Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Another Monday!!!

So, it's the beginning of the week again and in case you've been living under a rock these few days or even weeks, it's a MONDAY!!! And guess what that means??? Okay, I have no idea what Monday means but the first few words that pop into my head is....

TIRED. MERLIN. UNI. 4 more days left before the week ends again!!!

And Victorious!!! Gah, I'm watching the 5th episode of season 3 as I'm typing right now...Yeah, not really a good idea so excuse me if there's any spelling error!!! I love Kat's button!!!
It reads: "I'm sad, ask me why"

So, what as I up to during the weekend??? Hmm...well, I did help my mum and sister clean our storeroom and it's FULL OF MEMORIES!!! I'm totally serious, there was like pictures of us and other old stuff and it was like a museum!!! And you know how much I love historical things!!! A LOT!!!

I even found my old kindergarten graduation picture in one of the box!!! Wow, I was so small back then and now....hmm, let's just leave you all guessing what comes next in that line!!!

And yesterday, I got my early birthday present from my mummy!!! Hehe!!! It was all worth it though since I bought two cute overcoats and a brand new pair of jeans!!! Imma post a pic soon!!! And I'm one lucky girl because I've got a heart doughnut!!! Hehe!!! The pictures are stuck in my phone right now so I'll post it later!!!

Check out this video because I think I'm in love with Jae Bum's singing!!! He looks so cute when he smiles, like a cute hamster!!! And guess how old he actually is???? 18 years old and that's like 1 year younger than me!!! I feel like a cougar right now but he's just...SOOOO CUTE!!!

I'm just a girl so yeah, I think I'm going nuts here!!! My dumb hormones make me nuts sometimes!!!

Time for me to do some serious work before I forget!!! Until next time, bye!!!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Dreaming High!!!

Thank God It's Friday (TGIF)!!! Hehe!!! HURRAY, the week is already up after a long, really looooong week of adusting back to the college/uni life and yeah, I survived!!! So, I couldn't keep my promise to stop updating almost every day because it's just...TOO much fun blogging about my insane life and rambling on and on and on and on...

So, wondering what I'll be up to this whole weekend??? Well, I'm currently high on Dream High 2 because it's just so fun to watch after I finished watching Dream High... Here are my thoughts of the show so far because we're only on episode 8 as I type...

>The first three episodes were not as enjoyable to watch unlike the first installment as the story progresses really slowly...You're introduced to the Idol groups: HerShe and Eden and also the students of Kirin High about 4 years after the first show...Check out the posters!!!

Anyway, the students in the school are misfits who want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry but...they're not as good as they think they are...Yeah, a twist of fate brings the idols to the school and let the war begin!!! This time instead of a love triangle, you have a love rectangle and boy, does it get interesting when the two sides are put in the same room!!! Interested yet???
> The outcasts' struggles against the idols are so interesting to watch as they are actually on the same level together facing different personal problems in life!!!
> The look for the next super idol is on and like the first installment, the director of the show keeps you guessing until the end who the identity of the super idol is!!!
> You'll watch the idols struggle too unlike the perfect life they portray to their loving fans...

So my real lessons start in September and yeah, that's the only reason I can breathe so easily and update my blog anytime I want and I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! My heart is pumping real fast and...I think it may have to be the orange juice I had for lunch...

And my feet are killing me right now!!! I wore heels and walked down 4 floors and more which is NOT a good idea so yeah, you get the picture.... A girl who doesn't wear heels often due to her lack of balance + heels= Are you insane???

Who doesn't want this??? Okay, I've gotta stop drinking slurpees for a year because it's not working... Anyway, have a great weekend peeps and see you soon!!!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Going To Happen In Vampire Diaries???

So, this week is almost up and it was also my first week back to college/uni and boy, was it tiring thanks for my really, really bad habit of sleeping real late for fun...Yeah, am I genius for doing such dumb things when I am suppose to study and guess which girl ended up asleep in her lecture??? Shh, it's a secret between us so yeah, don't tell anyone!!!

Random picture time!!! I just find this hedgehog soooo CUTE!!! No, it's not mine because I just found the picture as I was searching through my usual sites and I had to share!!!! ENJOY!!! Imma name, let me think about this....How about...Tommy???

