Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friends & Stalker much???

Well, I'm back again after almost a week because I had my ELS exam and boy, did I go nuts for that test...And I do hope I did pretty well...Anyway, here's a little lesson I learn today...People aren't what they seem....Yes, I think I learn from someone this year too that they seriously aren't what I thought they were... Let's name that dear person, K...Here's a little letter to entertain you, K...

Dear K,
You seemed so sweet at first though I had my doubts, I still kept close to you but in the end, your true color shined and I guess we weren't meant to be friends after all...You kept me in the dark most times that I felt alone with no one to talk to and you never seemed to appreciate my friendship since we first met a long time ago... I guess what I wanted to say was thank you for nothing...For making me hurt and not caring if I needed a friend to talk to...You seem to be the only one in pain to you and I guess I can't take that anymore...I need to find true friends who care for me an who listen to me when I have problems...You took me for granted and I guess I was the type to be stepped on but no more...I changed and I won't make the same mistakes anymore...You'll find someone to hurt now because I had enough...

I needed to release that out and to those of you who don't know your friends close enough, please try to because it hurts to be left alone like how K did to me...Treasure your friends...

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

Who said that again??? No idea really but it sounds so cool though...

Remember people, you need friends to survive in this world so don't underestimate them...They need you to be there for every moment and problem to listen and comfort them...I love friends and YOU SHOULD TOO!!!

OMG!!! I feel like I have been isolated from the world after only one week being missing from Facebook...My notification icon is soooo full!!! Like I had to ignore some for being too long like a week from today....

I got to study now or my sister will kill me for slacking again...Here's a little scene from what happened today as I sat in the college library to do my notes...

Man: (Sits down beside me)
ME: (Continues writing)
Man: (Writes his notes and stops to stare a me writing slowly with a ruler)
Me: (Notices and continues writing)
Man: (Looks at his notes and start writing)
Me: (Looks at his notes)
Man: (Keeps writing)
Me: (Continue writing and looks away)
Man: (Stares at my notes)

Seriously, it went on for 30 minutes!!! My sister said I was like a cartoon...Bet he must be thinking I am really slow at writing...Sigh, I feel so slow now...


Friday, June 24, 2011

Disney, please change!!!

Okay, I used to be a Disney fan for almost all their songs and also movies...Admit it people, most of you were the same as me or worse so stop giving that look like AM I insane??? What I meant is I USED to LOVE Disney but not I'm a little disappointed with the movies like hello??? There are more to life than fairy tales!! I believe in thinking realistic about love like whether true love actually exist...Sorry to you believers but I stopped believing it fairy tales a long time ago...Look at love songs these days like there are a lot of broken hearts songs about love and it's all so sad and painful so why suffer???

The latest Disney Movie to take on the limelight is Monte Carlo...Yes, it's not the place but it is a REAL movie and who else to take on the lead role than the latest Disney princess, Selena Gomez who seems to be taking on the same roles over and over again...I like Selena but honestly, I feel like she's ready to spread her wings without Disney roles but apparently some stars feel insecure like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens...Wait, they were a couple in real life until recently and I matched them again...Oh well...

Now, the storyline goes along with an ordinary girl who takes a family trip to Paris, the city of love and she's mistaken as a British Heiress, Cordelia who is like royalty there...She then pretends to be the heiress and no one is aware that she isn't...Honestly, how could two people who look alike and NOT from the same parents not be aware of each other??? I mean people in America would have noticed the similarities if this heiress is famous..The only heiress I ever heard of is Paris Hilton and I don't see another look alike so there...

And why would you pretend to be someone else??? Honestly, being yourself is hard enough and now you steal people's identity??? What happens if you were mistaken for a criminal??? Why is Disney movies having the same plot these days??? And they seem to enjoy using the same stars...How about finding some fresh talents to bring up Disney???

Okay, I'm asking too many questions here and no one is answering...And what is with the Disney stars doing weird things to ruin their reputation??? I used to dream of becoming a Disney princess and now, I think I rather pass the chance if people are going to look at me like I'm some kind of freak...Pass!!!

