Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Thoughts of Mine!!!!

I don't know why but every time I allow my mind to wonder, it goes further than the distance to America from Malaysia and it seems to always wonder that far...Don't ask me why because I have no idea...Anyway, here's some of my weird thoughts in my mind...

About Me...
1. Why isn't my hair blonde or some awesome color???
2. I love peanut butter!!!
3. Why isn't my face orange or purple rather than the normal color??? I would stand
4. Why do I keep watching love stories when I hate the dumb ending???
5. Why am I a girl???

1. Why can't humans be green to save the world??? Go green motto!!!
2. Why can't my tongue reach my elbow no matter how much I try???
3. Why isn't the clouds made of cotton candies???
4. Isn't the Sun tired of being hot all the time???
5. Why humans don't have fins but rather legs to walk???
6. Why aren't vampires black rather than pale white???
7. How much hair a werewolf would have???? 10 000 strands??? 100 000 strands???
8. Why can't cats be bald???
9. How much I feel like punching people's faces whenever they annoy me???
10. Can pigs learn to fly???

Sorry, random thoughts in my mind and I was thinking about writing senseless stuff so I did!!! HURRAY!!!

Anyway, I'm watching Vampire Diaries season 2 now and it's so awesome!!!Let me share some cool pictures from the series....

Carolyn is finally a VAMPIRE!!! Gasp!!! I never expected that...She looks so gruesome here!!Hehe!!!

How sweet??? I love every Stefan and Elena moment!!!They look so cute together!!!

And wherever there are vampires, werewolves appear to disturb the peace....Sigh..Gotta love the action though...

Katherine is BACK!!!! Oh my gosh, so cool!!!I love this show so much!!!

well, time to get back to my show!!! Hehe!!! And study in my library before I get into trouble with my seniors...Hehe!!!

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