Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh, Happy Days!!

So, it's a Friday, Friday...Gonna get down on Friday!!! Oh no, Rebecca Black has gotten to me!!! Gah, what's wrong with me besides the usual insanity??? So, happy happy Friday and may we have a jolly good time at TGIF!!! Wait, why is it that I only usually go to TGIF on a Saturday??? Maybe they should consider renaming it because it doesn't seem to make sense now...Oh, now I feel like eating their pasta and I'm drooling on my keyboard so yeah, how am i suppose to sleep now when I'm thinking of food???

So, today was a little tiring because I was stuck with doing boring adult stuff like requesting for my study loan (Yuck, now I know why adults get tired and restless all the time!!!) and I had to walk all over the place just to get one FREAKING number!!! Yes, I'm dead serious!!! ONE FREAKING NUMBER that the bank missed out!!! How is that even possible???

So, I was stuck at KL Central for 1 and a half hours, rotting plus maybe doing a little shopping but hey, that's a secret between us because I'm not supposed to be spending my money on stuff like that...Usually I just get my mum to buy things for me so yeah, that's actually a great way to save money...Until your parents find out your whole plan and darn it, I totally told everyone my brilliant plan and my mum's probably going to stop buying clothes for me once she reads this...If she still remembers how to visit my blog...

And I went window shopping for shoes and are you kidding me??? Why are shoes so FREAKING expensive??? Is it made out of gold or something because honestly, I wouldn't spend that much to wear something on my feet because
1) I'm not insane
2) I'm NOT INSANE!!!
3) Chances are I am probably going to break the heels so why even bother spending so much???

And my friends decided to start sharing random photos of themselves on Facebook so yeah, I was totally just trying to bug them since I haven't done it in ages... And that reminded me of my webcam since everyone's always using theirs to snap their pics...I think my webcam isn't working anymore because
a) I don't know how to use it
b) I don't think I ever used it since I got my laptop
c) It probably saw my face and died...Hehe!!!

And since someone said that lawyers will get bitten on their butt for lying so much and helping bad guys escape so their marriages may not be good thanks to a friend called Karma...Honestly, I don't believe in it but I do believe that if you do good things, good things will come to you and vice versa....And yeah, the world is running out of HOT GUYS!!!

And it's at times like this that I wish I was a Disney Princess because man, the guys in these movies are just so good!!!

What happened to all the good guys anyway???

Eric: Really??? The world has more girls than guys???
Aladdin: I'm not impressed unless Jasmine starts to gain weight and can't belly dance anymore...Then, I don't mind more females because more for me!!!
Shang: Guys, let's defend ourselves for the huge number of females!!!
Aurora's Prince: I love girl who sleep so pretty!!!
Tarzan: What is this female you speak of?
Prince Charming: What??? Where have you been not to know the female species??? In a jungle?
The Beast: I guess that's why so many guys want to be girls so they can blend in...
Hercules: As long as I have more fans, I'm cool with the growing number of females!!!
Snow White's Prince: Oh god, why are these so many females these days???

Hehe!!! Just a little joke for myself...Have a great weekend, guys!!!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prom Crashing & A Little Celeb Crush!!!

So, I was reading my sister's book "Prom Crasher" the other night when I decided that the idea isn't that dumb actually!!! I know that I did ditch my high school prom even though I did help to organize it but the thing is...I am not really that fond of proms....

a) Wearing a dress for hours is bad enough but having to wear the dress, makeup and the killer heels at the same time is just pure insanity!!! I don't think I can make it out alive!!!
b) having to find a date...Well, I don't need to actually ask a guy to be my date but seriously, the first thing that comes to mind is ROMANCE!!! I dream that a guy will sweep my off my feet at prom and we'll have a great time just dancing...Okay, that's probably not a good idea to sweep me off my feet because i know the numbers on the weighting scales don't lie and I'm not exactly light as a feather...

c) Most importantly, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DANCE!!!

Basically, the story is about this girl who meets this mystery guy and they instantly start flirting...Boy gives his number on a napkin (Why would you write it on a tissue when it's the easiest thing to lose???) and girl's cousin uses the napkin to wipe split coffee so there goes girl's dream date!!! So, girl comes up with the craziest plan which is to crash 9 proms in 1 month to find dreamy guy since the only thing she knows for sure about him is:
a) his name is Ethan
b) He's totally hot and single
c) He's attending a prom that very month
d) He was looking for a tuxedo and that explains the prom thing...