Yes, Selena has rocked the boat lately with her latest stunt...No, not kiss Bieber but she was admitted to the hospital due to her dumb diet to lose weight!!! I mean she is so thin already!!! Any thinner and she won't be able to stand the fan blowing at number 2 or worst 1!!! Haven't stars ever heard of exercising before??? Sweat and burn those fat people!!!

I think Monte Carlo id like this equation below:
Lizzie Mcguire the Movie+ Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie= Monte carlo

Here's a little tip, Disney...How about coming up with a storyline that doesn't involve pretty girls turning into prettier girls and finding themselves during a trip to some foreign country and maybe even find love??? Just a suggestion....

Here's the trailer to the movie starring Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy...Enjoy people despite my rambling...

And if you're wondering what song is playing in the background, it's by Selena Gomez-Who Says....


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fridays at the Edge of Glory???

Oh yeah, I'm back people and if you are wondering why I was MIA well, I had to study for my Economics test and it was still darn tough so I should have just came online to update my blog then...My test is OVER for now but I have a second test next Wednesday...I hate exams!! Curse the person who came up with exams to torture students... Okay, he's dead so I shouldn't speak ill of the dead...Sorry...

What am I up to these days??? Hmmm...I'm not quite sure because I do random things whenever I want to fill my time... Oh yeah, The Mother Monster is BACK!!! With her new video and I been dying to watch the video since my house internet connection is killing me like I can grow a beard just waiting...See how bad it is???

Watch the Mama monster do her thing with me!!!

In case you wonder why a girl like me LOVE Lady Gaga well, need I say more about my obsession with her??? She's like this really Great investment and if I were to invest in her, I would be rich!!! Money, money, money!!! Money makes the world go around!!!

And next, I love this next song...Katy Perry's Last Friday Night...

1. I love FRIDAYS!!! It's the last day of the week!!!
2. The lyrics are so F.U.N!!!

Wait, did you guys spot Rebecca Black in the video???? OMG!!! What is she doing there??? Well, now that her Friday video is off, she's guest starring in other people's music video??? Yes, for those of you who are trying to watch the Friday song, IT"S GONE!!!! We are saved because that song is so annoying...Except the Glee version...Maybe it's because of the autotuning...Too much of it...

today is Thursday and tomorrow is....FRIDAY!!!! YEAH!!! Time to blast my radio out loud with Last Friday night and hopefully, score a bonus by annoying my sister...OMG!!! What did Rebecca do because she looks better now??? Maybe I should dress up as a geek to college tomorrow...Hehe!! Just for fun I mean it would be so FUN!!!!

I better go off now!!! My seniors are staring...more like glaring at me for typing too loudly...Bye people and stay tuned for more updates soon...


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook V Mum???

Okay...Here's a clarification to those people who are just tuning in to my blog, welcome peeps!!! And to those of you who have scroll down and read my newly written song lyrics, bear in mind that I do NOT hate the songs and have no hatred towards any of the singers which might have resorted me to ruin a lot of perfectly normal songs but I was B.O.R.E.D!!! Please don't hate me or kill my blog because I am NOT against anyone...Well, maybe I do dislike some celebrities but with good reasons but I will not name them just in case the fans are reading this...Sorry people...

Reasons why I had to clarify things was because my sister misunderstood my post and thought I was insulting Kim Hyun Joong's song which I wasn't because I LOVE HIM!! It would be a total sin to diss such a great guy...Too bad he's not MINE...YET!!! Hehe!!!

Now, which song should I ruin since I am in the ruining mood again and I think I am a pretty decent song writer...Wait, I mean song rewriter...Is there even such a word??? Shhhh!!! It exist in my dictionary so it's REAL!!! Oh yeah, here's a little joke that took place in my house yesterday...I mean around 1.00am in my house...

