Monday, February 20, 2012

First Day Back!!!

As you can read from the title above, I finally returned for classes and today was actually the subject that I was looking forward to, Criminal Law!!! Yeah, watch out because I could kill someone and get away with it!!! I'm just kidding!!! Why would I want to kill someone and tell the entire world what I plan to do??? I'm insane, not dumb!!! A little tip to you all, don't sleep late the night before you have classes because it isn't good when you're sitting in front of the lecturer and slowly fall asleep...Thank goodness the two hours went by FAST!!!

And now, for another youtube sensation with an AMAZING voice!!! Please welcome, MR. Tanner Patrick who has such a cute accent not to mention he's pretty good looking and easy to look at!!! Check out some of his videos!!!

Gah, he makes me fall in love with this song all over again!!!

He can be a hobo if he'd like and I'll still listen to his songs!!! Not only can he sing but he can play the guitar and piano too!!! Somebody, just give me someone like him and I'll be soo happy!!!

Drums too??? IS he like perfect or what??? Which guy can play that many instruments and look cute??? Sorry, JB but you've been served!!! TANNER ROCKS!!! So, to all the ladies who love a little eyecandy, check Tanner out and suscribe to his channel!!! And to the guys, check out his videos if you like to listen to some pretty nice covers instead of Justin Bieber songs!!! Hehe!!!

Tanner's videos are on rerun on my playlist now so I'm hyper now!!! And Vampire Diaries fans, there will be no show until 15 March so lets watch reruns while waiting!!!I know which girl will be rewatching the previous episodes while waiting!!! One guess:Me!!!!

Thank you to those who left comments on my new talk box and keep up the good work peeps!!!

Until next time, BYE!!! Have a great week!!!


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