Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friends & Stalker much???

Well, I'm back again after almost a week because I had my ELS exam and boy, did I go nuts for that test...And I do hope I did pretty well...Anyway, here's a little lesson I learn today...People aren't what they seem....Yes, I think I learn from someone this year too that they seriously aren't what I thought they were... Let's name that dear person, K...Here's a little letter to entertain you, K...

Dear K,
You seemed so sweet at first though I had my doubts, I still kept close to you but in the end, your true color shined and I guess we weren't meant to be friends after all...You kept me in the dark most times that I felt alone with no one to talk to and you never seemed to appreciate my friendship since we first met a long time ago... I guess what I wanted to say was thank you for nothing...For making me hurt and not caring if I needed a friend to talk to...You seem to be the only one in pain to you and I guess I can't take that anymore...I need to find true friends who care for me an who listen to me when I have problems...You took me for granted and I guess I was the type to be stepped on but no more...I changed and I won't make the same mistakes anymore...You'll find someone to hurt now because I had enough...

I needed to release that out and to those of you who don't know your friends close enough, please try to because it hurts to be left alone like how K did to me...Treasure your friends...

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

Who said that again??? No idea really but it sounds so cool though...

Remember people, you need friends to survive in this world so don't underestimate them...They need you to be there for every moment and problem to listen and comfort them...I love friends and YOU SHOULD TOO!!!

OMG!!! I feel like I have been isolated from the world after only one week being missing from Facebook...My notification icon is soooo full!!! Like I had to ignore some for being too long like a week from today....

I got to study now or my sister will kill me for slacking again...Here's a little scene from what happened today as I sat in the college library to do my notes...

Man: (Sits down beside me)
ME: (Continues writing)
Man: (Writes his notes and stops to stare a me writing slowly with a ruler)
Me: (Notices and continues writing)
Man: (Looks at his notes and start writing)
Me: (Looks at his notes)
Man: (Keeps writing)
Me: (Continue writing and looks away)
Man: (Stares at my notes)

Seriously, it went on for 30 minutes!!! My sister said I was like a cartoon...Bet he must be thinking I am really slow at writing...Sigh, I feel so slow now...


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