Mum: I think I might dye my own hair...
Me: No!!! What if you come out looking like Ronald McDonald???
Celine: (Looking at Korean star's hairstyle) Mum, can I cut like her hair???
Mum: (Looks at picture) You cannot because it fits thin people.
Celine: But I like it.
Mum: You can't because you have a fat face. (Remains composed)
Me: (Rolling on the floor with laughter)

Honestly, my mum is like the coolest joker EVER and I must have inherited her genes or something!!! She just insulted my sister with a straight answer and she still remained composed... My sister and I were practically laughing like maniacs...

Next joke went on the lines of....

Me: Mum, Celine wants to follow you to the hairstylist tomorrow.
Mum: For what? (Keeps camera)
Me: She wants to cut the monk style. (I pronounced it differently)
Mum: What's that? (Sister laughs)
Me: You know the monk in the temple??? Bald.
Mum: Oh... (Finally laughs)

I love my mum so much!!! We were practically giggling in the middle of the night and the jokes kept coming...

Mum chatting to my aunt on Facebook using my sister's account

Mum: (Types out long sentence) How do I send the message to her?
Sister: Press Enter
Mum: But I want to send the message to her. I finished typing already.
Sister: No, press enter to send it to her.
Mum: Oh...(Continues typing)
Sister & I: (laughs)

Mum waiting for reply from my aunt

Mum: Wait, how do I know if she's replying me?
Sister: You wait and look at the bubble thing at the bottom.
Mum: What bubble thing? I don't see anything.
sister: No, I meant the bubble next to her name. See? (Points out)
Mum: Oh...Wait, the bubble is gone. Oh, it's back again. Why isn't there a reply yet?
Me: Mum, she's still typing. You need to wait first.
Mum: Why so long??? I type so long and she still didn't reply.
Sister: Mum, it's the connection.
Mum: What connection? (Serious face)

Mum awaiting for reply from my aunt while my sister and I were messing around, talking rubbish...

Me: (Laughs at my sister)
Mum: Shhhh...Go and sleep la.
Me: Cannot. Celine is poking me...
Mum: Don't talk so loud.
Sister: See, you make so much noise later you wake our neighbours up...
Mum: No, later aunty can hear you two talking.
Sister: Mum, it's Facebook. You can't hear anything.
Mum: Really??? I though she can hear us...You can chat on Facebook right?
Me: Mum, you don't even know your account and you chat as in typing not talking.
Mum: Oh, Facebook is not to talk???

Mum waiting to send her next sentence...

Mum: Eh, Facebook isn't good la.
Me: Why?
Mum: You can't send the message at the same time as another person does right?
Sister: Huh? Why not?
Mum: Because it might collide and crash Facebook right?
My Sister and I: (No comment)

Seriously, I feel like I am living in some comedy show because my mum could be the comedian in the show...My life is complete...She puts the FUN in the word FUNNY!!!

My life is complete...Forget the song ruining session today because my mum made my day...Mum's the word!!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Britney Can Kiss & Give Me Ham or Die!!!

Yeah, kiss kiss

Like a long dream, like a star, I waited for you
No one else in this world, nothing’s better

The leisure of a cup of coffee
The steps leading me towards you
Are all joys I’ve become familiar with
This isn’t me
I’ve never been this way before
It’s because it’s you

Oh, I won’t stop
I’m loving you
So we can draw a dream of lasting color
To love with you
Only you can provide this magic for us

Kiss kiss
I want your kiss kiss
Sweet kiss kiss
Oh, baby, baby
I wanna kiss kiss
I need your kiss kiss
Just the two of us, kiss kiss
Oh, baby, baby

Like TV, like a dream, I feel like I’m the star
The world is our stage and we are on it
Whenever a good movie premieres
Whenever new music comes out
You’re the first person I think of
I’m not this kind of guy
I’ve never been this way before
It’s because it’s you...

Gosh, this song is sooooo mushy but I don't mind listening to this song or any songs sung by Kim Hyun Joong because I love his voice...It makes me hyper!!!

Seriously, if a guy did sing this in reality to me, I would punch them in the face not give them a kiss on the cheek!!! Change the song lyrics to Punch, punch!!!

