Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Thoughts of Mine!!!!

I don't know why but every time I allow my mind to wonder, it goes further than the distance to America from Malaysia and it seems to always wonder that far...Don't ask me why because I have no idea...Anyway, here's some of my weird thoughts in my mind...

About Me...
1. Why isn't my hair blonde or some awesome color???
2. I love peanut butter!!!
3. Why isn't my face orange or purple rather than the normal color??? I would stand
4. Why do I keep watching love stories when I hate the dumb ending???
5. Why am I a girl???

1. Why can't humans be green to save the world??? Go green motto!!!
2. Why can't my tongue reach my elbow no matter how much I try???
3. Why isn't the clouds made of cotton candies???
4. Isn't the Sun tired of being hot all the time???
5. Why humans don't have fins but rather legs to walk???
6. Why aren't vampires black rather than pale white???
7. How much hair a werewolf would have???? 10 000 strands??? 100 000 strands???
8. Why can't cats be bald???
9. How much I feel like punching people's faces whenever they annoy me???
10. Can pigs learn to fly???

Sorry, random thoughts in my mind and I was thinking about writing senseless stuff so I did!!! HURRAY!!!

Anyway, I'm watching Vampire Diaries season 2 now and it's so awesome!!!Let me share some cool pictures from the series....

Carolyn is finally a VAMPIRE!!! Gasp!!! I never expected that...She looks so gruesome here!!Hehe!!!

How sweet??? I love every Stefan and Elena moment!!!They look so cute together!!!

And wherever there are vampires, werewolves appear to disturb the peace....Sigh..Gotta love the action though...

Katherine is BACK!!!! Oh my gosh, so cool!!!I love this show so much!!!

well, time to get back to my show!!! Hehe!!! And study in my library before I get into trouble with my seniors...Hehe!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Posting...And a Little Humour!!!

So, here I am again to crap about random things because I love being random and I am updating my blog often because of a certain person seems to love reading my daily postings....Miss Xheylie!!! Yes, stop acting innocent and just keep reading this... I am bored in my small bedroom, trying to cure my boredom by writing random stuff about me which tends to irritate people especially my sister!!!

1. My obsession with Peanut Butter!!! Yes, the spread you use on bread, genius!!!
2. My need to wash my hair every morning before stuck in the sink FREAKS
my sister out!!!
3. My blurness which I don't believe that I actually am that blur....
4. My obsession to charge anything with a battery to make sure it isn't empty
5. My EXTREMELY small bladder...I take toilet breaks quite often...

WOW!!! Those are so private and I actually just told everyone things about me that should be kept in secret...Oophs...

My life is so boring...Anyway, here's a little essay to entertain you because I sure laughed when I read it on Facebook... It was written by a student as an assignment and it contains English, Bahasa Malaysia (My Country's national language) and Chinese when it was only supposed to be written in ONE language!!! Enjoy it!!!

For those of you who can't understand it, allow me to translate it.
Question: Write a letter requesting for leave.

Answer: "My hobby is driving a bicycle. One day, I wanted to drive my bicycle to school suddenly, I felt the need to pee badly, I went to the riverside and pee there.
Suddenly I saw a snake and I was scared that it would bite (He spelled bite wrongly in BM!!)my butt, I ran...and ran ran and ran and ran...I saw a ghost with only one leg. I was scared.
The ghost drove my bicycle for me, I was more scared. But I was mad because the ghost was driving my bicycle!!! I went back to him. It was scared, it ran away.I always...he always....suddenly he accident!!!Both its feet are gone at once (Ironically, the ghost only had one leg!!)
So, I brought the ghost to the hospital. That's the reason why I didn't go to school yesterday."

Verdict: BEST ESSAY EVER!!! I was practically rolling on the ground after reading this!!! I bet his teacher was so shocked that she was speechless for days!!! Oh, how great is life when people make you smile with jokes like this!!!

PEOPLE, THIS IS A REAL ESSAY!!! Do not attempt to copy it and use this excuse because this may get you into trouble!! Remember to use a better excuse to ditch school....

I need a break from my stressful life...If only the world was filled with people like this!!! They would rock my world!!!

