Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things To Do!!!

Finally, my lessons are starting tomorrow so yeah, time to get my brain juice pumping!!! Technically I'm crashing my former classmates' lectures but I'm allowed to so yeah, why not instead of rotting at home with simply nothing to do!!!

See how many books I have to study!!! Yeah, these are all my law books and Imma pass out just looking at this picture!!! Are they trying to drive me nuts so I'll drop dead before I graduate???

I 'love' my life right now...Better get comfy and open some books to study...Hmm...maybe after I finish blogging...Hehe!!!

The only time I wake up early these days is either to use the bathroom or to head to my mum's office like I am doing today and boy, am I lazy like crazy!!!

So anyway, time passes so fast these days~ Imma miss my crazy high school friends when they do leave to study overseas because they were willing to be crazy with me!!! Sigh, I'm so bored that I'm rambling nonsense now so don't mind me!!!

And what's the current song that most people are making covers of these days??? Well, the three youtube sensations I enjoy listening to sang three different versions of Taylor Swift's Safe & Sound and gosh, is it so different to listen to every one of it...I'll post a link here later once the internet connection doesn't block youtube...Seriously, who blocks youtube??? Imma die here without it these days!!!

And call me a hypocrite if you want to but I'm in love with dresses!!! Okay, I like to see the dress on someone else because they look so pretty and good in it!!! when I put on a dress, all that runs in my head is


I'm not exactly on the chubby side but I'm not stick thin too so yeah, there goes my self-confidence...Plus it isn't like my sister helps to boost my confidence at times, she LOVES to tell me what to wear and when I question her about her clothes choice, she WALKS AWAY!!! What's that supposed to mean???

I wanna get a converse someday because it looks AWESOME!!! Plus everyone's wearing it so why not???

Not a pink one, of course because it's just too...PINK!!! Maybe a blue or black one so I can just throw on a jeans and the converse and STILL be fashionable...

So, it's time for me to keep my part of my bargain which is to study for a while...Time for a break from my long break...Maybe I'll take a nap first before I start!!!


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