Saturday, February 4, 2012

Craziness, Studies...Anything more on my list???

Okay, I'm back again after another long break and it's almost 2 in the morning so I'd better type fast since I'm practically falling asleep after living like a pig for about 2 months now...Yeah, I am really rotting at home, someone save me before I go nuts here!!!

Yup, my new law books remain untouched on my shelves since I have been saying that I'd study to myself and my mum but yeah, it never happens...Here's how the conversation usually goes until I change my mind...

Mum: You'd better study before your intake starts since you have lots of time.
Me: Okay.
Mum: Are you studying?
Me: Of course. (Yeah, who would even believe someone who gives one word answers???)
Mum: Okay, study hard then.
Me: (Puts down book) I'll do it tomorrow then...

Yeah, see what I mean about not studying??? I'll do it tomorrow for real if I wake up early or not...

See, the other day, my sister and I were having a little discussion after watching "TITANIC" and check out what when down in the discussion...

Sis: (Looks at me) Are you crying?
Me: (Looks away) No!
Sis: Oh my gosh, you're really crying! You're such a baby!
Me: I am not! (Wipes tears) It's just really sad. And I always cry whenever I watch Titanic! Everyone does!
Sis: Well, not me! I never cried!
Me: What? Everyone cries during this movie! How could you not?
Sis: Well, it's not real so I stopped believing how sad the love story was.
Me: But...It's TITANIC!!! All girls cry for the movie! This is the 7th time that I'd watched it and I am crying again!
Sis: That's because you're baby. I don't cry for the movie!Wait, what's the director's name again?
Me: James Cameron! He also directed Avatar.
Sis: I thought it was Peter Cameron!
Me: What? That Sir Peter Jackson from Lord of the Rings! James Cameron is for Titanic!
Sis: Whatever. (Walks away)

Yeah, my sister, the girl who never cried for Titanic finds me odd, crying for the movie when she couldn't tell the difference between the director of LOTR and Avatar!!! Who in the world is Peter Cameron??? What was she thinking??? And the ironic part of her question was...she was wearing a shirt with the words:

Titanic-A film directed by James Cameron

Yup, I don't know how she could miss something like that. And admit it, Titanic was the movie that most girls cry their eyes out for!!! I think I need another cupcake to calm me down...Ah, sugar rush makes me feel so happy at times!!!

Another joke of Twilight and Harry Potter in the modern world that I found...It was actually quite funny reading this!!! Check it out!!!

Somehow, I think I should feel insulted but I'm not...Hehe!!! Btw. Where's that girl anyway??? I'm really going nuts here, trying to reach a friend of mine who apparently doesn't believe in the modern technology!!! Why would anyone switch off their phone??? Answer me, woman!!! I'm going crazy here!!!


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