I need to get my Moral essay done before my lecturer kills me...Maybe I should use this excuse tomorrow. I love my life!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Pain in The Butt!!!

So, who would actually like a person as miserable as you? Still don't have a clue what I mean, here's a few reasons for you to consider.

1. You lied to me.
2. You probably are glad at your lies and made up stories that you tell everyone.
3. You think that everyone likes you.
4. You only care about yourself
5. You don't even find out what my problem is with you...

Okay, Miss Wannabe, How far are you going to keep pushing my buttons??? You remind me of my old friend and I hate fakers like you. You told me that you hate that person but why are you talking to her then??? Here's a little lesson for you to learn, never lie to me and talk to that person on social networks then expect me to not find out!!! Are you that stupid and take me for a fool??? You never did seem smart to me but I never judged you until now.

You can also stop trying to seem friendly to everyone because here's a little update for you, no one likes a faker like you!!! You may think they do but everyone hates your attitude and your fake pretenses so quit acting like you are some hotshot!!! Haven't you noticed their looks whenever you walk into a room??? I have seen their looks and it sure isn't friendly.... You want people to like you??? Stop being fake and change that messed up attitude of yours because it annoys people!!

You think your life is one big issue and you hate everything in it...Have you ever considered the fact that you are the only one who has problems because you THINK your whole life is a mess??? You make it seem like other people's problems are major but it is big to them so stop being selfish and complain about life when it isn't so bad to begin with. You hate this and that so get a life then!!! Maybe your life would stop being so horrible if you just learn to accept life as it is and smell the roses!!!Gosh, I feel like you are so dumb to not see how great life is....

Lesson to you all, beware of these type of people, Wannabes because they are bound to appear and throw all their problems with you until you suffer... Keep FAR away from this type is is a hazard to remain with them...


Friday, April 22, 2011

Driving Lesson: Part 3

This afternoon, I had my driving lesson again with Mr. Joseph who is still my driving instructor (Thank heavens for that) and he allowed me drive again which meant that either

a) He has a death wish and is totally insane
b) I am a good driver

Yeah, I think it was option A but I guess I will never know the answer... Anyway, I managed to drive us safely to the main driving school to practise at the circuit and I was left alone again when Mr. Joe decided to go for lunch... Now, I had skipped lunch and breakfast as I had woke up late... I offed my alarm because I was having a dream and it was about me on American Idol!!! And I thought wait a moment, I'm not even an American and I doubt that I can sing that well... Back to my lesson, I drove around the circuit a few rounds and it was so fun to speed!!! Hehe!!! I was racing with another driver and I beat him!! So here's how I did on the hill part!!!!

Hill Course
On my first attempt, I actually did it!!! I managed to stop exactly at the line and I swear that it's true!! I did make several mistakes on the hill as I was trying to drive down from the hill. I released the clutch a little too early after releasing the hand brake and boy, did the car jerk and I was forced to try another time... I only did like 6 rounds on the hill but it was fun!!!!

Side Parking Course
Now, this was the worst course for me because I just didn't understand how my car was supposed to be parked into a small box on the side.... I struggled a lot on this course and I couldn't understand how other students and pro drivers could do it so easily.... I turned the steering wheel and it was I was driving a ship and not a car!! It was so hard and I was sweating bullets!!! The weather was so hot and the air conditioning was switched off as I had to look out the window to observe my tires... I do need some practise with this part and I hope I actually get it right fast so I don't have to do it anymore!!!

Well, it was raining when I drove myself home and I was thinking to myself, Are you serious? I am just an L???" And my conclusion of L is loser... Hehe!! So now, I am a LOser so YEAH!!! And P is Peanut!!!

Don't be hating on Peanuts because I sure love peanuts!!! Peanut butter!!! Remember people, if you learn to hate, you will never learn to love at all!!!! Till my next driving lesson then!!! PEACE OUT!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Virus Attack!!!

