Monday, June 11, 2012

Last Week of Classes & Gift Shopping Time!!!

Another week and it's officially the last week for me to attend classes!!! Then I can couch on my mum's sofa bed and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 2 months...Well, that is until my mum kicks my butt for lazing around and gets me to study (I hope not too soon or there goes my break and I LOOOOOVE my breaks!!!) so for now, I'm almost free that I can almost taste freedom...Wait, was that just Carbon monoxide???

So anyway, I just came back from class and today was the last day of Criminal Law class so I am a little sad because I kind of love the subject...Well, love it until September starts then I'll probably hate even looking at the book cover because my face will practically be glued to the textbook!!! That's like more than 600 pages in the textbook and they want me to what??? READ IT ALL??? Another impossible thing for me since Cambridge didn't get my memo that I don't stick to the same thing for long so studying is definately somewhere high on that TO DO list as usual...Since I love procrastinating...You know I must really have a guardian angel looking out for me since I manage to make it soooo far in my life so far....

I MEAN THAT'S 18+++ YEARS OF MY LIFE!!! That poor angel must be way exhausted by now and cursing me for being so...Well, me...Hehe!!!

 And...I got a new phone...Well, technically it's a new-old phone because...urgh, it's complicated really...So, let's just go with new phone for me...And I love it!!!

1) Big Screen to watch movies, videos
2) Able to put in all my videos regardless of the formats!!!
3) Big memory (21 Gb is good enough for me...For now!!!)
4) Space to put all my songs and pictures!!!
 5) Big screen to look at all my pictures!!!

 1) Touch screen which annoys me a LOT because I keep pressing the wrong button everytime I text...
2) Battery life ( It only last for three days but my old phone last 5-7 days!!!)
3) I love my old phone
4) Too big to fit into my pockets...
5) Too flat which means I keep freaking out every time, thinking my phone went missing...

Exactly how I am feeling right now...At least someone gets me...

So, I guess there's two sides of the story and there's a love-hate relationship forming between my phone and I!!! And I know I said something about talking about weddings and engagements but....FORGET IT!!! Because honestly, I don't know that much about weddings or engagement because...I'd never been married nor am I planning to...Well, if there's a Prince Charming who comes to my rescue in a white Ferrari in the future then I might...MIGHT reconsider the marriage thing but for now, it's not for me...

Thanks BUT...NO THANKS, Prince Charming so you can go save another damsel-in-distress because...I don't need a man right now...Or anytime soon...

I don't need a guy to mess up my life right now with all my crazy stunts and...right, I need to figure out what to get my older sister for her birthday and....MY MIND'S BLANK!!!!

Hmm...this requires careful thinking because...let's just say that my sister is...a little picky and different from me...In the taste for things sense...

Any ideas, guys???


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