Guy: Girl, I been waiting for you and your kiss.
Me: Are you serious? (Raises eyebrows)
Guy: Yes, about you. I want your kiss kiss, girl.
Me: Okay. Close your eyes.
Guy: (closes eyes)
Me: (Punches him)
Guy: What did you do that for?
Me: Wasn't the song title Punch Punch?
Guy: No! It was kiss Kiss! What made you think of Punch Punch?
Me: Oops...My bad... I change the song... (Grins evily)

Okay. Not exactly a good way to ditch a guy but it sounds so cool that I wanna try it so WATCH OUT GUYS!!! I am loaded and not afraid to use my fist!!!

Now, it's my favorite section again!!! To ruin another perfectly normal song with my expertise of writing the song lyrics and placing in senseless things...

My loneliness is killing me
(And I)
I must confess I still believe
When I'm not with you I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Hit me baby one more time

My version of Hit Me Baby One More Time

My Hungeriness is killing me (Cuz I)
I must admit I still love ham
When I'm not eating ham, I lose my mind
Give me the ham...
Feed my tummy till I am full

Frankly, I am a Britney Spear's lover but I thought the song was a little harsh...Like hitting a girl??? Where's the manners in guys these days??? No wonder people resort to violence these days...My title of this song is Feed Me Ham or Die!!!

Oh baby baby
The reason I breathe is you
Boy you got me blinded
Oh pretty baby
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
It's not the way I planned it
Show me how you want it to be
Tell me baby cause I need to know now oh because

My Version

Oh ham, ham
The reason I live is for ham
Ham, you got me drooling
Oh, yummy ham
There's nothing that can keep me away
Not even a butcher with a sharp knife
Show me how yummy you look
Because I am dying for a ham sandwich and I need it NOW

Okay...I think I am turning into a really weird obsessive ham lover now... Doesn't my version seem better??? Hope it keeps you smiling, Zeelei!!!

That's all for now because I think some people might start vomiting blood and die soon if I don't stop changing the lyrics....

End Of Story!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Friday and Ice Cream plus AWESOMNESS!!!

For the fun of it :)
Like This Status and I'll answer if i know you well enough :D

1. How we met:
2. Your name in my phone:
3. Who are you to me :
4. What i like best you:
5. What i dislike about you:
6. Favourite memory of us:
7. First impression of you:
8. Current impression of you:
9: How close we are:

10. Answer these questions about me too...

Honestly, I decided to post this as my status on Facebook due to pure boredom and I ended up posting on many people's wall about all this things and boy, was there lots to write about... So, I decided why not do this about my AWESOME self since I am so bored that I decided to kill my fingers by typing a lot...

Let's see how to do this about ME!!!

1. How I met myself??? Well, I meet myself everyday in front of the mirror!!!
2. Isabella Ashley Choo...I don't even know why I saved my own number in my phone!!!
3. Who am I to me??? The MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER!!!! Kidding!!!
4. I don't like myself!!! I love everything about myself!!!
5. I dislike my flabby legs and lack of self-confidence... Wait, is that counted as two???
6. Favorite memory??? Everything that involves me in it!!!
9. Words can't describe our bond...

Before you think I am insane and call the mental institution, I am just releasing stress by doing this weird thing of complimenting myself...Is this even counted as self-love??? And my wife, Zeelei thinks that I am the most AWESOME song writer EVER!!!! For my amazing version of Grenade by Bruno Mars in my previous post (Check it out!!) I decided to compose yet another song lyrics and guess the song peeps!!!

7am, waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal
Seein’ everything, the time is goin’
Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’
Gotta get down to the bus stop
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends (My friends)

YES!!! It's Friday by Rebecca Black and boy, do I like the Glee version way better!!!
Let me try to change it...
7am, still rolling in my bed
Gotta go to the loo and flush my face
Gotta be quick not to flush my hair
Seeing the water waves as I flush each time
Dripping toilet bowl water and everyone's running away
Gotta rush down to the car with a comb stuck in my hair
Gotta pull it out but I pulled too hard

This doesn't sound right though...Never mind... Next verse...

Kickin' in the front seat
Sittin' in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

Kicking my sis in the backside
Sitting on my ice cream
Gotta make my mind up
What flavor is the ice cream?

