guy in club, they dance and flirt, they fall for one another..And bam, you know the rest...They live happily ever after and...sometimes not so happily ever after!!! Maybe it's because clubs aren't actually a place to meet people because everyone's all drunk after a few drinks plus how do people breathe in clubs??? The last time I went I was breathing in everyone's 'perfume' and trust me, some people need to change their 'perfume' badly because IT'S BAD!!!

2. I'm a total sucker for love stories but if you ask me, I'll deny everything...Hey, I'm a chick so I can't help it!! Plus the guys in the books are just SOOOO...perfect and some guys in real life aren't sooo book-like if you get what I mean and this is why people, I won't find a guy for a really long time...

3. Some days I stand in front of the mirror and I see a pretty decent lady in it but some days I think to myself, I should lose some weight and is that a pimple???

4. I'm a total hypocrite and I won't deny it!!! Allow me to explain, sometimes I say I hate a song and after a while, the song will be on my music playlist but if you ask me, I will be like "What's this song doing in here?" or "My friend must have transferred the song to my phone to annoy me" or even "Oh my gosh, I must have downloaded the wrong song!!!"

So, call me a hypocrite all you want but at least I'm honest!!! I bet most of you also do the same thing and you're secretly nodding as you read this!!!

5. Out loud I say I hate shopping and put up a fuss but sometimes I love getting new clothes...

I know I keep saying that I don't get why some girls need so many pairs of shoes or even clothes and...I STILL DON'T GET IT but I do like shopping at times because there's nothing wrong with changing styles and it's great for your self esteem too!!!

6. I hate the colour pink but I LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberries and they're PINK!!!

I know that it's odd but it's totally the truth!!! See, I hate pink because it's just sooo...PINK and girlish!!! I don't get how my sister love pink so much??? I've always been a blue lover but sometimes I fall for pink stuff too...I saw a really cute pink Elle hangbag a while back but looking at the price reminded me why I hated pink!!! It was RM 1000+++!!! Are you freaking kidding me??? For one bag which I might end up dirtying and scratching in a few months time and it cost say what??? I think I'm seeing stars just knowing the price of the bag but it was pretty cute!!!

7. I LOVE SLEEPING!!! Like I can sleep anywhere and anytime!!! Okay, scratch that out please because my mum's going to kill me for saying that  now that she knows the truth of what I get up to in college and uni!!!Trust me, my friends will testify and tell you that it's all true that I can sleep ANYWHERE!!!I could be writing notes in class and the next moment, I would be asleep!!! Gah, I'll need a lot of caffeine in me if I'm going to last 4 whole years of doing my degree and CLP that I'm going to start looking like a coffee bean!!!

8. I love wearing heels because it makes me feel sexy and confident but I can't say I feel good when the heels come off!!!

I salute those dancers who can dance with heels because it's crazy!!! My feet are killing me after wearing heels for a few hours but I can't imagine dancing in them everyday!!!

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally. - Christian Louboutin
Says the GUY who created all the killer heels and they are not called KILLER HEELS FOR NOTHING!!! I mean if I were to kidnap a girl wearing those heels, I would change my mind and go for a girl in flats!!! Have you seen the heels on those shoes??? I could die of being stabbed but the worse that a girl in flats can do is to throw the flats at you which is pointless because it's so flat that it'll just hit me on the head or she could hit you multiple times with the flats but it would be useless!!! A girl in heels could stab, wound, hurt and etc every part of you so potential kidnappers, be smart!! And ladies, we should all start wearing killer heels as a defence weapon so kidnappers will stop attack us ladies!!!Who's the tough one now???

9. I hate feeling cold but I hate feeling hot...

Even I can't understand my own body...Some days I'm freezing and some days I feel hot!!! I don't mean feeling sexy hot but more like the HOT HOT...THE HEAT HOT!!!

10. I hate answering the phone...

I hate phone calls because
a) I don't want to fry my brain due to the magnetic rays although my mum says it takes a long period of time to do so
b) I can't hear what people are saying
c) some people just love screaming in the phone

I know texting unables you to express yourself but honestly I'd rather text than to call because texting saves money plus you can type out everything you wanna say...Unless that person you're texting loves to use short form like this...

Is tis u?M w8in 2 c u in canteen, stting at tbl so hurry up!!!

I mean hello, that just shows how cheap you are that you can't even bother to text a text that makes sense!!

And that's all I have time for plus I have no idea what else to write about to share but let's just go with the lack of time excuse!!!Hehe!!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Shopping & Baywatch, Anyone???

Urgh, I cannot believe that it's a holiday for me and...I'm UP BEFORE IT'S EVEN 10 in the morning!!! Are you kidding me??? The good side is that I get to watch Season 2 of Haven so yeah, at least there's something to look forward to (I think!!!)

