Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crazy Alter Egos and Getting Rid of Strangers!!!

Sorry for not updating for a few days but I lost track of time plus I was sick...Like really really sick not the fake sick but you know, the really terrible coughing, fever, headache etc so yeah, I needed to rest...And I am suppose to be resting right now so I'll make this update really quick...

First of all, looks like some people just don't get the hint that I don't talk to strangers...So, here's the lowdown...I was waiting for my train at the train station (Where else?) and this guy approached me asking for my seat...Nothing unusual about that except he was about my age and why's he asking a girl to give him her seat??? And...AND there was an empty seat beside me!!! I mean hello??? So, I stood up and gave him my seat since my train was arriving soon and before I know it, he ask me the weirdest question!!!

What is it you ask???

He asked if I thought he needed a maid??? And I was's this guy because I don't think I know him so I just gave him a vague answer "I don't know" and he was like "What do you mean you don't know???" And he actually asked me to say yes or no because he wanted to know what I though of house chores!!! So, in my mind, I cleverly devised a brilliant plan (And it was simply brilliant!!!) to escape when my train comes and say "So long, stranger!" but...BUT...I didn't think he was going to take the same train as me so yeah, he ended up talking about maids and I was like "Why would you ask a girl about maids when you don't even know who I am???" For all he knows, I could be a serial killer or even a kidnapper!!I mean why do people keep approaching me??? Next time, Imma put on my alter ego like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce but my alter ego will be more...Outspoken...
Is that me??? Maybe not...Or maybe...
So, no, i do not like meeting strangers in public places because hello??? Hasn't anyone ever told these people not to talk to strangers??? Gosh, I guess I'd better glue my earphone into my ears so people will just ignore me and go away!!!

Stop talking to me, people!!! I don't talk to random strangers except those I meet either at school, college, uni and those introduced personally by my friends so PLEASE PLEASE keep walking the next time you see me on the street or I'll start screaming like a mad woman!!!

And...I went to the clinic and cough my hearts out...literally because I doubt that it even possible to do and still be alive...Okay, this post just got a lot weirder so I'll stop...

1 more week and I'll officially be free from Uni until my real course starts so..what to do??? So, since I'm always bored out of my mind and I always just end up on Facebook and watching other people update their status since I am THAT BORED...I decided to do something really crazy that I'd never done before so bear with me...I've decided to...join an essay writing competition!!! The thing's not like a normal english essay writing competiton because this involves Law...Well, the Rule of Law to be exact and so, since I've never done it before, my mind was like "Oh hey, let's join a law writing competition" and I'm hoping to be able to finish it in time since I have 42 days left before the closing date...

So, to all the future lawyers in Malaysia (The land of delicious exotic food and...stuff), here's a little video to get you going to try out your writing skills...Ps. I'm probably just joining because...I'm always doing weird and crazy things at random times and also they have cash prizes so who can resist free money???
Where would we be in that kind of world?

Just in case any one out there is my potential client, I'm so not giving you my real name and my picture anytime soon because who wants a crazy and insane lawyer with an awesome sense of humor??? Yeah, most people would go to those really old and boring lawyers who go on and on and on and on about the same thing...
It's so awesome to be me cuz I'm really fun!!!

Anyway, I'll update really soon's see...Engagements parties and wedding dinners so stay tuned!!!

Hehe!! Almost forgot the video upload!!!


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