Saturday, July 2, 2011

Angry Birds & Domos!!!!

My sister and I were sitting around in our living room, watching tv at night...Yes, we're in the living room for people who are still living and breathing like my sister and I....Her phone rang and she had received a sms from someone close to the both of us... But here's the thing...She used up all her phone credit already so guess who has to text back with their phone??? Yes, it was me!!!

Celine: Hey, can you text M back and tell her that I said okay?
Me: No. Why can't you use your own phone?
Celine: Because I have no credit left?
Me: Fine. (Types out message and presses send)
Celine: (Phone rings)Hello, why did you send it to me? I said to send it to M.
Me: (Laughs hysterically till I rolled on the floor)
Celine: (Laughs too)

Yes, that actually happened but it wasn't my fault...I was just distracted that's all...Stop laughing people!!! It wasn't that funny!!!!

And another joke to brighten your weekend...

Did you know Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are combining soon??? Guess what they are going to be called???

You twitface...

Hehe!!! My Economics lecturer told me that and my entire class actually believed him including me... He's like the best lecturer this year and also Ms. Meera...Hope he's not reading this or I'm sooooo dead....

I'm wearing my Angry Birds shirt again and frankly, i LOVE IT!!! You don't diss my Angry Bird and get away with it!!! The weirdest thing is I NEVER played the game before...

Me: What's Angry Birds?
Celine: It's a game on the Iphone. You throw the birds to buildings to kill the pig.
Me: Why would you do that? And why to the pigs?
Celine: It's a game. The pigs stole the birds' eggs and these birds can't fly.
Me: That's not a bird then. Why the name Angry Birds?
Celine: Because they are angry at the pigs. And penguins are birds yet they don't fly.
Me: They are not birds then. I don't think anything that can't fly can call itself a bird.
Celine: Yes, they are. And you're a bird yet you don't fly...
Me: (No comment)

The next event happened this week with my college friends...It was actually quite funny...

Peggy: Hey, what's angry Birds?
Lynn: It's a game on iphones.
Me: Think they are on Facebook now. Hey, you heard of Domo?
Lynn: Yeah. The brown thing right?
Me: Yeah. My sister loves it. I thought it looks like shit to me.
Lynn: (Laughs) Agreed.
Peggy: Wait, what's a domo???
Lynn: I don't know how to explain.
Me: It looks like a lolipop shaped thing with small feets and hands. Big eyes and brown like shit.
Peggy: You mean it looks like shit?

Yes, my college life is pretty funny with my friends because they are AWESOME!!!

Me: I don't get Hello Kitty.
Lynn: What don't you get?
Me: I watched this animation once and she could talk. But she has no mouth!
Lynn: Yeah. I used to wonder too. But I heard it's a sad story. A girl was abused by
her mother everyday and she would sleep with a Hello Kitty. One day, she died
and left the doll alone.
Me: Wait, what does it have to do with Hello Kitty having no mouth?
Lynn: The makers made the Hello Kitty without mouth because it cried like the girl.
Me: Wait, but she had a Hello Kitty. This was after the Hello Kitty.
Lynn: I have no idea. I just heard it from a friend.
Nexus: What about Doremon who has no hands? Don't you wonder how he grabs things?
Me: I tried once but I need to use two fists.
All: (No comment)

And another reason why my life is AWESOME right now...AWESOME people= AWESOME LIFE!!!


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