Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool!! Not For Me!!!

So, Anyways happy April Fool's day to everyone!! I hope that you all had a prankful day or at least pranking people...Hehe!! Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy mine as I was actually at home, asleep on my comfortable bad so I am not going to lie!! Sorry but I can't tell you anything else about my day besides doing my normal routines. Well, my sister did try to prank me and here's our conversation.

Celine:Hey, what's that on your shirt?
Me: (looks down) Huh? what?
Celine: April Fool!!!
Me: What?

Well, that didn't sound well did it? I couldn't help it. I was still blur and I just woke up not long before she returned from college!!! And my dad tried to prank me too but it didn't work well either...
Dad: Don't move. There's a lizard beside you.
Me: (ignores him)

Well, the prank failed because at that moment that he tried to prank me, the tv was shaowing the ad on April Fool!!! Lame right??? Oh well, there's always next year and the year after if the world doesn't end before 2012!! Hehe!! I wanted to prank my best friend but I didn't have time to call her and she would have kill me later!!

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