And the girl is NOT alone!!! Along with the insane plan is her feisty girlfriend, her best friend, Max and her cousin to have a little fun before college begins...

See what I mean about not bad idea??? It's genius so why didn't I think of that???

So, here are a few tips if you are looking forward to prom:

1. Get the DRESS!!!
The most important element is dress because that's what makes you beautiful, ladies!!! Remember to take your time choosing a dress because the right one isn't always easy to be found...If you found a dress that you love but it's a little pricey, try looking around before you throw your credit card on the counter to pay because chances are you're probably not going to wear it again...

2. Find nice comfortable shoes
Remember just because a shoe looks great doesn't mean it feels the same...So, if you found the perfect shoes, remember to try walking around the store before you buy it because you'll need the shoes to be comfortable since you'll be wearing the entire night...And trust me, wearing shoes which aren't comfy will have you dragging your legs around the entire night...

3. Makeup time
Remember NOT to wear too much makeup unless you're dressed up like a drag queen because sometimes less is more!!! Go for the natural look if you're a first timer because chances are you may not know which look suits you...Throw on some lip gloss and you're good to go!!!

4. Date
Now this is the tricky part for all single people because nobody wants to see desperate asking for a date because that's practically like begging a person!!! Still no date??? Here's a good idea, gather a big group of your single friends and go together!!! Celebrate the night with all the single people so you won't feel so lonely!!!


Because chances are you only live once so why not??? Dance around like crazy and just hang out with your friends!!! Remember prom is a night to remember for everyone!!!

Anyway, I'd just finished watching Dream High 2 and here's what I think overall of the show...

1. I could kill the directors for the lousy ending because honestly, I was hoping that Hye Sung ended up with JB!!!!

2. Why is it that someone in the show always has to go to the America???
3. I was actually disappointed with the love triangle thing because I hardly felt a struggle for the main girl's heart from the two guys but maybe I was being unfair since I'm totally in love with JB!!! He's just toooo cute for me to resist!!!

Okay, I probably should not be telling everyone of my current celebrity crush but how can you resist his cuteness??? He's the first Asian guy who looks sooooo good with Blonde hair!!! Ah, my heart's pumping really fast!!! I can't wait for his debut!!!!

The End!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Tribute to Westlife!!!

Time passes by so fast because I still remember the first time I actually heard Westlife thanks to my aunt and yeah, I'm having a Deja Vu moment because I still can't believe that they disbanded!!! I remember the days when my cousin, my sister and I were singing aloud all the Westlife songs whenever their songs played that we even did it at a shopping mall once!!! I'm so dead serious!!! Everyone was giving the three of us weird glances like "What's wrong with those young girls?" or even "Why are they singing Westlife songs now???"

And today, I decided to go on to watch those videos that I'd watched since I was young!!!

Here are a few of my favorite songs that I wanted to share with all you special and great peeps who took all your time to read my random ramblings!!!

1. Swear It Again

2. Flying Without Wings

Who can forget this classic song??? NOT ME!!!

3. Against All Odds

Remember this amazing duet with Mariah Carey??? Because this song was truly one of the greatest duet I've heard...

4. Uptown Girl

This upbeat song made me jump up and down whenever I heard it on the radio!!!

5. If I Let You Go

So, this is a special tribute to one of my old times favourite band, Westlife!!! I know that the news came out ages ago but I just had the mood to revisit all the old songs that I used to listen to before Lady Gaga came up!!!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back to Basic!!!

It's a Sunday and I went shopping today!!! Technically, it was for me in the beginning but I don't know how all the attention was diverted to ME so yeah, I ended up with a pants....First of all, why is that I'm always caught shopping when I'm not exactly a fan of shopping anyway???

I'd rather be in bed, sleeping like a pig than to drag myself around, looking for outfits unless I really need one so yeah, I wasn't exactly SUPER excited to go shopping like most girls are....

And call me a hypocrite if you'd like for saying how I would never be caught in a hot pants but I never said that I wouldn't change my mind....See how lawyers twist words so yeah, I'm a lawyer-in-training so don't hate me, it's just what I have to learn in order to make lots of money to afford my beautiful luxury cars!!! Yes, I got a hot pants despite all my ranting about hating to show off a little skin but hey, you only live once so I might as well do it now when I'm still young rather than when I'm all old and wrinkly....I seriously can't imagine myself in a hot pants 40 years from now...Oh, I'm so gonna get nightmares for a week just thinking of that!!!