Seriously, what is the deal with people putting viruses and allowing innocent people get infected by it which causes these innocent to pay BIG bucks...I mean ringgit to fix the darn thing or even to purchase a new one? I was one of these people but thankfully I was saved by a miracle.... Let me clarify this, I am NOT a TECHO FREAK so I do not understand how to do stuff on the net....I'm lucky enough to be able to use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Yahoo without much problems...Here's an example of how I look for information of Google.

Eg. Topic: Badminton Champion 2010
What I typed: Who won the Badminton championship? Lin Dan or Chong Wei.

Yes, it seems funny like a caveman that just learnt how to use the WONDERFUL INTERNET but it's true!!! I actually asked Google a question and Google answered. Anyway, I was at my school library, using the net when this weird program appeared out of nowhere and told me...Well, the Laptop can't speak so that's not right but who cares? This pop out came popping out and informing me that I had 33 THREATS on my laptop!! Yes, I almost died and I tried my best to get out of the program but it kept trying to force me to buy the stupid program!!! Heads up, guys!!! If a WIN 7 Total Security appears on your screen, DON"T CLICK ON IT!!! IT'S A FRAUD!!!

I couldn't do anything and I freaked out!!! I am not a Freak that know how to figure out how to get rid of it so I started clicking everything!!! Thankfully, I am able to come online now to update my blog or I might actually kill my laptop which is not a good idea because my seniors in the library might actually kill me...They are already glaring at me for not studying here.... Better pretend to study for a while before they kick my butt out!!!

So everyone, you may ask me anything if you want to but never ask me to solve your computer problems or I might go to your house and hit you on the head with one!!! You have been warned so be careful!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is a special tribute to a really special someone who is really important to me...No, it isn't Edward Cullen this time so stop trying to guess and let me tell you people! Jeez, can't I be serious for once? Anyway, it's Zeelei's (Another nickname for Xheylie) birthday so I decided to do something really crazy like this since I can't celebrate it with her this year! Sorry for that again... Anyway, here's a little personal message (Not so personal now!!!) for me to you so please read carefully if you are reading this, Xheylie!

Dear wifey,
Thanks for always being there for me and listening to me! Thank you for staying sane despite my craziness tends to drive you up the wall! Thanks for always helping me out and making me smile with your funny jokes and I do hope you never forget that I will always be the HOTTEST person in the universe so keep dreaming about beating me! Hehe!!!Thanks for being supporting of me despite my decisions being crazy or wild! May you always stay the same as you are now!

Let's continue on with the list of a few of what I like about you and stay friends with you....

1. You are as insane as I am!
2. You always keep me sane with your crazy attitude....
3. You make me laugh with your weird jokes...
4. You are obsessed with really weird things...
5. We have many things in common...
6. I can tell you anything freely...Like secret and etc...
7. You hate annoying people like me!!!
8. You kick butts with your spunky attitude!!!
9. I love insulting you with names....Mrs. Ba, Nerd, Hobo and etc...
10. You do almost anything for me....I think so...

So, if you are still reading this post and you better, Zeelei, keep scrolling down to read more stuff that I decided to tell the whole world about!!!

Next, I will now tell you of my favorite memories with you in it because this entire post is about you....

1. You stayed with me during the fight with the others....
2. We were in class and we talk about random topics.
3. We plot ways to get back at somebodies...You know who...
4. Taking pictures with you despite not being in the picture at most times...
5. Following Maggie and you to the teacher's lounge to skip classes...

Yes, I still remember all those times and more of it so you better not erase any memories with me in it because I am TOO IMPORTANT to be forgotten like that. I wish we were in the same college so that we can continue to do all the rubbish that we always did but unfortunately, we can't.... I do hope you have a great time though and may we continue to remain friends until the end of time...even when we are old...Remember that I am your bridesmaid at your wedding so I better be invited!!! Or I will crash it.... Just kidding... I miss actually talking to you but using technology is also fine with me as long as we keep in touch... I'm sorry if I ever hurt you or insulted you...Wait, I always do that...I take that back....

And finally, here's a little memo that I prepared for you and you better follow it!!
1. Stay pretty...Keep taking pictures of yourself!!!
2. Stay a hard for a great future!!!
3. Always smile and be happy...even if someone annoys you...
4. Don't forget me!!!! (Most important!!!)
5. Never give up and keep fighting in life!! I will always be here for you!!!

