Monday, July 11, 2011

Bradley James Obsession!!!

I think I am running out of things to post about...My brain is like lifeless now and I feel like sleeping instead of updating this blog but if I don't, this blog is DEAD and it's terrible.... And my wifey is finally online when I am!!! Here's the little quote that she posted with made my day...Night...Whatever...

'List of things to do before I die: 1. Don't die.' I ♥ it ah! I WANT IT.

Seriously, she's like the weirdest NERD EVER!!! But I love her for her randomness...
If you're reading this, wifey, I dedicate this song to you, I love you like a love song-Selena Gomez...Hehe!! Enjoy this song, woman!!!

And my college friends are still the weirdest bunch of friends that I EVER HAD!!! Like my friend, Peggy took the wrong bus today and she was almost brought to Klang!!!

Peggy: I caught the wrong bus just now.
Me: what happened?
Peggy: The lady at the bus counter told me the bus went into the Tasik selatan
station but it didn't. It stopped at the petrol station and I was alone in the bus. Everyone else went out...
Me: Why were you inside???
Peggy: I was resting and then I noticed the bus took a long break so I asked the
driver, he said they were heading to Klang...
Me: And how did you come here?
Peggy: I walked to another station hen I realized that the petrol station was in
near the LRT station at Tasik Selatan.
Me: Then, why did you walk????
Peggy: I didn't know until later...I just kept walking...
Me: No comment...

Seriously, why didn't Peggy just walk to the nearer station???

Next, situation with Kelly, Peggy, Lynn and myself...

Me: You guys want to buy fruits???
Peggy: I wanted to go but Kelly didn't want to go...Let's go.
Me: Kelly, let's go. We're not going to buy any for you then.
Kelly: Fine. Let's go.
Lynn: Why don't you want to go???
Kelly: Because I don't want to be sunburned...
Me: You should ask Lynn how she stays fair.
Kelly: I think she was born to be fair.
Me: No, she uses a bleach to bath everyday...See why she is always fair???
Lynn: Yeah, sure.
Me: You shouldn't use too much bleach or you might end up as white as Michael Jackson.
Lynn:Don't worry. I only use half a bottle...
Kelly: Wait, she uses what???

Kelly is like the blurest friend I ever had...She's so blur and she doesn't get things at times but I love her too!! Gosh, they make my day...

I am drooling at the sight of my hot boyfriend, Bradley James...He's like the cutest blonde Britsh actor EVER!!!!

Ahhhh!!! He's making me melt into a puddle of ME!!!!

do I need another reason to put his picture here???


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