So, I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to try on those short pants because
a) Have you seen my elephant legs??? I could blind someone with those thunder thighs!!!
b) I'm actually just an average sized girl so yeah, I only see most skinny girls or even girls who look sexy wear those shorts so yeah, I'm like an odd case!!!

But it turned out not to be that bad because it's actually quite comfortable except for the fact that I have to totally shave my hairy legs before I wear them or I'll be called "King Kong" or in my case, "Queen Kong"....Pfff, somehow I feel like I've been lied to all these years when everyone tells me that 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' because all I see is guys looking at girls for one reason and...yeah, not gonna happen for me...

Now, for other news, here are random shots and also the pictures of my really AWESOME library which I had promised to upload sooner but I was busy...Anyhow, check it out!!!

These books are like WAY WAY WAY older than me!! The oldest book which I saw was dating back from the 18th century so wow, it's so cool than I'm actually surrounded by HISTORY!!! Who says that history isn't cool???

Another cool shot of the books!!! Call me a nerd all you one but I'm living and breathing history in that library!!! I could stay there forever!!!!

I wonder if the library is haunted since these books are so OLD and written by really old judges who are likely to not be around anymore...Hopefully they don't read my post here or I'll be in deep trouble!!!

This is me hard at work to complete my Criminal Law notes and yes, I did use all 4 books to study and I did not just grab any random books and snap the shot pretending to study so hard...Technically, the right way to study these books are to read the same topics and compare the notes so it's not that easy like "Cut and Paste"!!!

I love reading and now it's time to complete my lovely storybook, Eldest by Christopher Paolini so Ta ta for now!!! I'm all set for a good read in my comfy pjs and good book to keep me company on a relaxing weekend!!!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

American Idol and Xheylie's Obsession!!!

So, it's a Saturday and like the impatient person that I am, I couldn't resist temptation and decided to look up for the Top 9 of American Idol Season 11 and guess who is out this week!!! It's Erika Van Pelt and the first thought that came to my head was " I knew America was going to get rid of her some time but I didn't expect it to be this week!" So, why was I not surprised really by that decision???

a) I am a psychic (Just kidding!!!)
b) She couldn't keep up with the younger contestants by picking all those ballads
c) America just couldn't connect with her because she's much older and therefore, not as likeable from what I can see from the voting (I didn't mean to insult anyone so please do not diss me for stating my opinion!)

Here are actually my bottom three based on the performances that I watched yesterday!!!

1) Hee Jun Han (I know that he's Asian like me but it doesn't mean I should support him just for that reason!!!)
2) Deandre (Sorry man but I don't really dig that falsetto and I just wasn't feeling it from you!)
3) Skylar (I know that Country is the American thing but I just don't feel like she'll make it big like Carrie Underwood who is one of my biggest idol!!!)

So yeah, I was actually right about two of the bottom three but sadly, I did not expect Erika to be packing any time soon.... Wanna know my top three performances from this week???

1) Colton Dixon (Yeah, I know I'm being unfair because I just like him but his performance of the "Piano Man" was just so AWESOME that you have to admit that he was that good!!! I think he actually deserved that standing ovation from the judges!!! Why can't you judges see how talented that guy is???)
2) Jessica Sanchez (I think Jessica is BACK!!! After that awful week last week, Jessica just didn't want to stay down in defeat and I'm so glad she's back to form but nothing can beat her rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". Something tells me that she probably should have kept the best for last because it will only get harder to beat her best performance at this stage!!! We'll see about that!!!)
3) Elise (Thank god America finally got her out of the bottom three because last week was so unfair for her!!! Her performance was THAT GOOD like I was literally standing and jumping and acting like a fool after her performance last week!!!)

So, that's all for American Idol news!!! And remember to keep supporting Colton because...I said so!!!

And...Miss Xheylie, allow me to share your boyfriends to the world because I'm sooooo sorry if there are other fans of their out there but I just don't feel anything....Hehe!!!

In case you didn't know who they were like I was before Miss Xheylie told me, they are from the Korean boy band Exo and the first guy's name is Kai but I'm not to sure about the second one...Hehe!!! Xheylie's going to kill me for forgetting his name but I honestly don't have a clue!!!!

I'm so bored that I'm stalking my friends on Facebook!!! Maybe I'd better start doing my notes for Public law because I'm seriously lost in that subject!!! I don't even know what Chapter or page we're on right now!!! And Miss Lynn isn't helping much because she's lost too!!! Haha!!!
Two blind mices leading each other!!! I seriously love that girl so much because she's just so cute and funny every time I bug her about her height!!! Maybe I should change her name to Miss Shortie!!!