Anyway, I was hanging out in Paradigm Mall (Depends on how you say it...) and I went shopping...Well, mostly window shopping because there were too many people and a LITTLE BOY TOUCHED MY BUTT!!! I'm dead serious, he pushed me out of the way by touching my butt!!! Didn't his parents teach him any manners??? I mean hello!!! You just can't go around touching girls' butts!!! That's harassment, people!!! I get that he's really young and probably mean no harm but honestly, HE CANNOT KEEP DOING THAT!!! What happens if he does it next time like 10 years from now??? He'll get a slap from some other meaner girl!!!! Thank goodness I am not the type to scold young kids or he would probably see the hulk in me!!! I am pleading to you parents out there reading this, PLEASE DON'T LET THEM TOUCH PEOPLE'S BUTTS!!! TEACH THEM TO NOT TOUCH BUT TALK!!! Thank you for your cooperation!!!

Why does the butt touching thing always happen to me anyway??? Is my butt really that nice to touch???

Anyway, back to the shopping thing, I only bought a new blazer and it cost about RM 120 but it looks quite stylish and the material is soooo soft!!! I think I'm in love with it right now!!!

Why are clothes so expensive anyway??? I mean I get that the material is really soft but some prices are ridiculous!!! I saw the exact same design of the blouse that I was wearing and it cost more than double the price of mine!! AND IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Are you kidding me??? Who would spend so much on something like that when I got it for less than half??? And it was on sale!!! I would hate to see the price when it isn't a sale!!! HOW CAN ANYONE AFFORD THOSE PRICES??? IT IS A SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!! See, I'm not that kind of person who spends so much money on irrelevant things when the money could be used to help poor people!!! When it comes to clothes, food, drinks and etc for themselves, people are willing to line up for these things but when people ask for donation to help the less fortunate, their wallets seem to be glued to their bags or pockets!!!'s hard growing up in this complicated world!!!

And that is why I don't spend lots of money on clothings unless I have to which is mostly...NEVER!!!

My mum's suggestion to spend my 2 months break...To sign up as a lifeguard at a swimming pool...

It's not that I mind or anything because it's really cool that I can get paid to sit on my butt and do absolutely nothing most of the time but...MAJOR BUT...I don't have my full qualification yet and...unless I want to kill someone, the last time I checked my legs aren't like those supermodels' legs...I HAVE REALLY SHORT LEGS!!! SHORT AND STUMPY SO YEAH, NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

I know life is unfair but...SERIOUSLY??? Do you really need to torture me this way by working out excessively so I can have my previous thin and sexy legs back??? Urgh...this is going to be such a crazy workout just to look good but like everyone says "No Pain, No Gain"...

And...I really should stop procrastinating and do that darn essay for the essay writing competition!!! My holiday is looking really grey at the moment even though it's really sunny outside my window...

Stop mocking me, Sun!!! I'll get that break really soon even if it kills me!!!

Oh, almost forgot to clean my room before September...

Another task I left out so yeah, this might take a while to complete all my TO DO tasks!!!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Previews Part 2???

And I'm back so Imma upload more pictures!!! Do NOT scroll any lower if you do NOT want to see spoilers!!!





Too late!!!

I just love those contact lenses!!! It looks so awesome and I wonder what would happen if I wore those red contacts at night and wandered in the streets??? Yeah, my sister thinks I'm a little insane but I still can't fugire out why she calls me that...

Now how is this NOT weird??? Kellan Lutz seriously has been working out..A LOT!!! Look at those muscles of his??? Seriously, I would NOT want to be in Kristen's shoes if I'd to arm wrestle him!!! I'd rather touch those big muscles of his and admire his hard work!!! Sometimes I thank god for making me a girl since I pity the crazy things that guys do just to bulk up like that!!! Protein shakes, egg shakes, meat diet??? I think I'm going to be sick!!! Not to mention the hours they spend at the gym at day!!!

And how is this just not wrong???? Urgh...I'm getting really disturbing pictures just looking at this!!! She's just a young kid and Jake is like...ANCIENT compared to her!!! Didn't the director see how wrong this picture is??? Phedophile alert much???

I love Cat soooo much!!! She's just soooo cute!!! Gah, I wanna watch Victorious so badly right now!!!!

TIME TO GO NOW!!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and sorry if I spoilt anything!!!

Didn't mean to!!! Or...maybe I did???


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Previews!!!

Okay, I know that I said that Hunger Games is way better than the Twilight Saga but...Big But coming, I never said I was over The Twilight Saga!!! So, here are some sneak peek from Breaking Dawn Part 2 and gah, the pictures look pretty good and I love Kristen as a vampire!!! She looks soooo hot in these shots and need I say more for Robert Pattinson????