I've decided to get a really cute pet when I'm older so I can keep them in my pocket and they can follow me everywhere!!!

Anyway, back to my uni life after almost three months of break and rotting at home!!! There's really A LOT to take in!!! I mean my hands are almost broken from trying to catch up for the 3 weeks that I was absent from classes so yeah, lots of notes to copy but luckily Miss Lynn lent me her notes to copy and I might have even done some copying during the lectures...Hehe!!! Last day of class tomorrow and it's Legal Skills!!!

Music sharing time and here's my playlist for today!!!

I know I might be a little obsessed with the Vampire Diaries soundtrack but it's just TOO GOOD!!! Not to dampen everyone's spirits but here's the latest song from Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 15 All My Children!!!

Speaking of Vampire Diaries, the show will resume on the 15th of March for those of you VD fans who didn't know yet!!! And it's time for me to try to predict what's going on in that insane town!!!!

> Alaric Saltzman was at held at gun point and possibly shot by Meridith for being curious when he was in her house- I don't think that it's likely that he would die since he's the show's regular but who knows???
>Klaus and Rebecca are alone in their home after their mother and brother tried to kill them all with a spell and their remaining siblings have fled Mystic Falls and Rebecca shows Klaus something interesting that she recorded when she held Elena hostage....The White Oak Tree isn't DEAD!!! Either the Salvatore Brothers find out about the tree that actually kill the original or someone else gets to it first and tries to kill Rebecca and Klaus!!!
> Could there be something going on between Caroline and Klaus??? I think Caroline might be used as bait once more since Klaus has a soft heart for her and maybe she might have a soft spot for him too!!! I sense another love triangle!!! Maybe Tyler will come back in the next episode because I miss the love-hate relationship between Caroline and Tyler!!! At first I hated Caroline for being so immature but now, she's kinda grow on me!!!
> Stefan is trying to mold himself back to the old Stefan because of...Elena as we saw him resisting the human blood that Damon intentionally left for him at the table...Honestly, I prefer the old Stefan because he's just so guilt driven for a vampire and he's so HOT!!!
> Elena continues to push Damon off the edge again by rejecting her feelings for him and honestly, I know it's supposed to make the story more interesting but I really hate Elena right now for fooling around with the brothers!!! Just go back to Stefan and stop playing with Damon, Elena!!!
> Bonnie's mother is turned into a vampire by Damon to break the bond and stop the curse that was about to kill all the original because apparently you can't be a vampire and a witch at the same time...What a bummer actually!!!So maybe her mother might attack Damon for turning her into a vampire or even go after Elena!!! Honestly, I'm a little tired of everyone kidnapping Elena as using her as a pawn!!! I thought she was supposed to be stronger anyway???

Yeah, anyway it's time for me to do some notes for my Contract Law so yeah, life is 'great'!!! Gonna fight for a seat in front tomorrow and remember to leave a comment if you have time!!! Thanks everyone and until my next update, goodbye!!!

The week is almost over, guys so one more day left!!!

The END!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 Random Facts About ME!!!!

Here are 10 random facts about me that I want to share with you peeps because I'm BORED...

1. I love peanut butter for some weird reason but who doesn't???
2. I want to lose some weight but I love food...Isn't it ironic???
3. I love watching love movies even thought I say I don't because I just love the element of love...
4. Did I ever mention how much I love reading books??? And not just any books written by any random writers but I love and I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE JANE AUSTEN!!!
5. I have random crushes on celebrities whenever I watch movies/shows for no reason...I blame my homones for that!!!
6. I prefer to sit at home and do nothing rather than go out shopping for hours...
7. I hate cats because they have such sneaky looks...That's just my opinion...
8. I hate studying but I can stare at a reference book for hours and still see...blank...
9. I hate being under someone who I think can't lead me better than myself...
10. I wish I had a British accent!!!

There, I've shared 10 random facts about and well, some of it is really obvious but I can't think right now...

My favourite quote for today is from Vampire Diaries!!!

Caroline: Just to be clear, I'm too smart to be seduced by you.
Klaus: That's why I like you.

Why am I always online even when I say I would come on so often??? This is becoming an addiction now!!!

Looking for a missing friend of mine who's got me worried like a mother waiting for her daughter to return from her first date!!! Where are you, woman???