And we are almost done...time to bring out the presents and the cake time!!! First, we sing a little song!!!



First, it's a birthday card for you!! And everything is purple for YOU!!!!

Here's the cake next fit for a QUEEN!!!! Hehe!!IT sure looks delicious but I wonder how it taste?

Then, present time!!! Love the dress!!!!

Abd I'm done with the celebration!!! By myself!!Hope you read this, Xheylie!!! Stay pretty and happy always!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome the New Me!!!

Tomorrow is my first day as the brand new me and I am finally standing up for myself!! I decided that nothing is going to hold me back especially not any person who actually wants to backstab me again...Or even lie to me... I feel like maybe I am in a movie and my whole life is being watched by everyone...It is exactly like the movie that I watched with my cousin....Yes, it was a chick flick but it was quite a crazy movie....

There was this girl who seemed invisible to the world and as she quoted:

"Even Google Earth couldn't find her if he wanted to."

She mad up a lie to her Best friend that she met a college guy during the weekend to avoid spending time with her weird and naked bestie's parents. Her best friend assumes that...wait, the main character's name is Olive....and Olive's friend thought that Olive has lost her virginity to that one night stand. Olive lies about it and starts making up some white lies to feed to her best friend who wears shirts that looks like it is about to burst at the top but the lie reaches this weirdo, saint like girl in the school played by Amanda Bynes.

Next thing happens, everyone finds out that lie and believes it. She helps this gay guy who need Olive too pretend to have sex with him in order to be popular in the school and she reluctantly agrees....Boy, what are adults thinking about teenagers these days? That we all have raging hormones to sleep with everyone we like??? I actually laughed at the fake "sex at the party" scene....Don't believe me...Watch for yourself....

The guy become popular and more nerdy people ask Olive for her help and she is seen as a SLUT!!! So, she has this really crazy moment and shops for lingerie to wear around with an A on the side of her boob following her English class story. I mean she turns from an average girl to a B****!!! And she starts spinning out of control...

If you want to know more...Watch that movie because I had a blast watching it!! Especially with my cousins!!! Don't worry, readers. I will NOT wear any undergarments out anywhere unless you want to be blinded!! Here are a few pictures from the movie so enjoy!!!

Before everything started, Olive was a normal girl being ignored by everyone.

I never knew that undergarments could looks so sexy when worn on the outside as a top....After, Olive's major transformation....Queen of SLUT!!!!

The 'Holy' and the "slut"

And that's the end of my post this time....As Olive quoted:

"Not with a fizzle but with a bang"


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Second Lesson In Driving!!!

A lesson to learn when you are in the same car as me...Don't trust me with your life!!! Here's another glimpse at my second lesson with my very much alive driving instructor, Mr. Joe!!! He arrived at my house at 12.55pm which was early for Malaysians because my class was supposed to have begun at 1.0pm and he came early!!! I was asked to drive us to the Main driving office because that's where the circuit is...stop asking dumb question, people and read on!!!

We arrive unharmed and Mr. Joe decided to leave me alone again!!! He went for lunch and I spend some time driving around the same road for a few rounds before he came back. My engine only twice since I learned how to drive!!!Am I good or what? Of Course I am because I am the Best...Hehe!! Better stop complimenting myself. Anyway, I was told to park my car later and Mr. Joe didn't TEACH ME!!! Hello???The car can't park itself!!! I totally stepped on the break before we even reached to pavement because I didn't want to ruin Mr. Joe's car!!!! I learned how to use the HAND BREAK!!! The trick to using it is to pull it up!!! And to release it is to pull it slightly up and press the button BEFORE pushing it down!!!

Yes, I learned the hard way by just pushing it down and looking like a totally idiot!!! So people, learn from me please because it was funny for Mr. Joe!! I had to do that for more than 10 times and fast!!! Next, we went out to learn how to U-turn!!!

Mr. Joe:Okay, now turn here.
Me: Turn how?
Mr. Joe: U-turn.
Me: (Are you crazy? Sulin didn't tell me that I was going to learn this!!!)But...
Mr. Joe: relax. You can do it.
Me: (So much for being sane!!!)