Ice cream??? Seriously, this is worst than the original but I am going to continue...

It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin' down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend

It's chocolate, chocolate
Gotta lick it before it melts
Everybody loves chocolate, chocolate
Chocolate, Chocolate
Getting Ice Cream on the carpet
Everybody loves that flavor

Chocolate??? Lame much???

Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)
Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Lookin' forward to the weekend

Mum is coming, she's coming
Mum is coming, she's coming
Die, die, die, die
Mum just saw the mess I made...

Hehe!! That's all for now because I ran out of ideas and I think this is the worst song EVER written!!! Enjoy it though...


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grenades, Monsters, Google Last Friday Night!!!

I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah , yeah)
You know I'd do anything for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, oh
I would go through all this pain,
Take a bullet straight through my brain,
Yes, I would die for ya baby;
But you won't do the same

Yeah...I am pretty sure you can recognize these few lines because if you didn't then you are either some monk living in a temple (No offense!) or been living in a cave while posing as a caveman to hide away from I don't know what...It's grenade by Bruno Mars and please do not ask me who he is...That's what Google is for so USE IT!!! wondering why I posted these few lines this time??? Well, here's a hint...I am just going to ramble a little about the song...

Firstly, grenades are DANGEROUS!!! I am not insane to catch a grenade let alone a BOMB!!! It's so wrong!!! I mean I am NOT suicidal and how would you know if that person loves you??? Just because you get blown up into tiny pieces??? No way will I do that...Sorry people but seriously, would you???

Throw my hand on a blade??? What is wrong with this lyrics??? It's like supporting suicidal people!!! No thank you because I rather not bleed myself to death...It's so messy and some poor person will have to clean all your blood after you're done so I am not that cruel!!!

Jumping in front of a train??? Are you nuts??? Can you honestly see me standing in front of the train and NOT move??? That takes guts and I do not want to see mine all over the place and again, make someone clean up my mess... It would be a cool scene but I doubt it is easy to stand in that spot and NOT MOVE!!! Don't do it peeps!!!

Take a bullet for someone who doesn't love me??? Seriously, this song is getting more sadistic!!! I am so troubled just listening to the lyrics!!! I rather save someone like the President of the United States and be called a HERO!!! I mean that person probably will just be relieved for their own life more than me risking my life!!! See how depressing this song is????

I think I could change the lyrics better...Wait, let me try something...

I'll catch a football for you (Yeah, yeah)
Throw my hands up for you (Yeah, yeah)
I'd jump up and down for you (Yeah, yeah)
You know I can do anything not dangerous for you
Oh, oh
I would go buy Chinese food
Take a bullet train to China
Yes, I would waste my time
But you probably hate Chinese food...

Okay...Not my best written song...Maybe that's why I am not a famous song writer...Can you imagine someone singing this??? Hehe!! It was fun though to make things up but my lyrics isn't as depressing right???

Sorry but I been busy with my personal stuff so I couldn't come online plus I was lazy to get off my FAT BUTT!!! Hehe!!! I am not against Chinese and their food because hello?? I am A PROUD CHINESE and I LOVE Chinese FOOD!!! I better stop updating often before my mum scolds me!!!

I guess I survived another week of college and I am so bored here...I think I might start studying to save myself from boredom... See how bad it is??? I resort to studying to satisfy my boredom.... I love Last Friday Night!!! It's so fun tuned and wonder if how the video looks??? Mother Monster is also releasing her Edge of Glory on the same day which is the 15th of June!!! That's in less than 3 days...Wait, did I count wrongly???

How come I can't understand Latin language??? Economics sure looks like Latin every second I read or study it!!! Please end this misery before I cry!!! Facebook is like a graveyard...It's so dead that I swear a funeral would be much more fun than this...


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Peanuts and Korean Star??? Need I Say More??

Sorry for not updating my blog yesterday but I had something important to do...Like better than spending my time to write random things..Oh alright, it wasn't more important on certain elements like timing and more...Let me elaborate what I actually mean before anyone jumps to conclusions... I was actually taking my JPJ test which is my driving test...The real deal...