Yeah, Imma try to stalk her again after she ignored my 4 text messages~~~Hope she doesn't get a restraining order against me or I'm screwed!!! sorry, mind my language!!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

First Day Back!!!

As you can read from the title above, I finally returned for classes and today was actually the subject that I was looking forward to, Criminal Law!!! Yeah, watch out because I could kill someone and get away with it!!! I'm just kidding!!! Why would I want to kill someone and tell the entire world what I plan to do??? I'm insane, not dumb!!! A little tip to you all, don't sleep late the night before you have classes because it isn't good when you're sitting in front of the lecturer and slowly fall asleep...Thank goodness the two hours went by FAST!!!

And now, for another youtube sensation with an AMAZING voice!!! Please welcome, MR. Tanner Patrick who has such a cute accent not to mention he's pretty good looking and easy to look at!!! Check out some of his videos!!!

Gah, he makes me fall in love with this song all over again!!!

He can be a hobo if he'd like and I'll still listen to his songs!!! Not only can he sing but he can play the guitar and piano too!!! Somebody, just give me someone like him and I'll be soo happy!!!

Drums too??? IS he like perfect or what??? Which guy can play that many instruments and look cute??? Sorry, JB but you've been served!!! TANNER ROCKS!!! So, to all the ladies who love a little eyecandy, check Tanner out and suscribe to his channel!!! And to the guys, check out his videos if you like to listen to some pretty nice covers instead of Justin Bieber songs!!! Hehe!!!

Tanner's videos are on rerun on my playlist now so I'm hyper now!!! And Vampire Diaries fans, there will be no show until 15 March so lets watch reruns while waiting!!!I know which girl will be rewatching the previous episodes while waiting!!! One guess:Me!!!!

Thank you to those who left comments on my new talk box and keep up the good work peeps!!!

Until next time, BYE!!! Have a great week!!!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Youtube Addict Plus Chocolates!!!

I'm back from today's class well, technically it wasn't a lecture since we weren't studying plus there were NO LECTURERS there and why in the world was I there anyway??? Thanks to Miss Lynn for texting to me last night asking me to go for fun and how could I say no when a friend ask??? I should learn to say NO!!!

Guess which lucky girl got chocolates for being a good girl today???

Thank you, Miss Lynn for the chocolates and key chain!!! Imma post a picture of those two things once I find my hand phone wire to connect to my laptop so wait for it, peeps!!!

So anyway, we were visited by two visitors who talked to us about our rights as adults!!! Can you believe it??? Someone who actually sees me as an adult!!! Anyway, we played "God" in one of the games by deciding who we would save if the the world was ending and boy, was it tough to decide!!! Now I rather be simple and plain me than be God because it was so hard to pick who to save!!! Thank you, God for doing such a tough job while I wander around doing nothing!!!

Gosh, I'm tired after a long journey back home and looking at all the sleeping people in front of me doesn't help my case!!! Every time I open my textbook to try reading, the words become BLUR!!!

And a certain woman isn't answering her phone again!!! How many text must I send before she answers!!! Press that button and TALK before I travel to your house and drag you to college!!! I'll do it if I have to so don't test me!!!

Did I mention how addicted I am to youtube??? Yeah, I can find things to do even when I'm bored and guess who I found??? Another youtube sensation and HURRAY!!! She can totally sing!!! Her name is Tiffany Alvord and she sang a couple of songs with Megan Nicole so yeah, that's the connection and how I found her!!! Check out a few of her videos!!!

Isn't she so cute and pretty??? Doesn't this song kinda remind you of Taylor Swift's songs??? Oh well, there's enough space in my music player for them all!!!

Yeah, subscribe to her channel for more great covers or songs and let's support all the great talents on youtube for having awesome talents!!! THANK YOU FOR ENTERTAINING A BORED ME!!! THANK YOU!!!

Time for a little nap before I start wrapping my new textbooks!!! It's SO NICE AND NEW!!! I love NEW THINGS!!! Have a great weekend guys!!!


Things To Do!!!

Finally, my lessons are starting tomorrow so yeah, time to get my brain juice pumping!!! Technically I'm crashing my former classmates' lectures but I'm allowed to so yeah, why not instead of rotting at home with simply nothing to do!!!