So, my turning needs a little work in the end but I managed to keep my engine alive!!! I feel so happy but a little sad as I wanted to be the BEST STUDENT that Mr. Joe has ever had but I think I need more time....I might steal my sister's car to practise....Or not...Hehe!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

First driving Lesson!!!

So, I just had my driving lesson yesterday and I just realized something!!! Yes, bingo!!! It's sooo not like driving a go-kart!!! Seriously, I am a pro at using a go-kart but a real car!!! I was asked by my really nice and patient driving instructor, Mr. Joe to drive the car when we reached the circuit and boy, did my eyes feel like popping out from my face but luckily it didn't or that would have freaked him out!!!

Mr. Joe: Okay, now you drive.
Me: What? (are you nuts?)
Mr. Joe: don't panic and drive slowly.
Me: Um...okay.( Is he seriously nuts? I don't even know how to move the car!!)

The lesson when well for a few times and then he left me for lunch...yes, LUNCH!!! I was driving at the circuit alone and boy, was I speeding!!! Like I went 20 something km per hour!!! Luckily, he never caught me speeding but I can't help it!!! I love speeding!!! The lesson was surprisingly okay despite certain errors on my behalf but it was not really any big problems!!! Besides the fact that I did confuse myself with the left signal and was debating on whether I should have put my hand out to point to the left. It isn't my fault that no one told me when that left signal was!!! But that would have been funny for me to point towards the left. Bet my father would have rolled on the ground if he was watching.

The best part was I got to drive myself back home!!! I am serious!!! Mr. Joe allowed me to drive on the road and thankfully, I didn't kill him!! I managed to drive home in one big piece and my sister laughed at me for my stupidity with the left signal thing....What is so funny about that???? My second lesson is tomorrow!!! Can't wait!!!

Where I should be in life and not on the road!!!

Stay tuned for more on my driving lessons!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Me!!!

Am I really to sweet to everyone??? That's the question on my mind right now and gosh, does it stink to be though of in that way by EVERYONE!!! I mean I walk around and people think that I am just this really naive and smart girl but I doubt that I am!!! What do I have to do to shed that image? Wear skimpy clothes and wear too much make up that I end up looking like I had a hangover? Here's what I have managed to list down as things to be done to shed that innocent girl look that everyone loves to annoy me with so back off haters!


I always look towards others and care about how people judge me for everything. So here are to those people, who gave you the rights to judge me? And so what if you hate what I am wearing or how I act? If you got a problem with me, sue me for it! Stop trying to bring me down because I am not going to stand for it any longer.


I learnt that the hard way when some people clearly DON'T care about me at all!!! They only throw all their problems at me and at the end of the day, I am left alone with the excess baggage. So, to those users, STOP thinking that your problems are so big in life!!! the only reason that it seems big is because instead of doing something about it, you are sitting on your lazy butt and doing NOTHING!!!! I am so sick of caring for these fakers already so if you only befriend me to throw all your luggages at me, step aside because I am over with you!!!


Next time someone annoys me, I am going to sarscam them back and believe me, I am not afraid to use my new found weapon. So, if you think you can, try me but don't regret it because I won't. I am so sick of people pretending to care about me when all them seem to think about is themselves.
Pretender: Are you okay?
Me: Do I look okay? If I am then wouldn't I look fine to you?

More ME TIME by focusing on my studies and stop caring bout others around me so much!!! This is the biggest flaw in me and I have got to stop caring!!! I spend more time hleping others in life and not enough to move on with mine. My brain is filled with mostly people's problems... I don't mind true friends who actually stand with me but pretenders who hope to see me fail and laugh at me!!!

5. ACT LIKE A B****!!!!

But only to those fakers because they totally deserve that. I don't want to keep acting so nice to them when they clearly don't deserve it. So, don't push me or you asked for it!!! Back off fakers, haters and pretenders. Stop trying to ruin my life because I am a BRAND NEW ME!!!

For those of you who do know me really well, this might sound a little extreme with my makeover but I will always be the same!!! PEACE OUT!!!

