Saturday, April 16, 2011

First driving Lesson!!!

So, I just had my driving lesson yesterday and I just realized something!!! Yes, bingo!!! It's sooo not like driving a go-kart!!! Seriously, I am a pro at using a go-kart but a real car!!! I was asked by my really nice and patient driving instructor, Mr. Joe to drive the car when we reached the circuit and boy, did my eyes feel like popping out from my face but luckily it didn't or that would have freaked him out!!!

Mr. Joe: Okay, now you drive.
Me: What? (are you nuts?)
Mr. Joe: don't panic and drive slowly.
Me: Um...okay.( Is he seriously nuts? I don't even know how to move the car!!)

The lesson when well for a few times and then he left me for lunch...yes, LUNCH!!! I was driving at the circuit alone and boy, was I speeding!!! Like I went 20 something km per hour!!! Luckily, he never caught me speeding but I can't help it!!! I love speeding!!! The lesson was surprisingly okay despite certain errors on my behalf but it was not really any big problems!!! Besides the fact that I did confuse myself with the left signal and was debating on whether I should have put my hand out to point to the left. It isn't my fault that no one told me when that left signal was!!! But that would have been funny for me to point towards the left. Bet my father would have rolled on the ground if he was watching.

The best part was I got to drive myself back home!!! I am serious!!! Mr. Joe allowed me to drive on the road and thankfully, I didn't kill him!! I managed to drive home in one big piece and my sister laughed at me for my stupidity with the left signal thing....What is so funny about that???? My second lesson is tomorrow!!! Can't wait!!!

Where I should be in life and not on the road!!!

Stay tuned for more on my driving lessons!!!

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  1. I can very well relate with your love for speed! I’m also a pro go-kart driver and speed was also my issue. All throughout my driving lesson, my instructor reminded me to take full control of my speed if I love my life. He’s very inspiring, right?

    -Marvis Carswell