Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Hectic Day In My Wonderful Life!!!

I am one freaking lucky chick in life since well, things tend to work out in weird ways for some weird reason!!!

Wait, did I just use weird twice in one sentence??? Yeah, I probably did it because I'm a little tired after an entire day of running around with the presence of one really hyperactive cousin in heels!!! No KIDDING!!! He's like 15 this year and he's FAST but luckily I am one sneaky girl that I know his weakness!!! Hehe!!! I am the official master of tickles and I have learnt the arts of tickling!!! Prepare to face death by tickle!!! And my feet hurt since I was playing arcade games in Sunway Piramid with heels!!! Yeah, no brakes was pressed during the entire 3 hours that I played and destroyed the racing game so eat your hearts out, computer!!!

Yup, today was another day out with the cousins and it was really FUN!!! And I even got to eat that really delicious ice-cream that I craved for ages!!! My life is officially complete now and I feel like I'm in heaven!!! Chinese New Year celebration is over and Boo, I'm actually really sad that it's really over!!! I'm still counting all the angpows that I received and I'm rich!!!

If' I was a rich girl, na na na na na...If I had all the money in the world...

Right, that song just came into my mind at that moment...Random thoughts again!!!

And what's with bad neighbours anyway??? Let's just call him/her A since I'm trying to be a nice person and not reveal his/her name... Stop being so mean to people just because you don't feel like celebrating this great festival with others!!! Don't like it??? Too bad since you're stuck with it so stop being a scrooge and have a little fun!!! Everyone was having fun and watching but no, things can't be played for fun and it really annoys me that he's so mean on a great day!!! I hate evil, mean neighbours since they're...well, mean!!!

Wait, what am I rambling about??? I'm sleepy that I'm lucky to even type this out with no typo so far...I'm a little lazy to write more so Imma going to bed for some beauty sleep!! Nights!!!

Sorry if there's no pictures but I'm too lazy to upload it, maybe next time!!!

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