See how many books I have to study!!! Yeah, these are all my law books and Imma pass out just looking at this picture!!! Are they trying to drive me nuts so I'll drop dead before I graduate???

I 'love' my life right now...Better get comfy and open some books to study...Hmm...maybe after I finish blogging...Hehe!!!

The only time I wake up early these days is either to use the bathroom or to head to my mum's office like I am doing today and boy, am I lazy like crazy!!!

So anyway, time passes so fast these days~ Imma miss my crazy high school friends when they do leave to study overseas because they were willing to be crazy with me!!! Sigh, I'm so bored that I'm rambling nonsense now so don't mind me!!!

And what's the current song that most people are making covers of these days??? Well, the three youtube sensations I enjoy listening to sang three different versions of Taylor Swift's Safe & Sound and gosh, is it so different to listen to every one of it...I'll post a link here later once the internet connection doesn't block youtube...Seriously, who blocks youtube??? Imma die here without it these days!!!

And call me a hypocrite if you want to but I'm in love with dresses!!! Okay, I like to see the dress on someone else because they look so pretty and good in it!!! when I put on a dress, all that runs in my head is


I'm not exactly on the chubby side but I'm not stick thin too so yeah, there goes my self-confidence...Plus it isn't like my sister helps to boost my confidence at times, she LOVES to tell me what to wear and when I question her about her clothes choice, she WALKS AWAY!!! What's that supposed to mean???

I wanna get a converse someday because it looks AWESOME!!! Plus everyone's wearing it so why not???

Not a pink one, of course because it's just too...PINK!!! Maybe a blue or black one so I can just throw on a jeans and the converse and STILL be fashionable...

So, it's time for me to keep my part of my bargain which is to study for a while...Time for a break from my long break...Maybe I'll take a nap first before I start!!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine "Singletine" Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, peeps!!! Okay, I'm having another single valentine's day but I'm celebrating the joy of being single so cheer up those of you who are single like me!!! Let's have a blast celebrating "Singletine" as I call it!!!

So, to celebrate "Singletine", I've compiled a couple of my favorite love song to keep everyone in a loving mood so ENJOY!!!

Yes, I just watched the latest episode of Vampire Diaries and I fell totally in love with this beautiful song...For those of you who watched the show and wonder where this song is from, it's from the waltz scene and I think the producer did an AMAZING job picking this song for STELENA because I was hoping that Stefan might confess his feelings and be his old self again..
And have you seen Elena and Caroline's dresses in this episode??? Wait, is something happening between Caroline and Klaus??? I'm gasping now because I"M SO EXCITED!!! Somebody pinch me!!! Ouch, it hurts!!!

What's more romantic than having this song playing during your wedding??? And it's from the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 which makes it soooo perfect for today!!! Imma hit the replay button for this song throughout this whole day until I drive myself insane!!! I haven't watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 so I'm going to watch it today and cry like a baby...Better prepare a box of tissues in case!!!

Sorry for the overdose of Vampire Diaries songs but I'm still in love with this show hence the tons of songs from the show!!! Please do support the series because it's totally awesome!!! I'm a little hyper thanks to my lack of sleep so YEAH!!! Don't mind me being a little crazy today!!!

Yes, this is a cover of Taylor Swift's song "Safe and Sound" from the upcoming Hungry Games and I love these two voices!!! I am so excited to watch the Hungry Games and this song is just so good!!! Maybe I should learn to play a guitar since I'm free and bored these days...Imma be a couch potato by the time my lessons starts!!!

And lastly, a tribute to the late Whitney Houston who passed away on Saturday afternoon and may she rest in peace!!! Who could forget such a powerful and beautiful voice and this was actually the song that I remembered her with!!! Why must all the talented people die so sudden??? I was actually shocked when I hear the news on the radio and I actually thought it was a sick joke like the time I heard of the King of Pop's death and gasp, IT WAS TRUE!!!

Anyway, it's 5.30 in the evening so it's time for me to find something useful to do... Right, while checking out some videos on luck to me to study when youtube is on!!!
Remember guys, make this a special day today unless you want to end up singing this song!!!

Yeah, please support Megan Nicole who is an awesome youtube sensation and an awesome singer!!! Press that like button below the video!!! PRESS IT NOW!!!

