Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love Is The Food OF Life!!!

"Just because you dream of someone you love doesn't change the fact that he doesn't belong to you"

Yup, that's another one of my creation thanks to my inspiration, Xheylie…Dear, you're way too special for just any guy so stop mopping when there are many other guys out there…. Trust me when I say that it's better than things ended in the first phase rather than letting a long dream die after so long… Imma punch him for you if it makes you feel any better but it's not like most guys realize what they did until you tell them so yeah, wait scratch that out… Well, I will punch him if it puts a smile on your 'chubby' face!!! Hehe!!!

Somehow, I think I'm little weird or there's a screw loose in my head because when I say I don't like something/some person, I tend to like some of them… Makes sense yet??? See, I disliked okay, dislike is a strong word, let's just say I wasn't quite fond of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" because well, it wasn't my kind of music…One person's meat is another man's poison so that song was killing me despite the heaps of Adele's fan who love the song…Well, I was technically neutral about her music until the radio decided to play it more than 10 times a day and well, can you imagine listening to the same song over and over again??? I almost threw out my stereo set out my room window and boy, that wouldn't be a pretty sight…Although the person who picks up the remains of the stereo set ould be more than happy while I would be cursing at myself for being that dumb to throw random things out the window plus the money to fix my window…Can you say grounded for life then???

Yeah, Adele's "Someone Like You" is playing in my head now so yeah, I can call myself a hypocrite now for saying I don't like her music…

My mum just found out that I have a bloggie after I told her ages ago!!! Yeah, she's probably gonna freak out when she sees how many post I posted since I'm supposed to have a life…Oh my gosh, I desperately need a life since I'm resorting to the net to entertain me!!! Plus I got her a Twitter account too!!! Hehe!!! It must be so exciting to discover these little things but I guess that's why adults used to have more time for other things since they're actually OUTSIDE doing stuff rather than posting that they're about to do it!!! The funniest tweet I saw so far was "THINKING…" and I was like what the??? Why in the world would you tell other people what you're up to especially thinking?!? Remember you can always follow me on Twitter to talk to me and I'll do my best to reply asap so don't hesitate!!! Just press that FOLLOW button!!!



Just kidding!!! I won't bite so don't worry… Imma punch someone if I don't have something to do before my degree classes start!!! Hello??? I can't sit on my fat lazy butt for 9 months!!! Even a pregnant lady does something while waiting to pop out a baby and here I am doing nothing!!! I'm really pathetic aren't I??? Don't answer that because it was a rhetorical question!!!

I'm going to start posting up random pictures and videos to entertain everyone!!!

What to wear for Chinese New Year??? And why do I keep seeing the number 8 everywhere??? I know it's good luck but even luck can't save me from failing my A-Levels examination thanks to my dumbness…Okay, it's not my fault that I have a pea sized brain so don't give me that look!!! So, here's a little tip to myself, don't study last minute EVER again!!!

Time to sleep so I can let my brain juice flow if I have any left…Good afternoon, peeps!!! I look like a zombie thanks to my lack of sleep!!! Maybe I could get hired for the show, Walking Dead…I mean I look dead, act dead thanks to my slow response to anything due to my lack of sleep now to smell bad…Rub some pee on myself???

I think I went to heaven and back to earth because I ate the BEST STEAK EVER in my small country, Malaysia!!! Wanna know where this great place is to grab a little taste of heaven for yourself??? Well, it's a little place called Suzi's Corner because well, it's a store at the corner…The irony of it actually…Hehe!!! You wouldn't believe the steaks are from that exact place I'm talking about because well, it isn't exactly those classy places!!! Plus it's well hidden but luckily, my dad's like the King of Food because he FOUND IT!!! It's located around Kuala Lumpur on Jalan Ampang heading towards Ampang Lama and watch out because it's hard to catch!!! Sorry but I didn't take a picture of the place…Don't fancy steaks or other western dishes??? Well, they have other different food such as mamak food, india and also Lebanese food!!! Try the caramel pudding from the Lebanese stall because it's pretty good…Not to sweet and smooth just perfect…I could hear the bells ringing and choir singing in my head!!! Are you a fan of wine and love to drink any day of the week????

Well, the charges for the wine glasses are only RM10 per person if you bring your own wine to drink which goes well with the steak…Don't forget to order the steak to be cooked medium rare so the meat remains juicy yet meaty!!!! So, if you're down in the hot and wonderful country, Malaysia full of delicious food to try, do bring your fat pants because you'll love the food here!!! Maybe I should be a tour guide since I'm almost an expert in food!!!

Got any suggestion for me to try??? Just leave a comment on this post and I'll do my best to try that store out!!! Thanks…


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