If I could be a Smurf, I would be a Sleepy Smurf since I'm always falling asleep all the time and it's time for another law fact!!!

There's actually a REAL smurf named SLEEPY!!! OMG!!! Time for my dinner although I am a little full right now!!! I think that's why my sister calls me a pig since I'm always eating all the time!!! Wonder if I'd put on weight since I've been eating a lot thanks to those three days of hotel buffet for breakfast!!! I ate like 4 plates each morning and I think I probably scared the server who served me!!! Hehe, my bad!!!

Happy Weekend guys!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Whole Week In KL!!!

Wow, what a busy week that I had which I will shortly explain why I had shortly disappeared without a word for almost this whole week and if you're wonder why my blog suddenly updated itself with many post it's because I'm updating for you all so enjoy my rambling!!! First, I need to finish filling up that UOL form before I miss the deadline because a) I'm always doing things last minute and b) I write really slow which would explain why I prefer to blog since it's NOT writing or I wouldn't be updating so often!!! Want to know what's really odd about that one condition on that form, they're actually asking me to consider taking an english test just so I can sit for a freaking exam!!!! Are you pulling my leg here because I don't do one exam just to sit for another exam that's probably going to shorten my life with all the stress that I'm going to have to endure for the last few months before the exam thanks to my bad habit of procrastinating (Yeah, I really should stop doing that before I really die of stress overdose!!!)

Me, taking an English test!!!! I got a freaking A, people and it was even from Cambridge so why do I need to take another test??? Aren't I speaking or typing English at this very moment???? Boy, that really pulled my strings!!! I'm fine now, really...I just needed to release some of this feelings inside me before I explode into little tiny pieces of me!!!

So, wondering what I have been up to these few days??? Well, I was actually at KLCC with my family as well as rushing to my classes in uni so yeah, note to self: never wear heels if you're planning to run around!!! Trust me, your feet will kill you that very night because I think I feel a blister coming along now!!!! So, I was actually on a little vacation and here are a few pictures just a preview of my trip!!!

The pride of Malaysia: The twin towers!!! This was taken by me because I was bored!!!

This is my new car because I've been a really good girl!!! Just kidding, it's just a model of the real racing car and boy was I drooling badly!!! This bad boy was the star of the show and I LOVED IT!!! My sister had to literally drag me out of that place!!!

Another shot of the twin towers as my sister and I were walking to Suria KLCC for a little fun and dinner too!!!

Look closely and you'll see one of the twin tower reflected on the glass of that building!!! This was taken in my hotel room and yeah, I was dying of boredom that I was taking random shots of things!!


Stay tuned for more updates on my little vacation!!!'And happy birthday to my mum today!!! Hehe!!!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lessons In Life!!!

I'm back and it's actually been a really tiring week because here are a few things that I've learnt

1. Never EVER wear heels to run around the whole day because you're asking for extreme torture even if you do look good in it...Trust me, I won't be doing that anytime soon!!!
2. Never change your style of dressing in one year unless you want your parents to start questioning you of a 'boyfriend'...Yeah, it's a really awkward topic to bring up when I have a whole piece of cake in my mouth!!!
3. You can never go wrong with listening to those old songs you used to blast on your stereo because it's WAY better than most songs that are blasting on the radio these days...I'm actually downloading all my old favourite songs as I'm writing so yeah, I'm actually not paying attention to what I'm writing....
4. Never say you love a celebrity out loud in front of your parents especially if it's a guy celebrity because the moment after that will be really awkward...Trust me, I did it as I was watching American Idol when Colton was performing and my parents gave me that "What's wrong with her?" look...Plus you'll find your face changing to those many shades of red you never knew existed...

5. Never ever run around a shopping mall and start going "Whoa, look at that" or "Wow!" or "What the heck is that?" unless you want people giving you weird glances...When you feel those words starting to form on your tongue, bite it down and act all matured and cool about everything...

So, what was I up to this week???

Here's a little fast recap...

After Tuesday, I was pretty much dying for the week to be over and Monday was a freaking holiday thanks to some law expo my college was holding...This coming from a law student who actually falls asleep in more than half of her classes and my real classes haven't even started!!! Someone, save me!!!

Wednesday was a really long day but after class, my sister and I just watched a movie and I became a zombie that night due to my lack of sleep... ZZZZZzzz...