Until next time, BYE!!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Tomorrow is Valentine's DAY!!!

Yeah, sorry for not blogging as frequent as I did last year but I'm really lazy these few days...

My law books continues to collect dust in the cupboard...
My brain is starting to shut down more and more everyday...
I haven't stepped on a weight scale since Chinese New Year because I think I might have gained some weight as I stuffed my face like a pig so I need to lose that weight soon...
And I am on Facebook almost every FREAKING day for the fun of it!!!

Any more examples needed???

Tomorrow's Valentine's day and guess who's single again this year??? Yup, the one and only ME!!! any cute guys out there??? Hehe!!! Just kidding, of course...

I really should stop posting about my life since my lecturer said we're not suppose to reveal anything about our lives so yeah, technically, I'm breaking his rules as I type more and more...But I'll lay off these social networks AFTER I finish studying because HELLO??? Is he insane??? This is the Facebook generation and I'm not gonna be the only weirdo without a FACEBOOK account!!! No way, I need to keep in contact with people and spam Xheylie's wall so sorry but NO WAY!!! NEVER!!!

Why is it that guys in movies look soooo GOOD in it but not in reality??? Yeah, welcome to my sad and miserable life as I drool over HOT guys!!! Wanna see my latest obsession???

Yeah, he looks so HOT in Red Riding Hood but sadly, he wasn't as hot in real life so yeah, his hotness rating just dropped a little on my chart...

And who needs any guy for Valentine's Day when I have....

So, I'll be hanging out by myself with music blasting LOUD from my music player and singing my heart out!!! La, la, LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day peeps!!! And remember thank you all soooo much for taking some time to read my crazy post and please do leave a comment on anything at all!!! It could be a topic you want me to ramble about or a youtube video you like!!! ANYTHING AT ALL!!! Just type ANYTHING AT ALL!!! DO IT!!!

Until next time, BYE!!!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hot Vampire Pics heating up my day???

I'm back again and what shall I ramble on and on about this time??? OMG, is Facebook actually shutting down for real this year??? GASP!!! What is wrong with Zuckerberg??? Is that how you spell his name??? Anyway, why would you want to shut down a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY popular site??? Did he hit his head hard because what would the world be without FACEBOOK!!!

*horror music plays*

Thank you my little crazy brain for that dramatic music!!! Now back to Facebook senario, what in the world does he want by shutting down FACEBOOK??? Ok, I'm calm...I'm calm, I'm good... NO!!! I"M NOT OKAY!!! FACEBOOK IS DYING!!! That's better now. So, to those who know whether this rumor is true or false, PLEASE tell me because it's killing me here!!!

Is that the face of a man who would kill the most popular site??? Why so serious, Mark Zuckerberg???

And have you people seen the latest updates from the Vampire Diaries cast??? Can you say Sexy because these pictures are so sexy that I'm SPEECHLESS!!!

Don't believe me about that then check it out but warning: These pictures may cause eyes to stay glued to the screens for hours due to its sexiness so stare at your own risk peeps!!!


This is just the beginning of the sexiness...Don't you just love how pretty Nina is??

Yeah, I would say that she's the luckiest girl ALIVE with two sexy guys beside her!!!

The sexiest pair EVER!!! I'm rooting for Team Stelena until the end of the series!!! Sorry Damon but Stefan is just too HOT!!!

And I would say that every girl in the world who watches Vampire Diaries is so envious of Nina right now because I know I AM!!! Hehe!!! Go Team Stelena!!!

Sorry if you're not a Team Stelena but I LOVE THEM BOTH TOGETHER!!!

Yeah, she's actually with him in real life but I liked her better with Paul Wesley...There's always a couple in real life from these vampire shows/movies... Let's see, Robert is with Kristen: Twilight Saga, Anna with her vampire in True Blood and now, Nina and Ian from Vampire Diaries...I still like the other Salvatore brother for some weird reason...

Okay, that's enough hot stuff for a day!!! Imma open a window to let all the heat out because it's hot here...

If you need me, I'll be looking for a pool to cool off in this hot weather and hot pictures courtesy of Entertainment Weekly...Time for another dose of Vampire Diaries to kick off my day...Till then, have fun, peeps!!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Angry Birds and Secret Mission: Interesting!!!

