Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Posting...And a Little Humour!!!

So, here I am again to crap about random things because I love being random and I am updating my blog often because of a certain person seems to love reading my daily postings....Miss Xheylie!!! Yes, stop acting innocent and just keep reading this... I am bored in my small bedroom, trying to cure my boredom by writing random stuff about me which tends to irritate people especially my sister!!!

1. My obsession with Peanut Butter!!! Yes, the spread you use on bread, genius!!!
2. My need to wash my hair every morning before college...hair stuck in the sink FREAKS
my sister out!!!
3. My blurness which I don't believe that I actually am that blur....
4. My obsession to charge anything with a battery to make sure it isn't empty
5. My EXTREMELY small bladder...I take toilet breaks quite often...

WOW!!! Those are so private and I actually just told everyone things about me that should be kept in secret...Oophs...

My life is so boring...Anyway, here's a little essay to entertain you because I sure laughed when I read it on Facebook... It was written by a student as an assignment and it contains English, Bahasa Malaysia (My Country's national language) and Chinese when it was only supposed to be written in ONE language!!! Enjoy it!!!

For those of you who can't understand it, allow me to translate it.
Question: Write a letter requesting for leave.

Answer: "My hobby is driving a bicycle. One day, I wanted to drive my bicycle to school suddenly, I felt the need to pee badly, I went to the riverside and pee there.
Suddenly I saw a snake and I was scared that it would bite (He spelled bite wrongly in BM!!)my butt, I ran...and ran ran and ran and ran...I saw a ghost with only one leg. I was scared.
The ghost drove my bicycle for me, I was more scared. But I was mad because the ghost was driving my bicycle!!! I went back to him. It was scared, it ran away.I always...he always....suddenly he accident!!!Both its feet are gone at once (Ironically, the ghost only had one leg!!)
So, I brought the ghost to the hospital. That's the reason why I didn't go to school yesterday."

Verdict: BEST ESSAY EVER!!! I was practically rolling on the ground after reading this!!! I bet his teacher was so shocked that she was speechless for days!!! Oh, how great is life when people make you smile with jokes like this!!!

PEOPLE, THIS IS A REAL ESSAY!!! Do not attempt to copy it and use this excuse because this may get you into trouble!! Remember to use a better excuse to ditch school....

I need a break from my stressful life...If only the world was filled with people like this!!! They would rock my world!!!

I need to get my Moral essay done before my lecturer kills me...Maybe I should use this excuse tomorrow. I love my life!!!


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