Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Hectic Day In My Wonderful Life!!!

I am one freaking lucky chick in life since well, things tend to work out in weird ways for some weird reason!!!

Wait, did I just use weird twice in one sentence??? Yeah, I probably did it because I'm a little tired after an entire day of running around with the presence of one really hyperactive cousin in heels!!! No KIDDING!!! He's like 15 this year and he's FAST but luckily I am one sneaky girl that I know his weakness!!! Hehe!!! I am the official master of tickles and I have learnt the arts of tickling!!! Prepare to face death by tickle!!! And my feet hurt since I was playing arcade games in Sunway Piramid with heels!!! Yeah, no brakes was pressed during the entire 3 hours that I played and destroyed the racing game so eat your hearts out, computer!!!

Yup, today was another day out with the cousins and it was really FUN!!! And I even got to eat that really delicious ice-cream that I craved for ages!!! My life is officially complete now and I feel like I'm in heaven!!! Chinese New Year celebration is over and Boo, I'm actually really sad that it's really over!!! I'm still counting all the angpows that I received and I'm rich!!!

If' I was a rich girl, na na na na na...If I had all the money in the world...

Right, that song just came into my mind at that moment...Random thoughts again!!!

And what's with bad neighbours anyway??? Let's just call him/her A since I'm trying to be a nice person and not reveal his/her name... Stop being so mean to people just because you don't feel like celebrating this great festival with others!!! Don't like it??? Too bad since you're stuck with it so stop being a scrooge and have a little fun!!! Everyone was having fun and watching but no, things can't be played for fun and it really annoys me that he's so mean on a great day!!! I hate evil, mean neighbours since they're...well, mean!!!

Wait, what am I rambling about??? I'm sleepy that I'm lucky to even type this out with no typo so far...I'm a little lazy to write more so Imma going to bed for some beauty sleep!! Nights!!!

Sorry if there's no pictures but I'm too lazy to upload it, maybe next time!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Secret Obsessions!!!

Sorry for the long disappearance but I was really busy plus I had no idea what to write...So, I decided to take a really long break from blogging and getting off my FAT LAZY butt to explore the outside world...Have you people actually tired it??? Stand up and walk out your front door and STAY OUT for a couple of hours instead of rotting in front of the computer!!! Go now!!!

Anyway, I guess a lot of things happened since I last posted so Imma update you really quick since I'm supposed to be sleeping early as I'm sick but I couldn't resist blogging...It's my latest addiction so Imma try quitting when I get bored of it...

Firstly, I got my A-Levels results back and I PASSED IT!!! Like seriously I was freaking out until I couldn't sleep the previous night and I think people must think I was a zombie or worse since I rode the public transportation with messy hair and red bloodshot eyes!!! I'm so not kidding!!! I should have taken a picture if you don't believe me!!! Thank goodness I passed or I would have killed someone with anything I can find!!! Although I wasn't very pleased with my results, I guess it's okay since I don't have to see Economics anymore!!!

EAT THAT ECONS!!! I made it out alive!!!

Yup, I was that happy to be able to conquer and kill Econs like that!!! So long, Economics!!!

Sorry but my heart's pumping really fast right now...*Slaps myself* Ouch, that actually hurts!!! What was I thinking when I slapped myself???

So, Happy Chinese New Year to All!!! Yeah, I had a great celebration this year thanks to my cousins who came back for China to have fun...We ate our hearts out and we even had a little karoke session!!! Yes, best fun I had in ages so I did do a lot of rubbish like dancing around and singing at the top of my lungs until I got a sore throat the next day....No kidding...Even my grandmum was shocked when my cousins and I decided to trash the place and dance around to Flo-Rida's "Low"...Bet she would remember that scene since I was jumping around and shaking like a crazy woman!!! She will probably never look at me the same way EVER but oh well...

Yeah, my mum will probably never see my dancing like there's no tomorrow anytime soon so it was FUN for me...

Grandmum, I'm just shaking what you gave to my mum who passed it down to me!!!

Ah, I'm drooling at pictures of cute cupcakes right now...I'm dead serious because my entire keyboard is being covered by my drool...Ah, the wonderful taste of that delicious cupcake in my mouth as it melts and sends me to heaven...I could die at that moment...

Want a peep of those lovely cupcakes???

Caution: These following pictures may promote delicious and edible cupcakes that may cause you to drool and crave for these wonderful creation!!!

Usually I am not a fan of Pink but I'll make an exception for this lovely pink cupcake!!!