Thursday was a really weird day like I mean, some weird person approached me and asked me to tear open a scratch card and guess what??? I WON!!! Yeah, he told me no one EVER gets it and I ended up giving back to him because who is he to tell me to take a cab to somewhere I never heard of???? And how do I know if all the cards are exactly like mine and he tells everyone the same thing??? NO. THANK. YOU. MISTER. Hung out at KLCC with my sister and ate my hearts out at Chilis!!! I finally found my fish and chips and gosh, if only I could have the chips and no fish because I was dying for fries!!!

Friday...Thank god I made it through the whole week alive!!! And I took several pictures of my library books that (thank god I don't have to look through just yet!) I LOVE to look at but boy, will I dread the day I have to find the relevant cases because the judges are...let's just say they have a lot to say... I know I'm not supposed to be revealing about my life to everyone as my lecture tells us dozens of times but I can't help it!!! I'm just so addicted to blog and I have a lot to blab about so yeah, Imma say what's on my mind!!!

Check out these cool sayings that Miss Kelly showed me and it's kinda funny!!!

Imma share more of this sayings with you in my next post because now, I'm going to try telling myself and drill it into my head to study...

I have to study...
I have to study...
I have to study...
Oh, American Idol in on!!!

Yeah, I probably need more practice with my concentration...

And...I still haven't watched this show!!!

Signing off for now!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Miss Perfect, I Don't Think So!!!

Okay, I'm back again to ramble about my life and yeah, something is bugging me and it's annoying!!! How many more people have you lied to like you did to me anyway??? Those times you said you trusted me like a close friend, was it just a joke to you anyway??? And yeah, here's a little tip to you, you don't need to go telling the whole world what you're up to every second of the day because it's kind of sickening.... Sorry, I needed to get some steam off my chest because I was reminded by someone who was formerly my friend or so I thought....

You mistook me as just someone who would just take all the ignorance from you but I moved on and you're back again??? Like seriously, why can't you just go away for once??? And now you think you're little Miss Perfect trying to squeeze your way in with my friends??? Here's the thing, I don't think so because I'm not your second option whenever you're looking for a friend and maybe you think that I'm as quiet as I used to be but the truth is...I'm not!!! So don't go messing with my nerves girl because Imma bite you if you come any closer!!!

Much better now....Ah, seriously, why must I always meet someone who loves to hurt me and use me like I'm that easy??? Not this time because I've changed to become stronger and nothing you say can hurt me anymore!!!

Imma kick you out of my life, Miss Perfect and I'm sorry for not being perfect but hey, my imperfection is what makes me special so go ahead and say what you want but words don't hurt me anymore!!!

Yeah, I'm probably going to feel awkward after this post since I'm not usually...insane and mad but I just needed to let everything off and IT worked!!!

Thanks for reading my hate post and sorry that I had to show everyone this side of me!!! Stay tuned for my next post which will be less crazy...Hehe!!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little Weekend Fun!!!

So, I'm back after disappearing for about 6 days and yeah, I was busy with some personal stuff... Firstly, I was sick thanks to my brilliant idea of drinking chocolate drink and eating curry mee for dinner without any water later...Now you wonder why my world is upside down at times... Plus, I probably should lay off heels for a while since my feet is still aching from my little shopping trip at KLCC!!! The 'joy' of being a girl sometimes!!!

Maybe I should start wearing my flats even if it's a little...flat...

In case you're wondering why I'm posting this so early, well, I ditched class today!!! Just kidding, I wouldn't do that but my college is having a Law Expo so no classes!!! HURRAY!!!

Anyway, I wasn't up to a lot last weekend so yeah, I pretty much cleared my room which looked like a hurricane had hit it so that's a BIG effort for me!!! Dinner with my aunts, cousins and grandma was pretty much a simple yet nice meeting plus we celebrated my little cousin's birthday who isn't so little anymore since he's taller than me now!!! NO!!! I feel like I'm shrinking now!!! Hey, no one calls me short but me!!!

Here's a little preview of my cousin's cake that my mum bought for him!!! Caution: These following pictures may lead to excessive drooling and constant tummy rumblings!!! You have been warned!!!

Take 1, ACTION!!!

Give me a little something, CAKE!!!

Just perfect!!!

Plus I got to watch Underworld: Awakening and I mean I get that the show is like a whole series so the producers can make millions from everyone but what is the deal with that Michael dude running all the time??? I mean it's so dumb that he wouldn't even be bothered to look for his daughter and his lady when they spend the whole movie looking for him!!! If I had a girl looking as sexy and hot as Kate Beckinsale, I would go running back to her immediately!!!

