Thursday, April 21, 2011

Virus Attack!!!

Seriously, what is the deal with people putting viruses and allowing innocent people get infected by it which causes these innocent to pay BIG bucks...I mean ringgit to fix the darn thing or even to purchase a new one? I was one of these people but thankfully I was saved by a miracle.... Let me clarify this, I am NOT a TECHO FREAK so I do not understand how to do stuff on the net....I'm lucky enough to be able to use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Yahoo without much problems...Here's an example of how I look for information of Google.

Eg. Topic: Badminton Champion 2010
What I typed: Who won the Badminton championship? Lin Dan or Chong Wei.

Yes, it seems funny like a caveman that just learnt how to use the WONDERFUL INTERNET but it's true!!! I actually asked Google a question and Google answered. Anyway, I was at my school library, using the net when this weird program appeared out of nowhere and told me...Well, the Laptop can't speak so that's not right but who cares? This pop out came popping out and informing me that I had 33 THREATS on my laptop!! Yes, I almost died and I tried my best to get out of the program but it kept trying to force me to buy the stupid program!!! Heads up, guys!!! If a WIN 7 Total Security appears on your screen, DON"T CLICK ON IT!!! IT'S A FRAUD!!!

I couldn't do anything and I freaked out!!! I am not a Freak that know how to figure out how to get rid of it so I started clicking everything!!! Thankfully, I am able to come online now to update my blog or I might actually kill my laptop which is not a good idea because my seniors in the library might actually kill me...They are already glaring at me for not studying here.... Better pretend to study for a while before they kick my butt out!!!

So everyone, you may ask me anything if you want to but never ask me to solve your computer problems or I might go to your house and hit you on the head with one!!! You have been warned so be careful!!!


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