I love this quote so much!!! This should my 2012 motto for life since I'm just too lazy to work out...

You know what's better than eating cupcakes??? Having famous shopping brands on it!!! Double heaven!!! Now that's what I call a great deal!!!

Ah!!! These are so cute that I can't bear eating them!!! Why is it so difficult to eat something so adorable??? This is killing me!!!!

Okay, that enough torture for a night...Time for bed since it's almost three in the morning here...
Goodnight everyone!!! Until we meet again!!!

The End!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dream High!!!

Welcome back peeps!!! I am back after finding some topic to ramble about so time for me to write….

What have I been up to these few days???

Can anyone say DREAM HIGH???

Yeah, I know I didn't actually like the show at first because well I was bored and so, I decided to watch the show to see what the BIG deal was…

The show pretty much is like most Korean dramas with the element of a love triangle, friendship, loyalty and really pretty or handsome cast to catch viewers' attention…

You have the obnoxious bratty girl with a really good voice and an equally BIG voice to match, Hye Mi played by Miss Suzy from Miss A…

The guy with no dream in his life and who has a troubled past with his father played by Taecyeon from 2pm.

And the boy from nowhere known with BIG dreams but no experience is music at all.

The best friend who was always the bratty girl's shadow until her time to shine came and she wanted to outshine her best friend played by Eunjung from Tara...

The foreign student from America who's really quiet with some AWESOME moves and rarely mixes with anyone in his class…

And lastly, the outcast in her class with a beautiful voice hidden behind her huge figure and looked down by her teachers and classmates played by IU…

Is that all??? Yeah, six students and let me count again…1…2…3…4…5…6!!!

So basically it's about these six students and about their struggle to make it in the Korean entertainment industry as well as their struggles in life…I find this show a little predictable at times though but it's pretty good at the same time because the director casted the right cast of actors and actresses to play each role so well that it's believeable to me….

So, what's the big deal with DREAM HIGH and why should you watch it???

Well, I enjoyed watching the progress of all the characters growing so far because I haven't watched the entire show finished yet...Like for example, IU's character who is on the chubby side has her struggle with her weight problem and it's actually fun to watch her fail at first to lose weight and to hide her crush for the No. 1 talent in the school, Jason who is the foreign student… The progress of Baek Yee who struggles between her loyalty for her friend and her strive to be someone famous!!!

And who can forget the love triangle between the two guys for the bratty girl's heart??? You have a tough guy who has a soft spot for the girl because they actually met before and the country guy who falls for her at first sight because she had flirt with him to convince him to attend Kiram High or she would have lost her special admission at the school… Frankly, I don't understand how he could be that into her when he only just met her??? And he can't even tell that she's only playing with him to get what she wants!!! Yeah, I was rooting for the other guy because he actually brought out the best in her unlike the country guy who keeps protecting her!!!

Sorry but I actually hated the ending…Yeah, I actually watched the last episode earlier on before I started watching the show online and the ending was so sad…She confesses to the guy but doesn't end up with the guy??? I mean I get that he's as famous as Rain and is overseas but haven't they heard of a long-distance relationship???And it totally messes up my plan because I thought she should have ended up with the guy with no dreams in life!!! I guess things can't always go my way in shows…Sigh, what else is there to watch???

Sorry about going MIA for a few days but I had nothing to ramble about these days…I'm dead and outdated…And I'm too lazy to do anything else but eat and sleep…Had the worse dream yesterday, hopefully it won't come true!!! Pray that my results will be good, readers!!! I'm panicking here now that it's closer to DOOM DAY!!! I hate getting my exam results every year…

I need to find out what else to do if I don't want to die of boredom here…I'm seriously rotting at home and it's so FREAKING boring!!! Anyway, see you next time if I'm still alive to post…


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love Is The Food OF Life!!!

"Just because you dream of someone you love doesn't change the fact that he doesn't belong to you"

Yup, that's another one of my creation thanks to my inspiration, Xheylie…Dear, you're way too special for just any guy so stop mopping when there are many other guys out there…. Trust me when I say that it's better than things ended in the first phase rather than letting a long dream die after so long… Imma punch him for you if it makes you feel any better but it's not like most guys realize what they did until you tell them so yeah, wait scratch that out… Well, I will punch him if it puts a smile on your 'chubby' face!!! Hehe!!!