Don't worry!!! I won't resort to excessive makeup or skimpy outfits for everyone's entertainment. Sorry, Taylor!!!

Or wear really weird outfits like Lady Gaga to make a statement!!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol or American Zero???

American idol has always been my favorite television show of all times but I am a little disappointed with this year's contestants. Well, actually there are several things that I dislike about the show.

1. The judges are not the same except for Randy ( He's joined by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler)
2. The Contestant's abilities to sing
3. The Elimination of the Contestants.
4. Simon Cowell is gone
5. Simon has left the show

Allow me to explain myself before you start booing me for those American Idol fans!!! I do not HATE the judges but I am not pleased with their comments on the contestants at all!!! To be honest, no one seems to bad in their eyes so who is America supposed to vote out??? They are always complimenting the contestants which my booast their confidence but besides that there is no strong critic!!! I miss Simon Cowell soo much! There are too many Paulas as the judges and no one wants to reign Simon's crown!!! Come on judges! stop hiding and rise up to the challenge.

Next, I am unimpressed with most of the contestants as I don't feel like they are the best contestants with the exclusion of Pia and james! They don't fit the likes of Carrie Underwood and I have heard better singers on youtube compared to them. Sorry but tell me if I am wrong...Which I doubt that I am as I have been following the show for years. And the elimination last week was so cold!!! Pia was out of the competition?? I was shocked when I heard that as Pia was one of the best talents there! That's what happens when your judges are too nice to everyone. America has been confused and voted off the wrong contestant!!! That leaves the Adam Lambert wannabe, James left who is a shoo is to win the competition.
Lastly, who didn't love to hate Simon when he insulted the contestants which made them better??? Don't lie people because honestly, the show is gone without Simon!!! So, with the elimination of one of the only talents last week, I am praying that America does not repeat the same mistake again. If James is eliminated, I am never tuning in for the show again...well, until next year!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fake Friends!!!

Now, why in the world would I care about any of your problems when I have lots of my own??? Yes, you know who I am talking to here so stop holding your breath! Wait, on the other hand, just keep holding it until I am done here. First, you treat me as a good friend and then I am thrown out like trash to you! Listen here, Miss Annoying because I am so sick of people mistreating me that way so back off!

Next, you act like I don't exist to you anymore and that your friendship is so much better than me so here's some news for you, girl! I am way better off without you so keep walking away because I never needed you anyway! You make me feel like I am useless and I am merely a puppet well guess what? This puppet is clearly much brighter than you so stop think of senseless nonsense! I am really annoyed with your immature jokes and fake lies that you keep feeding me and everyone else with because I am not a FOOL! This isn't April Fool's anymore so drop the acting and throw away that horrible mask of yours. Oh wait, that was your face falling off.

I'm pretty sure you must feel hurt now but I am not offering any apologies as you are not a friend to me! You left me alone and I guess being alone has showed me that some friends just love to hurt you so I am leaving all this behind. So, the next time you mess with me, I will hit you back with my sarcastic line and my fake smile and my false pretenses for you! If that's mean to you, too bad because I am a changed person!

Who's the fool now? You barely even know anything about me! All you do know is the area I am living at. And you said you cared....You are not worth my time anymore so go and pretend to care for another person. Here are a few pictures that reminds me of you and makes me smile gleefully!

Yes, that's exactly how deep the wounds you left are.

Yes, you are also a backstabber in my eyes so stop trying to hurt me with your lies and betrayal! I had enough of you!

OH yeah!!! I totally agree to this saying although I can't say it to you... Take that fake friend!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Confusion.. Is It Me???

So, I finally realized that I am a really blur person and I tend to live carefree with no problems so it surprises me that problems tend to find me especially with friends. That is a major problem to me as friends are my life. Anyhow, here's my little problem that I can't seem to figure out.

Let's assume there's a friend named P and we used to be really close friends. I would spend hours, talking to her on the phone and boy, my phone bill really did reach a high point those few months but I didn't mind that. Then, she got closer to another friend of mine whom I was extremely close to, like a sister and I started to feel left out as I felt as if she was replacing me but I remained silent. She stopped talking to me and she didn't even inform me of a recent gather which surprised me...Did I do something wrong?

