Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Going To Happen In Vampire Diaries???

So, this week is almost up and it was also my first week back to college/uni and boy, was it tiring thanks for my really, really bad habit of sleeping real late for fun...Yeah, am I genius for doing such dumb things when I am suppose to study and guess which girl ended up asleep in her lecture??? Shh, it's a secret between us so yeah, don't tell anyone!!!

Random picture time!!! I just find this hedgehog soooo CUTE!!! No, it's not mine because I just found the picture as I was searching through my usual sites and I had to share!!!! ENJOY!!! Imma name, let me think about this....How about...Tommy???

I've decided to get a really cute pet when I'm older so I can keep them in my pocket and they can follow me everywhere!!!

Anyway, back to my uni life after almost three months of break and rotting at home!!! There's really A LOT to take in!!! I mean my hands are almost broken from trying to catch up for the 3 weeks that I was absent from classes so yeah, lots of notes to copy but luckily Miss Lynn lent me her notes to copy and I might have even done some copying during the lectures...Hehe!!! Last day of class tomorrow and it's Legal Skills!!!

Music sharing time and here's my playlist for today!!!

I know I might be a little obsessed with the Vampire Diaries soundtrack but it's just TOO GOOD!!! Not to dampen everyone's spirits but here's the latest song from Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 15 All My Children!!!

Speaking of Vampire Diaries, the show will resume on the 15th of March for those of you VD fans who didn't know yet!!! And it's time for me to try to predict what's going on in that insane town!!!!

> Alaric Saltzman was at held at gun point and possibly shot by Meridith for being curious when he was in her house- I don't think that it's likely that he would die since he's the show's regular but who knows???
>Klaus and Rebecca are alone in their home after their mother and brother tried to kill them all with a spell and their remaining siblings have fled Mystic Falls and Rebecca shows Klaus something interesting that she recorded when she held Elena hostage....The White Oak Tree isn't DEAD!!! Either the Salvatore Brothers find out about the tree that actually kill the original or someone else gets to it first and tries to kill Rebecca and Klaus!!!
> Could there be something going on between Caroline and Klaus??? I think Caroline might be used as bait once more since Klaus has a soft heart for her and maybe she might have a soft spot for him too!!! I sense another love triangle!!! Maybe Tyler will come back in the next episode because I miss the love-hate relationship between Caroline and Tyler!!! At first I hated Caroline for being so immature but now, she's kinda grow on me!!!
> Stefan is trying to mold himself back to the old Stefan because of...Elena as we saw him resisting the human blood that Damon intentionally left for him at the table...Honestly, I prefer the old Stefan because he's just so guilt driven for a vampire and he's so HOT!!!
> Elena continues to push Damon off the edge again by rejecting her feelings for him and honestly, I know it's supposed to make the story more interesting but I really hate Elena right now for fooling around with the brothers!!! Just go back to Stefan and stop playing with Damon, Elena!!!
> Bonnie's mother is turned into a vampire by Damon to break the bond and stop the curse that was about to kill all the original because apparently you can't be a vampire and a witch at the same time...What a bummer actually!!!So maybe her mother might attack Damon for turning her into a vampire or even go after Elena!!! Honestly, I'm a little tired of everyone kidnapping Elena as using her as a pawn!!! I thought she was supposed to be stronger anyway???

Yeah, anyway it's time for me to do some notes for my Contract Law so yeah, life is 'great'!!! Gonna fight for a seat in front tomorrow and remember to leave a comment if you have time!!! Thanks everyone and until my next update, goodbye!!!

The week is almost over, guys so one more day left!!!

The END!!!

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