Somehow, I think I'm little weird or there's a screw loose in my head because when I say I don't like something/some person, I tend to like some of them… Makes sense yet??? See, I disliked okay, dislike is a strong word, let's just say I wasn't quite fond of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" because well, it wasn't my kind of music…One person's meat is another man's poison so that song was killing me despite the heaps of Adele's fan who love the song…Well, I was technically neutral about her music until the radio decided to play it more than 10 times a day and well, can you imagine listening to the same song over and over again??? I almost threw out my stereo set out my room window and boy, that wouldn't be a pretty sight…Although the person who picks up the remains of the stereo set ould be more than happy while I would be cursing at myself for being that dumb to throw random things out the window plus the money to fix my window…Can you say grounded for life then???

Yeah, Adele's "Someone Like You" is playing in my head now so yeah, I can call myself a hypocrite now for saying I don't like her music…

My mum just found out that I have a bloggie after I told her ages ago!!! Yeah, she's probably gonna freak out when she sees how many post I posted since I'm supposed to have a life…Oh my gosh, I desperately need a life since I'm resorting to the net to entertain me!!! Plus I got her a Twitter account too!!! Hehe!!! It must be so exciting to discover these little things but I guess that's why adults used to have more time for other things since they're actually OUTSIDE doing stuff rather than posting that they're about to do it!!! The funniest tweet I saw so far was "THINKING…" and I was like what the??? Why in the world would you tell other people what you're up to especially thinking?!? Remember you can always follow me on Twitter to talk to me and I'll do my best to reply asap so don't hesitate!!! Just press that FOLLOW button!!!



Just kidding!!! I won't bite so don't worry… Imma punch someone if I don't have something to do before my degree classes start!!! Hello??? I can't sit on my fat lazy butt for 9 months!!! Even a pregnant lady does something while waiting to pop out a baby and here I am doing nothing!!! I'm really pathetic aren't I??? Don't answer that because it was a rhetorical question!!!

I'm going to start posting up random pictures and videos to entertain everyone!!!

What to wear for Chinese New Year??? And why do I keep seeing the number 8 everywhere??? I know it's good luck but even luck can't save me from failing my A-Levels examination thanks to my dumbness…Okay, it's not my fault that I have a pea sized brain so don't give me that look!!! So, here's a little tip to myself, don't study last minute EVER again!!!

Time to sleep so I can let my brain juice flow if I have any left…Good afternoon, peeps!!! I look like a zombie thanks to my lack of sleep!!! Maybe I could get hired for the show, Walking Dead…I mean I look dead, act dead thanks to my slow response to anything due to my lack of sleep now to smell bad…Rub some pee on myself???

I think I went to heaven and back to earth because I ate the BEST STEAK EVER in my small country, Malaysia!!! Wanna know where this great place is to grab a little taste of heaven for yourself??? Well, it's a little place called Suzi's Corner because well, it's a store at the corner…The irony of it actually…Hehe!!! You wouldn't believe the steaks are from that exact place I'm talking about because well, it isn't exactly those classy places!!! Plus it's well hidden but luckily, my dad's like the King of Food because he FOUND IT!!! It's located around Kuala Lumpur on Jalan Ampang heading towards Ampang Lama and watch out because it's hard to catch!!! Sorry but I didn't take a picture of the place…Don't fancy steaks or other western dishes??? Well, they have other different food such as mamak food, india and also Lebanese food!!! Try the caramel pudding from the Lebanese stall because it's pretty good…Not to sweet and smooth just perfect…I could hear the bells ringing and choir singing in my head!!! Are you a fan of wine and love to drink any day of the week????

Well, the charges for the wine glasses are only RM10 per person if you bring your own wine to drink which goes well with the steak…Don't forget to order the steak to be cooked medium rare so the meat remains juicy yet meaty!!!! So, if you're down in the hot and wonderful country, Malaysia full of delicious food to try, do bring your fat pants because you'll love the food here!!! Maybe I should be a tour guide since I'm almost an expert in food!!!

Got any suggestion for me to try??? Just leave a comment on this post and I'll do my best to try that store out!!! Thanks…


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Before I Die Part 3

Which girl wouldn't??? That's like every girls dream is to date a guy in a band because most of them are bad and what shows how rebellious you are then with a bad boy???

Because it would be fun to just hang out in purely fun enviroment rather than to sit for two hours in a movie that either of you may hate...Plus it's a great way to know each other because what other way is there than to walk around and talk for hours??? It could also be a great way to double date too!!! Double the fun!!!

My perfect boy would have to be...perfect!!! Hehe!!! Well, it's kind of a mixture of what girls usually look for and some special elements that I'm looking for..That's a secret for me to know and you all to find out if possible...

