Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome the New Me!!!

Tomorrow is my first day as the brand new me and I am finally standing up for myself!! I decided that nothing is going to hold me back especially not any person who actually wants to backstab me again...Or even lie to me... I feel like maybe I am in a movie and my whole life is being watched by everyone...It is exactly like the movie that I watched with my cousin....Yes, it was a chick flick but it was quite a crazy movie....

There was this girl who seemed invisible to the world and as she quoted:

"Even Google Earth couldn't find her if he wanted to."

She mad up a lie to her Best friend that she met a college guy during the weekend to avoid spending time with her weird and naked bestie's parents. Her best friend assumes that...wait, the main character's name is Olive....and Olive's friend thought that Olive has lost her virginity to that one night stand. Olive lies about it and starts making up some white lies to feed to her best friend who wears shirts that looks like it is about to burst at the top but the lie reaches this weirdo, saint like girl in the school played by Amanda Bynes.

Next thing happens, everyone finds out that lie and believes it. She helps this gay guy who need Olive too pretend to have sex with him in order to be popular in the school and she reluctantly agrees....Boy, what are adults thinking about teenagers these days? That we all have raging hormones to sleep with everyone we like??? I actually laughed at the fake "sex at the party" scene....Don't believe me...Watch for yourself....

The guy become popular and more nerdy people ask Olive for her help and she is seen as a SLUT!!! So, she has this really crazy moment and shops for lingerie to wear around with an A on the side of her boob following her English class story. I mean she turns from an average girl to a B****!!! And she starts spinning out of control...

If you want to know more...Watch that movie because I had a blast watching it!! Especially with my cousins!!! Don't worry, readers. I will NOT wear any undergarments out anywhere unless you want to be blinded!! Here are a few pictures from the movie so enjoy!!!

Before everything started, Olive was a normal girl being ignored by everyone.

I never knew that undergarments could looks so sexy when worn on the outside as a top....After, Olive's major transformation....Queen of SLUT!!!!

The 'Holy' and the "slut"

And that's the end of my post this time....As Olive quoted:

"Not with a fizzle but with a bang"


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