I met a friend who finally understood me and we instantly connected like my other only best friend in primary school, Vivian. I am pretty sure this friend already figured out her identity but the story continues on. P started college and stopped contacting me...Not even a text and my post on facebook remains unanswered....I am seriously lost for words. I don't understand why she is ignoring me but I am guessing she isn't pleased with my friendship with my new friend like our previous fight. I do wish that she would call me or at least text me but nothing. I guess I did dissappear from her life....I do hope she isn't mad at me....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lyrics For 4minute Mirror Mirror Translated in English!!!

Let’s go, four minutes left
Four minutes left, ah! Ah!
Four minutes left, four minutes left

At that time, why did you not even try to look at me?
Everyday, to me, you’re the only one that I look at

Today, I’ll be a little more beautiful (today)
Today I’ll show my beauty to the cool you

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
In this world, who is the most pretty?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
In this world, am I the most beautiful?
Just for today, say that I’m the most beautiful

When I think of you, I see a reflection in the mirror
My appearance is more intense than it is any time else
Though I’m so beautiful, who do you keep
Thinking about other things?
Why can’t you just look at me?

My mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
Mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
My mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
Mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

Why do you always pretend not to see me?
Every night, to me, you’re the only one
That makes me heart throb

You, who’s always so cold
Come a little closer to me, my boy

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
In this world, who is the most pretty?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
In this world, am I the most beautiful?
Please tell me you’ve been attracted to me
Right from the beginning

When I think of you, I see a reflection in the mirror
My appearance is more intense than it is any time else
Though I’m so beautiful, who do you keep
Thinking about other things?
Why can’t you just look at me?

My mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
Mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
My mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
Mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

Oh mirror shine, let me fix my make up
Break it down, break it down
Baby I like that, baby, baby, just I like that
Baby I like that, baby, baby, just I like that
More and more, go crazier for me
Shine on my face, everyone’s surprised, oh

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
In this world, who’s the prettiest?

It’s me

I come a little closer to you
one two step, one two step, one two step

Let’s liven it up, let’s make it up
So when you look at me
I’ll be able to make your heart tremble

My mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
Mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
My mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
Mirror (Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

Mirror, mirror, mirror, mirrror

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who is Rebecca Black???

Anyway, I was in college, waiting for class to begin when I heard several classmates talking about the Friday song and I was confused. What's the friday song? So, I asked them and here's how the conversation when.

Me:What song is that?
friend 1:The Friday song.
Me:The what song?
friend 2:Friday.
Me:Oh. Who's the singer?
Friend 1 & 2: Rebecca Black. (rolls eyes)

So, I was left dazed as I had no idea who Rebecca Black was and I asked my best friend, Xheylie who she was and she replied "Justin Bieber's sister". I decided to check out Rebecca Black's video and boy, was I shocked!!! I didn't actually mind the song so much but I disliked her voice!!! She sounded completely autotuned and I couldn't believe that Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell supported her!!! I decided to read several comments so I clicked the enable automatic comments and comments started pouring...And I mean seriously. Like every second that I was on that youtube channel and the comments were terrible. People actually insulted her there. I am NO fan of her but people, learn to respect people's rights to post videos of themselves.

I'm sure that Rebecca is ashamed to even leave her house now with all her haters all over the world growing rapidly but no, she decided to make another video about the concept of the song and started stating that people did not understand the song. Rebecca, word of advise people aren't listening to you so please stop digging a bigger hole to bury yourself in. Just let things slide with time then stop posting videos of you singing on youtube anymore. I'm sure the world would be a better place if you just removed the video.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4MINUTE「 Heart to Heart」

Here's the music video for Heart to Heart!!! OMG!!! I love Hyeona so much!!! And I love their new looks too!!! They look so matured and sexy!!! Wait, they always look sexy!!! And in case you think I am a lesbian!!! I'm NOT!!! I like guys so stop thinking about it!!! I can't believe that they are back again!!! My life is complete now!! I love this song and pretend. The best songs are pretend and you know. Sweet suga honey sounds a little like Miss A's breathe but I love this song much more!!! Enjoy this!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lyrics for 4 minute Heart to Heart in English!!!

