Sunday, April 17, 2011

Second Lesson In Driving!!!

A lesson to learn when you are in the same car as me...Don't trust me with your life!!! Here's another glimpse at my second lesson with my very much alive driving instructor, Mr. Joe!!! He arrived at my house at 12.55pm which was early for Malaysians because my class was supposed to have begun at 1.0pm and he came early!!! I was asked to drive us to the Main driving office because that's where the circuit is...stop asking dumb question, people and read on!!!

We arrive unharmed and Mr. Joe decided to leave me alone again!!! He went for lunch and I spend some time driving around the same road for a few rounds before he came back. My engine only twice since I learned how to drive!!!Am I good or what? Of Course I am because I am the Best...Hehe!! Better stop complimenting myself. Anyway, I was told to park my car later and Mr. Joe didn't TEACH ME!!! Hello???The car can't park itself!!! I totally stepped on the break before we even reached to pavement because I didn't want to ruin Mr. Joe's car!!!! I learned how to use the HAND BREAK!!! The trick to using it is to pull it up!!! And to release it is to pull it slightly up and press the button BEFORE pushing it down!!!

Yes, I learned the hard way by just pushing it down and looking like a totally idiot!!! So people, learn from me please because it was funny for Mr. Joe!! I had to do that for more than 10 times and fast!!! Next, we went out to learn how to U-turn!!!

Mr. Joe:Okay, now turn here.
Me: Turn how?
Mr. Joe: U-turn.
Me: (Are you crazy? Sulin didn't tell me that I was going to learn this!!!)But...
Mr. Joe: relax. You can do it.
Me: (So much for being sane!!!)

So, my turning needs a little work in the end but I managed to keep my engine alive!!! I feel so happy but a little sad as I wanted to be the BEST STUDENT that Mr. Joe has ever had but I think I need more time....I might steal my sister's car to practise....Or not...Hehe!!!

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