Friday, July 8, 2011

Googling Hello Kitty!!!!

Here's a scene of Lynn and I today in Tort class...

Lynn: Your sister looks so cute.
Me: She's actually a devil in reality.
Lynn: (Laughs) Who isn't?
Me: True. Even I'm not but I don't show it.

Man, I love my college friends....Especially Lynn... She's like the cutest person I EVER met and I feel like pinching her cheeks!!!

The story of the Korean girl and the Indonesian maid...

Me: I don't look like my sister right?
Lynn: (Holds up my phone) Not really.
Me: I get that a lot. She looks like a korean right?
Lynn: Yes!!! She looks like a Korean girl!
Me: And I look like an Indonesian miad.
Lynn: (Looks blankly for a moment then laughs)

Lynn showing her siblings' picture to me...

Lynn: Now, I think I have my brother and sister's picture in my phone. (Checks phone)
Found it! (Shows photo)
Me: (Looks at the photo) Your sister looks like you.
Lynn: That's me....
Me: (Dumbfounded) Oh...
Lynn: (Laughs hysterically)

Seriously, I was like sooo blur today...Must be because I ditched my lunch plans because I was too lazy to move my fat butt to the nearest store to buy lunch..Bad me!!!

We were talking about family when we were actually learning about nervous shock...Like trauma thing and I almost laughs when my lecturer was talking about a horrible accident because I thought of the Hello Kitty murder case that my sister and I searched on google....We were curious because someoone had told me and it was TRUE!!!! Look it up yourself if you don't believe!!! I swear it's true and it's sick...

The reason I almost laughed was because I went looking for the picture of the Hello Kitty doll and it was SOOO CUTE!!! Not the one used in the murder but I meant the cute picture of the doll!!! I am sooo weird at times....


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