Why is it so important you ask??? Well, there's the difference in FREEDOM for a person with a driving license and one with none...Like a car to drive around with and also you can show chicks how cool you look..Wait, erase that last bit there... And I am proud to announce that I am officially a PEANUT!!!

Peanut you ask??? What on earth is that??? Besides it being food, I changed to P for driving after passing the JPJ test to PEANUT...No, I don't have an grudges against peanuts because I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER spread on my bread but I like that word better than probation... I mean it sounds like I am a prisoner or something...They might as well lock me up in a jail to rot for two years...

I had spent only 20 minutes altogether between the two courses and I had to wait for the transport for about 6 hours!!! And it was soooooooo boring like 10 times more than what I had typed...I was just sitting in that small room, staring at people and listening to music...The driving test was actually broken into two parts..

Part 2: The circuit!!!
Obstacles: Going up and down the hill, side parking and 3 point turn...

Part 3: Road!!!
Obstacles: Raging drivers, tailgating, scary invigilator and roundabouts...Chaos!!!

So, I can't believe I actually PASSED my driving test and now I have evolved for a Loser to a Peanut...Cool huh?? Yes, I thought not too...This naming thing isn't as easy as it seems...

Oh yeah, Kim Hyun Joong has released his next video from his Break Down album and boy, is he looking hotter now...I mean he looks so different that the character that he plays in dramas...And he's so funny in really life!!! Like he just says random things and he does funny stuff too!!! I love guys who make me laugh...Wait, I am always laughing...There goes that criteria for my perfect guy...Oh man...

Watch the yummy video of him...So buff and seriously manly...More than when he was in SS501...

Here are a few pictures from his new album that I really wanted to share with you all...Enjoy because I am!!!

Leather never looked better than now...It's not fair how guys can pull off that SEXY and HOT look at the same time...I am so jealous...

Seriously, do I even need to comment because this picture can tell its own story...

His new hairstyle is growing on me...I think I kind of like it already...

Remember to watch his videos!!! All of it because I am obsessed and I want to spread my obsession around too...Enjoy your time people!!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Song Lyrics for Please by Kim Hyung Joong!!!

Hey Yeah

I cried after getting drunk
Waiting for you in front of your house
The fire inside the house
I got stuck with him looking at you breathless
Align your eyes and kissed him
Holding him to fall asleep
I hate you so much
Lip bites, swallowing tears
Crazy like a man standing

I only wish was you
Never was you
The tears fall, blow to call for
I call
I just don’t get it, get it,
Why don’t you get it, get it,
Please do not laugh at you looking at him
Please enter you who do not meet
Cuz you’re the cheater, a liar,
and a killer

If you close your eyes Baby
I think you’re still in the side
Four breath within me, your love
I’ll stay away from going to hold

Rain washed all of her separation
The memories I want to disappear
Farther into the darkness
Take me in tears of pain for

I only wish was you
Never was you
Burst in tears
Sat call
I call
I just don’t get it, get it,
Why don’t you get it, get it,
Please do not laugh at you looking at him
Please enter you who do not meet
Cuz you’re the cheater, a liar,
and a killer

Smoke spread between
You can scatter
You’re white, more deeply etched
Can not forget you
Oh Girl Hey Hey Hooh
Back to me

I love only you seem to have a shout
Sent you the wrong
Taking regret
I wish
I just don’t get it, get it,
Why can’t you get it, get it,
Please, do not you hold it arms the people
Please, do not you love that person
Cuz you’re the cheater, a liar,
and a killer

Oh Baby, I need you
You took my love
and killed it girl
You took my love
You took my love
and killed it girl
You took my love
and killed it girl
Do not do it
You took my love
and killed it girl
Why my heart cries
Oh Girl, (It’s) like you killed me
You took my love
and killed it girl
Baby you killed it
Please Do not Leave me

Seriously, who is crazy enough to cheat on this guy??? He's like the most perfect boyfriend material...Wait, was it just his character in the shows??? I am so confused right now...The words are so deep that I think I could cry for him...

