Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine "Singletine" Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, peeps!!! Okay, I'm having another single valentine's day but I'm celebrating the joy of being single so cheer up those of you who are single like me!!! Let's have a blast celebrating "Singletine" as I call it!!!

So, to celebrate "Singletine", I've compiled a couple of my favorite love song to keep everyone in a loving mood so ENJOY!!!

Yes, I just watched the latest episode of Vampire Diaries and I fell totally in love with this beautiful song...For those of you who watched the show and wonder where this song is from, it's from the waltz scene and I think the producer did an AMAZING job picking this song for STELENA because I was hoping that Stefan might confess his feelings and be his old self again..
And have you seen Elena and Caroline's dresses in this episode??? Wait, is something happening between Caroline and Klaus??? I'm gasping now because I"M SO EXCITED!!! Somebody pinch me!!! Ouch, it hurts!!!

What's more romantic than having this song playing during your wedding??? And it's from the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 which makes it soooo perfect for today!!! Imma hit the replay button for this song throughout this whole day until I drive myself insane!!! I haven't watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 so I'm going to watch it today and cry like a baby...Better prepare a box of tissues in case!!!

Sorry for the overdose of Vampire Diaries songs but I'm still in love with this show hence the tons of songs from the show!!! Please do support the series because it's totally awesome!!! I'm a little hyper thanks to my lack of sleep so YEAH!!! Don't mind me being a little crazy today!!!

Yes, this is a cover of Taylor Swift's song "Safe and Sound" from the upcoming Hungry Games and I love these two voices!!! I am so excited to watch the Hungry Games and this song is just so good!!! Maybe I should learn to play a guitar since I'm free and bored these days...Imma be a couch potato by the time my lessons starts!!!

And lastly, a tribute to the late Whitney Houston who passed away on Saturday afternoon and may she rest in peace!!! Who could forget such a powerful and beautiful voice and this was actually the song that I remembered her with!!! Why must all the talented people die so sudden??? I was actually shocked when I hear the news on the radio and I actually thought it was a sick joke like the time I heard of the King of Pop's death and gasp, IT WAS TRUE!!!

Anyway, it's 5.30 in the evening so it's time for me to find something useful to do... Right, while checking out some videos on youtube.com...Good luck to me to study when youtube is on!!!
Remember guys, make this a special day today unless you want to end up singing this song!!!

Yeah, please support Megan Nicole who is an awesome youtube sensation and an awesome singer!!! Press that like button below the video!!! PRESS IT NOW!!!

Until next time, BYE!!!


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