The new additions to the Cullen clan: Bella and her half-vampire and um...half-human child, Renesmee plus Edward and gosh, they look so good together it's no wonder they ended up together in real life!!!

And why's Renesmee hiding??? Come out to play, Renesmee!!!

You know what would be interesting is to combine the Hunger Games and the Twilight Saga...Oh wait, bad idea because the vampires will probably just end up biting and killing all the human tributes but the good news is, they would probably just kill off the Capitol too which means the story would be cut by more than half because everyone will just end up dead or turned to a vampire...


Now, if only my family portrait could look like that! I mean sometimes I would rather not take the picture because photographers have this really annoying habit of taking pictures when people aren't ready!!! And when you ask them to take again, they just take another wrong picture of you so yeah, you might as well had not taken the second shot's pointless!!!

Extended family picture??? Okay, I just can't imagine someone that BIG like Jacob with a little girl like Renesmee!!! I mean...I get that they will never get old and eventually Renesmee will stop growing's JUST WEIRD!!! Most people would say phedophile and yeah, I guess in a way it does look like that...

And now, the rest of the vampire clan!!!


And...there's more pictures from the movie....

In my next post because I think I exceeded the limit of uploading pictures already...Hehe!!!!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Last Week of Classes & Gift Shopping Time!!!

Another week and it's officially the last week for me to attend classes!!! Then I can couch on my mum's sofa bed and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 2 months...Well, that is until my mum kicks my butt for lazing around and gets me to study (I hope not too soon or there goes my break and I LOOOOOVE my breaks!!!) so for now, I'm almost free that I can almost taste freedom...Wait, was that just Carbon monoxide???

So anyway, I just came back from class and today was the last day of Criminal Law class so I am a little sad because I kind of love the subject...Well, love it until September starts then I'll probably hate even looking at the book cover because my face will practically be glued to the textbook!!! That's like more than 600 pages in the textbook and they want me to what??? READ IT ALL??? Another impossible thing for me since Cambridge didn't get my memo that I don't stick to the same thing for long so studying is definately somewhere high on that TO DO list as usual...Since I love procrastinating...You know I must really have a guardian angel looking out for me since I manage to make it soooo far in my life so far....

I MEAN THAT'S 18+++ YEARS OF MY LIFE!!! That poor angel must be way exhausted by now and cursing me for being so...Well, me...Hehe!!!

 And...I got a new phone...Well, technically it's a new-old phone because...urgh, it's complicated really...So, let's just go with new phone for me...And I love it!!!

1) Big Screen to watch movies, videos
2) Able to put in all my videos regardless of the formats!!!
3) Big memory (21 Gb is good enough for me...For now!!!)
4) Space to put all my songs and pictures!!!
 5) Big screen to look at all my pictures!!!

 1) Touch screen which annoys me a LOT because I keep pressing the wrong button everytime I text...
2) Battery life ( It only last for three days but my old phone last 5-7 days!!!)
3) I love my old phone
4) Too big to fit into my pockets...
5) Too flat which means I keep freaking out every time, thinking my phone went missing...

Exactly how I am feeling right now...At least someone gets me...

So, I guess there's two sides of the story and there's a love-hate relationship forming between my phone and I!!! And I know I said something about talking about weddings and engagements but....FORGET IT!!! Because honestly, I don't know that much about weddings or engagement because...I'd never been married nor am I planning to...Well, if there's a Prince Charming who comes to my rescue in a white Ferrari in the future then I might...MIGHT reconsider the marriage thing but for now, it's not for me...

Thanks BUT...NO THANKS, Prince Charming so you can go save another damsel-in-distress because...I don't need a man right now...Or anytime soon...

I don't need a guy to mess up my life right now with all my crazy stunts and...right, I need to figure out what to get my older sister for her birthday and....MY MIND'S BLANK!!!!

Hmm...this requires careful thinking because...let's just say that my sister is...a little picky and different from me...In the taste for things sense...

Any ideas, guys???


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crazy Alter Egos and Getting Rid of Strangers!!!

Sorry for not updating for a few days but I lost track of time plus I was sick...Like really really sick not the fake sick but you know, the really terrible coughing, fever, headache etc so yeah, I needed to rest...And I am suppose to be resting right now so I'll make this update really quick...

First of all, looks like some people just don't get the hint that I don't talk to strangers...So, here's the lowdown...I was waiting for my train at the train station (Where else?) and this guy approached me asking for my seat...Nothing unusual about that except he was about my age and why's he asking a girl to give him her seat??? And...AND there was an empty seat beside me!!! I mean hello??? So, I stood up and gave him my seat since my train was arriving soon and before I know it, he ask me the weirdest question!!!

What is it you ask???