Emo stand sure looks good for him!!!

I think it's a good thing that SS501 was disbanded now if he keeps singing this way... GREAT VOCALS AND SONG!!!

YES!!! Reach out to touch my hands!!! I am too short so reach further!!! Almost there...

I really need to get my head out of this dream cloud...


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn and My New Eyecandy...

The official trailer is here!!! And it looks so good!!! I been waiting for sooo long and IT'S HERE!!! I love the wedding invitation...It looks so pretty and I can't wait for the dress!!! The scenes look amazing though with the right music to match!!! Argh... I am so excited now that I feel like shouting in joy!!! I could watch this trailer until the movie comes out!!!

Doesn't Jake look so hot though...I am drooling on my keypad now just watching him with and without his shirt on!!!

I could just eat Robert up too!!! He looks so perfect in the trailer too!!! And Bella looks amazingly hot!! Yes, HOT and SEXY!!! I am so excited like the time I drank a lot of coffee and became high!!! I might even decide to jump on the table right now which would be awkward because I am in public domain now...Maybe just a little dance to show how excited I am!!!

OH and I also watched Kim Hyung Joong's MV-Please and boy, please can someone just get me that guy for me??? I mean he's like the perfect Asian boyfriend!!! Good looks, great voice, awesome dancing and AWESOME ACTING!!!! I am just melting at the sight of him...Sigh...

I think I am like hyper right now because I saw these two videos!! It just made my day better like more than 20 times better..Okay I am exaggerating a little but can't help it...My brain is going to explode soon with delight...

I also watched Boys Over Flowers the final episode and I was smiling like a maniac the entire time...I bet people thought I must be nuts...I am so angry that Jandi ended up with Goo Jung Pyo and not the HOT and clearly better looking Yoo Jihu..Is she like blind or something??? Clearly, he's meant for her and he's her soul mate but she had to choose the other guy...Why do I feel the need to torture myself by watching these dramas again???

Here's some of the pictures from the ACTUAL TRAILER FOR BREAKING DAWN!!!

This must be the scene during the trip to Isle Esme...Look how cute they look together!!!

Wedding DAY!!! I am even more excited than the bride!!! Look how yummy Edward looks..Did I just say that??

YES!!! Bella look into your good looking fiance's face with love!!! I am so jealous right now!!!

Poor Charlie!!She must have been really nervous to grip that hard..Wonder if it's because she's nervous about being a married woman or to become a vampire???

Nice hairclip!!! Or is it a tiara??? Not sure but it looks so princess-like...Bet Kate Middleton's one is way bigger with her royal status...

Honeymoon scene for sure!!! Look at how lovely they look..Imagine eternity like that...I am so envious right now...Bella is so lucky to have a perfect husband!!

Mail for the Volturi!!!! Wedding invitation...I wonder if Edward wrote that because the writing is so beautiful and not like my ugly writing that can be read from space...Seriously, it's HUGE!!!!

I love my life right now, ugly writing or not...


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shopping and Dressing up!!!

So, I went out for breakfast with my father and my older sister at our usual hang out spot and we ate Dim Sum which are these really cute dumplings I think that's the best way to describe it...It's a Chinese dish and it is really DELICIOUS!!! As we were walking around the street, my dad spotted this boutique with quite a pretty prom dress at the window and we decided to explore the store!!! That's one of the reasons I love my father so much because he loves to check out new places and I think I have also followed in his path because I love wandering around new places too!!!

We went in the store and there were like many dresses for any occasion whether it's formal wear or even casual wear and the main reason we went in was because we were looking for a prom dress for my sister and we found LOTS!!! She tried a few but they weren't what she wanted so my father decided to ask me to try the dresses and before I knew it, I was in the dressing room with more than three dresses!!!

Note to self, always be ready to try clothes anytime because I was prepared this time!! I had shaved my hairy legs the night before and the dresses I tried on were those short dresses that is meant to show off your sexy legs which I do not have!!! I have to admit though that I didn't look so bad in dresses and I could wear dresses!!! I was actually afraid that I couldn't zip the dress up but it fit and ALL THE DRESSES DID!!! HURRAY!!!!