I'm flinging birds at PIGS FOR FUN!!! Honestly, this is actually the first time that I've played Angry Birds and I was trying to figure out the logic of throwing birds at PIGS!!! Many questions kept popping in my head everytime I fling a bird and yeah, who doesn't think that's weird right???

1. Why are we throwing birds at pigs??? If we did it in real life, we'll probably be arrested so yeah, it's not something NORMAL people would do but hey, since I've never claimed to be NORMAL, what the heck right???
2. Why are the pigs green??? The last time I checked, pigs were pinkish in color and they don't look that cute!!!
3. Why would pigs steal the birds' eggs anyway??? To make an omelet??? Can pigs even eat egg???
4. Why not throw rocks instead of birds??? I don't get what the creator was thinking...
5. Why is it so fun to kill the pigs by squashing them with weird structures??? Maybe we're all as sadistic and it's fun to watch something die so cruelly...I actually cheered when I squashed the pigs with wood!!!
6. What were the pigs thinking by building insecure structures to hide??? It's like suicide!!! The pigs should seriously study architecture!!!

I doubt the creator thought logically or there probably wouldn't be any Angry Birds in the world, more like angry people...But honestly, am I the only one who finds the game's logic totally off???

Time to meet Xheylie after so long tomorrow and she'd better make it or Imma punch her!!! Yup, we're on a secret mission tomorrow and our job is to enter and exit quietly from the mission area...I feel like a spy now except if I were a real spy, I probably wouldn't be blogging about my mission here...

Time to eat now since my tummy is rumbling like crazy!!!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Craziness, Studies...Anything more on my list???

Okay, I'm back again after another long break and it's almost 2 in the morning so I'd better type fast since I'm practically falling asleep after living like a pig for about 2 months now...Yeah, I am really rotting at home, someone save me before I go nuts here!!!

Yup, my new law books remain untouched on my shelves since I have been saying that I'd study to myself and my mum but yeah, it never happens...Here's how the conversation usually goes until I change my mind...

Mum: You'd better study before your intake starts since you have lots of time.
Me: Okay.
Mum: Are you studying?
Me: Of course. (Yeah, who would even believe someone who gives one word answers???)
Mum: Okay, study hard then.
Me: (Puts down book) I'll do it tomorrow then...

Yeah, see what I mean about not studying??? I'll do it tomorrow for real if I wake up early or not...

See, the other day, my sister and I were having a little discussion after watching "TITANIC" and check out what when down in the discussion...

Sis: (Looks at me) Are you crying?
Me: (Looks away) No!
Sis: Oh my gosh, you're really crying! You're such a baby!
Me: I am not! (Wipes tears) It's just really sad. And I always cry whenever I watch Titanic! Everyone does!
Sis: Well, not me! I never cried!
Me: What? Everyone cries during this movie! How could you not?
Sis: Well, it's not real so I stopped believing how sad the love story was.
Me: But...It's TITANIC!!! All girls cry for the movie! This is the 7th time that I'd watched it and I am crying again!
Sis: That's because you're baby. I don't cry for the movie!Wait, what's the director's name again?
Me: James Cameron! He also directed Avatar.
Sis: I thought it was Peter Cameron!
Me: What? That Sir Peter Jackson from Lord of the Rings! James Cameron is for Titanic!
Sis: Whatever. (Walks away)

Yeah, my sister, the girl who never cried for Titanic finds me odd, crying for the movie when she couldn't tell the difference between the director of LOTR and Avatar!!! Who in the world is Peter Cameron??? What was she thinking??? And the ironic part of her question was...she was wearing a shirt with the words:

Titanic-A film directed by James Cameron

Yup, I don't know how she could miss something like that. And admit it, Titanic was the movie that most girls cry their eyes out for!!! I think I need another cupcake to calm me down...Ah, sugar rush makes me feel so happy at times!!!

Another joke of Twilight and Harry Potter in the modern world that I found...It was actually quite funny reading this!!! Check it out!!!

Somehow, I think I should feel insulted but I'm not...Hehe!!! Btw. Where's that girl anyway??? I'm really going nuts here, trying to reach a friend of mine who apparently doesn't believe in the modern technology!!! Why would anyone switch off their phone??? Answer me, woman!!! I'm going crazy here!!!