He asked if I thought he needed a maid??? And I was's this guy because I don't think I know him so I just gave him a vague answer "I don't know" and he was like "What do you mean you don't know???" And he actually asked me to say yes or no because he wanted to know what I though of house chores!!! So, in my mind, I cleverly devised a brilliant plan (And it was simply brilliant!!!) to escape when my train comes and say "So long, stranger!" but...BUT...I didn't think he was going to take the same train as me so yeah, he ended up talking about maids and I was like "Why would you ask a girl about maids when you don't even know who I am???" For all he knows, I could be a serial killer or even a kidnapper!!I mean why do people keep approaching me??? Next time, Imma put on my alter ego like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce but my alter ego will be more...Outspoken...
Is that me??? Maybe not...Or maybe...
So, no, i do not like meeting strangers in public places because hello??? Hasn't anyone ever told these people not to talk to strangers??? Gosh, I guess I'd better glue my earphone into my ears so people will just ignore me and go away!!!

Stop talking to me, people!!! I don't talk to random strangers except those I meet either at school, college, uni and those introduced personally by my friends so PLEASE PLEASE keep walking the next time you see me on the street or I'll start screaming like a mad woman!!!

And...I went to the clinic and cough my hearts out...literally because I doubt that it even possible to do and still be alive...Okay, this post just got a lot weirder so I'll stop...

1 more week and I'll officially be free from Uni until my real course starts so..what to do??? So, since I'm always bored out of my mind and I always just end up on Facebook and watching other people update their status since I am THAT BORED...I decided to do something really crazy that I'd never done before so bear with me...I've decided to...join an essay writing competition!!! The thing's not like a normal english essay writing competiton because this involves Law...Well, the Rule of Law to be exact and so, since I've never done it before, my mind was like "Oh hey, let's join a law writing competition" and I'm hoping to be able to finish it in time since I have 42 days left before the closing date...

So, to all the future lawyers in Malaysia (The land of delicious exotic food and...stuff), here's a little video to get you going to try out your writing skills...Ps. I'm probably just joining because...I'm always doing weird and crazy things at random times and also they have cash prizes so who can resist free money???
Where would we be in that kind of world?

Just in case any one out there is my potential client, I'm so not giving you my real name and my picture anytime soon because who wants a crazy and insane lawyer with an awesome sense of humor??? Yeah, most people would go to those really old and boring lawyers who go on and on and on and on about the same thing...
It's so awesome to be me cuz I'm really fun!!!

Anyway, I'll update really soon's see...Engagements parties and wedding dinners so stay tuned!!!

Hehe!! Almost forgot the video upload!!!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Haven Reruns!!!

So, I'm back again and I know some reader might be sick of my random rambling but too bad because this is MY blog so yeah, there's the door for you if you don't like reading what I have to say...

Anyway, I can't believe I found HAVEN!!!! And most of you will be like "Haven what?"

How can you live without knowing about Haven??? That's like...a crime to me!!! Gah, it's like saying you don't like peanut butter when everybody loves peanut butter!!! EVERYONE LOVES PEANUT BUTTER, OK???
 No more arguing about that...Phew, that was exhausting...And that is what happens when I lose my temper sometimes so don't make me tick, people...Thank you...

On to my previous rambling, Haven's a tv show and it's super awesome!!! Like all the supernatural stuff keeps happening in a small town called Haven...Okay, what is with supernatural events and small towns??? Let's recap...

In Vampire Diaries, vampires, werewolves, hybrids and all the possible legendary creatures in one small town??? I mean seriously, how is that the town survived when all this crazy things happen??? If I were living there, I would pack my bag and get outta there!!! You're like a walking piece of meat if you stay there!!!! Either you be sucked dry for your blood or attacked by werewolves and sometimes even killed for pleasure!!! How's that not a BIG NO-NO???

In Twilight, the little town of Folks with only like 3 thousand over in population is living with vegan vampires( Don't drink human blood) and somehow everything bad happens because of one girl!!!Did I mention that werewolves are also the protector of humans??? Yeah, how's that not weird at all???

And now...HAVEN...

What can I say??? It's a really different show compared to other Supernatural shows...I mean there's a love triangle forming slowly and I'm already rooting for my favorite couple but the show's plot is quite interesting...I'm not really going to spoil everything for those of you who have not watched the show yet so check it out...The effects in the show is pretty good especially all the weird, horror thingy...I don't really know how to describe things so yeah, let's just stick with special effect...

In case you're wondering, I'm rewatching the whole series because I missed several episodes so go check it out, people!!! To all you awesome people who watched Haven, here's what I gotta say...

Let's keep supporting this show so it will be more popular and more FANS!!! Come on people!!! It's worth it!!!

I'm a little bored right now about a song???

You can check out this song from the latest victorious episode "Tori goes Platinum"!!!