I love her blue eyes!!!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Here We Go Again!!!

Happy Monday peeps!!! Did I mention how wonderful it is because...well, I wasn't sleepy AT ALL in my criminal law class for the first time!!! HURRAY let's celebrate!!! Anyway, what was on my mind today is something that my mum was talking about...MAKEOVER!!!

Okay, I may not be the first person you ask about...MAKEUP because well, I don't use any so too bad but I think a little makeover wouldn't be so bad...As in new clothes, shoes and maybe a little accessories to give look!!! On the other hand, I'm bad at this topic so let's forget about it!!!

And...AMERICAN IDOL has started!!! I'm so happy that my favorites have made it through this far to the Top 13...At least some of them made it....This year is actually one that I'm looking forward to because...Where are all the Awesome talents coming from??? Are you serious??? Wanna know who's on my mind as the next American Idol???

Let's do a little American Idol session here!!!

Introducing your host for today, ME!!! And let's dim the lights and let's go!!!

Yeah, the joy of being in the Top 13 is seen on everyone's faces but the competition starts on Thursday so let the best man or woman win!!!!

First, we have the incredibly talented and the guy with the looks as well as the perfect commercial voice, Mr. Colton Dixon and yeah, he's one of my ABSOLUTE FAV because he's just too good!!! I do hope he makes it to the finals or Imma throw my pillow at the tv...Or not...My mum would kick my butt if I ruin her flat screen so yeah, bad idea unless I have a death wish!!!

Please let him win!!! Please!!! So, grab that phone of yours and VOTE!!! Wait, erm...not now but when the lines are open because I really, really, really want him to WIN!!! For crying out loud, the man sang DECODE!!!! Decode by Paramore and stood on the piano!!!

Where does that big voice come from??? I mean look at HER!!! She's tiny and yet, she sings so well!!!!

Wanna hear a great song that I'm addicted to???

I love this duet because Jade and Tori finally sang together!!! I've been waiting for this for AGES so yeah, strong song for all the ladies out there because I heard it's gonna be International Women Day so yeah, here's to the ladies!!!!

Who run the world??? GIRLS!!!!

That was FUN!!! Time for me to go now!!! Remember to leave a comment for me!!!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Almost there!!!

Blogging time again!!! Sorry for not being as frequent like last year but I kinda have to catch up on my studies and classes about 4 times a week so yeah, it will get worse next month....Wait, isn't today already March??? Right, sorry about that confusion but I don't keep track of time which explains why I'm always rushing for things and doing stuff last minute too!!!

Anyway, today is a free day so yeah, finally some rest after a long day of running up and down yesterday!!! First, I went up four freaking floors in high heels to head to class and the worst part was...THE ELEVATOR WAS FIXED!!! It wasn't my fault!!! I didn't bother to stand in front of the elevator because the previous day there was a notice:

"The lift is under service for three days, we're sorry for the any inconvience caused!!!"

So, of course I took the stairs instead of standing in front of the lift looking like a fool!!! And I had to wear heels since it matches my outfit yesterday!!! Next, I decided to sort out my transportation card but no one told me that I had to change my card every year so I went to the headquarters to settle things!!!

First time: I went there empty handed and the lady in the counter told me to fill in a new form!!! (Is she serious? I came all this way to fill in a form???) She also told me to bring a copy of my identification card! Where in the world am I supposed to find a photocopy machine at somewhere I barely know???)
Second time: A few minutes later, I travelled back to the HQ after photocopying my ID card and filling in the form, she tells me to bring a copy of my student card and get my college to stamp it!!!( Imma kill someone for making me walk all the way for nothing! She's lucky she's in a booth or I would have jumped on her!!!)

Thank goodness, I went back for the third time and I guess people were right!!! Third time is the charm!!!

I need a cup of coffee to calm down now....

I think I have muscles in my leg now thanks to that workout yesterday!!!

Wonder what that is??? Yeah, it's just another random shot that I took when I saw that ball hanging on my gate!!! Hehe!!!

The shape of my heart...doughnut!!! Hehe!!! My lunch on Tuesday so eat your hearts out!!!

My Valentine's day present from a special person, Lynn!!! Thank you sooo much again!!! Lots of hugs and kisses from me!!!

Anyway, time for me to return to my show, DREAM HIGH 2!!! Until next time then!!