Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn and My New Eyecandy...

The official trailer is here!!! And it looks so good!!! I been waiting for sooo long and IT'S HERE!!! I love the wedding invitation...It looks so pretty and I can't wait for the dress!!! The scenes look amazing though with the right music to match!!! Argh... I am so excited now that I feel like shouting in joy!!! I could watch this trailer until the movie comes out!!!

Doesn't Jake look so hot though...I am drooling on my keypad now just watching him with and without his shirt on!!!

I could just eat Robert up too!!! He looks so perfect in the trailer too!!! And Bella looks amazingly hot!! Yes, HOT and SEXY!!! I am so excited like the time I drank a lot of coffee and became high!!! I might even decide to jump on the table right now which would be awkward because I am in public domain now...Maybe just a little dance to show how excited I am!!!

OH and I also watched Kim Hyung Joong's MV-Please and boy, please can someone just get me that guy for me??? I mean he's like the perfect Asian boyfriend!!! Good looks, great voice, awesome dancing and AWESOME ACTING!!!! I am just melting at the sight of him...Sigh...

I think I am like hyper right now because I saw these two videos!! It just made my day better like more than 20 times better..Okay I am exaggerating a little but can't help it...My brain is going to explode soon with delight...

I also watched Boys Over Flowers the final episode and I was smiling like a maniac the entire time...I bet people thought I must be nuts...I am so angry that Jandi ended up with Goo Jung Pyo and not the HOT and clearly better looking Yoo Jihu..Is she like blind or something??? Clearly, he's meant for her and he's her soul mate but she had to choose the other guy...Why do I feel the need to torture myself by watching these dramas again???

Here's some of the pictures from the ACTUAL TRAILER FOR BREAKING DAWN!!!

This must be the scene during the trip to Isle Esme...Look how cute they look together!!!

Wedding DAY!!! I am even more excited than the bride!!! Look how yummy Edward looks..Did I just say that??

YES!!! Bella look into your good looking fiance's face with love!!! I am so jealous right now!!!

Poor Charlie!!She must have been really nervous to grip that hard..Wonder if it's because she's nervous about being a married woman or to become a vampire???

Nice hairclip!!! Or is it a tiara??? Not sure but it looks so princess-like...Bet Kate Middleton's one is way bigger with her royal status...

Honeymoon scene for sure!!! Look at how lovely they look..Imagine eternity like that...I am so envious right now...Bella is so lucky to have a perfect husband!!

Mail for the Volturi!!!! Wedding invitation...I wonder if Edward wrote that because the writing is so beautiful and not like my ugly writing that can be read from space...Seriously, it's HUGE!!!!

I love my life right now, ugly writing or not...


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