Monday, June 18, 2012

Shopping & Baywatch, Anyone???

Urgh, I cannot believe that it's a holiday for me and...I'm UP BEFORE IT'S EVEN 10 in the morning!!! Are you kidding me??? The good side is that I get to watch Season 2 of Haven so yeah, at least there's something to look forward to (I think!!!)

Anyway, I was hanging out in Paradigm Mall (Depends on how you say it...) and I went shopping...Well, mostly window shopping because there were too many people and a LITTLE BOY TOUCHED MY BUTT!!! I'm dead serious, he pushed me out of the way by touching my butt!!! Didn't his parents teach him any manners??? I mean hello!!! You just can't go around touching girls' butts!!! That's harassment, people!!! I get that he's really young and probably mean no harm but honestly, HE CANNOT KEEP DOING THAT!!! What happens if he does it next time like 10 years from now??? He'll get a slap from some other meaner girl!!!! Thank goodness I am not the type to scold young kids or he would probably see the hulk in me!!! I am pleading to you parents out there reading this, PLEASE DON'T LET THEM TOUCH PEOPLE'S BUTTS!!! TEACH THEM TO NOT TOUCH BUT TALK!!! Thank you for your cooperation!!!

Why does the butt touching thing always happen to me anyway??? Is my butt really that nice to touch???

Anyway, back to the shopping thing, I only bought a new blazer and it cost about RM 120 but it looks quite stylish and the material is soooo soft!!! I think I'm in love with it right now!!!

Why are clothes so expensive anyway??? I mean I get that the material is really soft but some prices are ridiculous!!! I saw the exact same design of the blouse that I was wearing and it cost more than double the price of mine!! AND IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Are you kidding me??? Who would spend so much on something like that when I got it for less than half??? And it was on sale!!! I would hate to see the price when it isn't a sale!!! HOW CAN ANYONE AFFORD THOSE PRICES??? IT IS A SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!! See, I'm not that kind of person who spends so much money on irrelevant things when the money could be used to help poor people!!! When it comes to clothes, food, drinks and etc for themselves, people are willing to line up for these things but when people ask for donation to help the less fortunate, their wallets seem to be glued to their bags or pockets!!!'s hard growing up in this complicated world!!!

And that is why I don't spend lots of money on clothings unless I have to which is mostly...NEVER!!!

My mum's suggestion to spend my 2 months break...To sign up as a lifeguard at a swimming pool...

It's not that I mind or anything because it's really cool that I can get paid to sit on my butt and do absolutely nothing most of the time but...MAJOR BUT...I don't have my full qualification yet and...unless I want to kill someone, the last time I checked my legs aren't like those supermodels' legs...I HAVE REALLY SHORT LEGS!!! SHORT AND STUMPY SO YEAH, NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

I know life is unfair but...SERIOUSLY??? Do you really need to torture me this way by working out excessively so I can have my previous thin and sexy legs back??? Urgh...this is going to be such a crazy workout just to look good but like everyone says "No Pain, No Gain"...

And...I really should stop procrastinating and do that darn essay for the essay writing competition!!! My holiday is looking really grey at the moment even though it's really sunny outside my window...

Stop mocking me, Sun!!! I'll get that break really soon even if it kills me!!!

Oh, almost forgot to clean my room before September...

Another task I left out so yeah, this might take a while to complete all my TO DO tasks!!!


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