Here are several elements girls look out for:
1. Security-Which girl would want a guy who uses her own money???
2. Manners- Because that's rare these days.
3. Loyalty-Who doesn't???

But there's no summer in my country??? Oh well, it would be nice to just meet a nice random guy who wants to know me and get to know each other for the holiday then get back to our lives when the holiday is over...

It kind of reminds me of Grease "Summer Loving"!!! Hehe!!!

Now, there are some people who find the first kiss important in their life and I admit that I'm one of those people so yeah, it's a big deal!!! You don't just go around kissing people for fun...

I seriously wonder what's so nice about it?? I mean in the movies, they seem to LOVE the KISSING IN THE RAIN SCENE!!! Sure, in the movies, you have the dashing looking actor and pretty actress, prefect lighting, light rain, beautiful love music and predictable lines by the actors....But in reality, you have...YOU, the guy, and the rain!!! No music and no lines that you can practice....

Maybe this isn't such a good idea since the rain might be really heavy...

I think the beach thing is really romantic though...I mean it's the perfect place for a date if you want to be alone and talk plus the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful...

Who would want to marry their soulmates??? Those are like your perfect match in life and a really rare to find these days with the high divorce rates and cheating rates...

Getting married to a person is like a permanent commitment and there's no turning back since you've promised to love that person for life...

Yeah, the only problem find the perfect guy!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year is Here!!!

Happy New Year, peeps and sorry for not updating my blog for so long…I've been lazy so I couldn't sit down and type out any random thoughts…


So, what's my new year's resolution for this year since it isn't likely that I will complete it all so yeah, it's just fun to write down things that you're supposed to try and do and fail miserably at doing it hence you just don't complete it…Like for example I've been writing down for a few years now to study hard and did it work??? Nope, but it does look good if people do see your list…Just a little advice, do write to achieve accomplishable things and not something remotely impossible like for money to drop on your lap or to fly like superman because that second one will NEVER happen…Here are a few of my resolution so maybe you could try to write your own by using mine as a guideline.

  1. To study at least 6 hours a day
  2. To do a good gesture for someone everyday which makes their day
  3. Stay positive
  4. Complete all my assignments in time and hand it all up
  5. Clean my room and maintain it for the whole year
  6. Learn something new everyday

That's about all I came up with but it's a great start and I've also got a theme for myself this year… It's to be daring and to try new things that normally wouldn't try but nothing illegal, of course!!! Hmm…now to figure out what's the first thing to try that I normally wouldn't do???

Another year has passed and well, 2011 actually passed really fast for me…I mean I still remember my first day of orientation where I was jumping up and down like a monkey and I even did the All Blacks routine which was actually pretty fun now that I look back although it was embarrassing at that time…The time I first talked to my first two friends at college and now I'm done with my A-levels and waiting for the results to come out…Sigh, how time passes really fast when you have fun…Today's actually the first day back at school for Primary and High School students so yeah, I should have rolled down my mum's car window and laughed at them…Or not…Just kidding…

Funny how the world gets affected by several big time stories like this story that I was following recently although it has ended last year… Like when Michael Jackson died in 2009, I was listening to the radio while preparing for school when I heard the news and I even had to check Twitter whether it was true!!! This story is actually about Amanda Knox who was locked in Italy's prison for 4 years for the alleged murder of her roommate and she was finally freed after those four years behind bars when her appeal won…

Now, the BIG question is….DID SHE ACTUALLY DO IT???

Reading all those articles on how she won her case and the comments after that, I was puzzled simply because the gaps in the Italian law system was so visible in this case which may have freed an innocent woman from 24 years in prison for a crime she didn't commit or freed a killer who purely benefited for her crime??? I think the whole problem was the audience were lacking in information on the entire case that we're quick to judge whether she's guilty or not so I've decided to be neutral since nobody will ever know the whole truth…Why do some people keep saying she's involved in a satanic ritual at any chance they can??? I find religion a sensitive issue so I'd rather not voice my opinion on this matter either….Overall, this case has made many people wonder who the real victim was and whether we were missing a piece if the puzzle….

The internet connection keeps breaking off that I am sorely tempted to fall asleep while waiting…I think I could even grow a beard, waiting for the connection….


Chinese New Year is almost here so one thing comes into mind: Ang Pow Packets!!!! Children love it while parents hate it because they're giving away free money!!! The joy of getting money for nothing in return….And those really BIG gatherings to celebrate…New clothes to wear this year so maybe I'll try on a dress or two…Hehe!!!

The End!!!