In the end, I was the one who ended up with a new dress which was purple and really quite lovely...It was really cute to look at and I am so glad to own this dress!!! The dress costed RM70 (With a little discount) and my dad bought it for me!!! I thought it was just for fun but he actually bought it!!! So, for a non-shopping person like me it is a HUGE DEAL!!!

I have to say that the shopping trip was quite enjoyable but I really hate trying on clothes because it's even tougher than working out in a gym for an hour or more!!! I mean I was sweating just struggling into those dresses!!! Looks like I won't have to work out for a day or two with that shopping trip!!! Hehe!!!

The joys of being a girl sometimes is enjoying new clothes...Admit it, everyone loves new stuff!!

PS. I didn't take any picture of me in the dresses because I don't do snapshots, people so sorry for the disappointment!!! I am no supermodel so no pictures of me!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crushing In Korea!!!

I just read the best phrase on twitter and I had to share it to all my readers and maybe even friends...

"Don't think. It makes life easier"

Now if only it was printed on a shirt for me to wear...I am so happy because I am listening to Shampoo again!!! I love that song so much and I just got Kim Hyung Joong's new song!!! I love his voice and everything about him!!! He's the only korean male star who I seem to be obsessed about since the day I spotted him in Boys Over Flowers...I mean he was the first male I enjoyed dressed in other colors besides black...Move over stereotypes because I love the white suit he wears in the entire show and I think it's because he's like Jandi's guardian angel...I mean honestly, I read it from some fan website as I was surfing...Not real waves but the internet, genius!!!

Angel or what??? I wonder if he can really play the violin because I admire people who learn that really tough instrument and can play it really well because I seriously don't have the patience to learn it...

His next big role was Baek Seung Jo, the perfect guy EVER!!!! Watch Playful Kiss if you don't believe me....

Why the sudden talk about him again after a long pause??? Well, I been watching Boys Over Flowers again on KBS World and I was thinking, which girl would give up on him because honestly he's better looking than Lee Minho...Trust me...His character is the nicest and sweetest guy EVER!!!

How on earth do I get rid of the many shampoo bottles that I have??? Recycle!!! I really should stop updating my blog frequenty because I think I am a little addicted...I really should get a life...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sexy, Latin Speaking Shrek Me???

What picture could they possible be talking about??? I have no clue at all...Sorry, my friends are discussing about a picture that they took of me last year that they think I look sexy in the picture and I was like SERIOUSLY??? What happened to my friends because sexy and me do not belong together in the same sentence unless the line was "You do not look sexy in that picture!!!"...But no!!! The sentence went along the line of "You looked so sexy in that picture" and I was speechless!!!

Did my friends knock their heads or something??? I mean honestly I do not see myself as those trying to be sexy type...More like a little figure showing but not too much type is definitely my alley because yeah, I am a female and girls are meant to show off just a little...

I think I like those really pretty flowery patterns like with those soft colors to match...Now, I hate pink and any color related to pink but I can't hate it on certain clothings because it makes me feel girlish and pretty at times...I think most girls would like that too...

I need to stop blogging too much because I should be studying for my course...I should be studying econs now but honestly, I feel like I am reading Latin because I seem to have no clue how to understand this concept...My brain is like officially dead or switched off...I completed my Contract assignment already but I need to complete my Economics...Latin is the dead language right??? See how tough it seems to me??? I need a translator and fast...

What happened to my new driving instructor anyway??? Why isn't he contacting me??? Maybe he heard of my "awesome" driving and decided to calm him heart down first...Call me soon or I might find you, master...Hide from me you cannot but run away you can...I sound like Master Yoda now...If only I was short and green like him...Wait, not Shrek because I seriously have no thing for an ogre...No offense...Why do people say that right before they insult you anyway???

My friends are being as random as always and I miss them so much...They keep updating their status with really random things but I guess it is normal since we rarely meet since last year...I hate school ending because Bye Bye friends...