It’s weird, it seems like you’ve changed
You say things that you didn’t say before
In front of me, look into my eyes
(You) tell me, truthfully

Careless eyes, a bored expression
Actions and words that are different than before
Don’t twist your words
(You) better say it coolly, open up

I don’t expect a lot from you, not like before
Look into my eyes, please look at me now
Think of me, oh~

Let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)
Tell me in a more manly way (more)
Not stiffly, not faking it
Still you and I stay together
Let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)
Look me directly in the eyes and tell me
Don’t twist your words, don’t make me mad
Now heart to heart, you and I
Heart to heart to heart

The serenades you used to do often
These days, how many times do you say “I love you”?
If you don’t’ like it, say you don’t,
Or take some time [to reply]
Open up with you, now heart to heart

How can you change that much?
Do I have to comply to everything you do?
Don’t be ridiculous, don’t be delusional
Stop it! (You) just do whatever you want

I don’t expect a lot from you, not like before
Look into my eyes, please look at me now
Think of me, oh~

Let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)
Tell me in a more manly way (more)
Not stiffly, not faking it
Still you and I stay together
Let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)
Look me directly in the eyes and tell me
Don’t twist your words, don’t make me mad
Now heart to heart, you and I
Heart to heart to heart

You say sorry too easily, I’m sick of it
Why do you always want to end things?
Why are you like that?
You always say the same things

Like this here, you and I, the two of us
Look into our eyes like this

(Hear to heart) I still think of you, listen to me

I don’t expect a lot from you, not like before
Look into my eyes, please look at me now
Think of me, oh~

Let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)
Tell me in a more manly way (more)
Not stiffly, not faking it
Still you and I stay together
Let’s have a heart to heart to heart (talk)
Look me directly in the eyes and tell me
Don’t twist your words, don’t make me mad
Now heart to heart, you and I
Heart to heart to heart

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheaters, step forward!!!

Well, I thought that college life would be different from high school but it isn't!! Allow me to explain why...At high school, cheating was common in my class...yes, I still remembered it but I didn't do it!! I was forced to study despite it being the eleventh hour so I would appreciate if those people had studied...or at least tried to do so!!! And the worst part is they got better marks than me!!! Honestly!!!

So, I did try once but it was the last time I ever did it. I actually scored lower than my normal score!!! That's karma, people. So, please don't try it out like I did. And my friend actually cheated then she rubbed it in my face!! I swear that I could have just killed M!!! It was so annoying but thank god it's over now. Or so I thought..College is almost the same!!! The methods of cheating has actually been modified but it's still cheating!! And I actually spotted one of my friend doing it!!! And she was actually brave enough to do it in front of everyone!!! Which makes me mad as I actually had to memorise everything and they come out with weird excuses such as they can't remember what they have read or they don't have time!!! So people, please do NOT cheat!!! As you are only cheating yourself!!! Do you honestly think that if you get better marks than your previous grades is good??? You know that you don't deserve it in your hearts so don't do it!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool!! Not For Me!!!

So, Anyways happy April Fool's day to everyone!! I hope that you all had a prankful day or at least pranking people...Hehe!! Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy mine as I was actually at home, asleep on my comfortable bad so I am not going to lie!! Sorry but I can't tell you anything else about my day besides doing my normal routines. Well, my sister did try to prank me and here's our conversation.

Celine:Hey, what's that on your shirt?
Me: (looks down) Huh? what?
Celine: April Fool!!!
Me: What?

Well, that didn't sound well did it? I couldn't help it. I was still blur and I just woke up not long before she returned from college!!! And my dad tried to prank me too but it didn't work well either...
Dad: Don't move. There's a lizard beside you.
Me: (ignores him)

Well, the prank failed because at that moment that he tried to prank me, the tv was shaowing the ad on April Fool!!! Lame right??? Oh well, there's always next year and the year after if the world doesn't end before 2012!! Hehe!! I wanted to prank my best friend but I didn't have time to call her and she would have kill me later!!