Thursday, March 1, 2012

Almost there!!!

Blogging time again!!! Sorry for not being as frequent like last year but I kinda have to catch up on my studies and classes about 4 times a week so yeah, it will get worse next month....Wait, isn't today already March??? Right, sorry about that confusion but I don't keep track of time which explains why I'm always rushing for things and doing stuff last minute too!!!

Anyway, today is a free day so yeah, finally some rest after a long day of running up and down yesterday!!! First, I went up four freaking floors in high heels to head to class and the worst part was...THE ELEVATOR WAS FIXED!!! It wasn't my fault!!! I didn't bother to stand in front of the elevator because the previous day there was a notice:

"The lift is under service for three days, we're sorry for the any inconvience caused!!!"

So, of course I took the stairs instead of standing in front of the lift looking like a fool!!! And I had to wear heels since it matches my outfit yesterday!!! Next, I decided to sort out my transportation card but no one told me that I had to change my card every year so I went to the headquarters to settle things!!!

First time: I went there empty handed and the lady in the counter told me to fill in a new form!!! (Is she serious? I came all this way to fill in a form???) She also told me to bring a copy of my identification card! Where in the world am I supposed to find a photocopy machine at somewhere I barely know???)
Second time: A few minutes later, I travelled back to the HQ after photocopying my ID card and filling in the form, she tells me to bring a copy of my student card and get my college to stamp it!!!( Imma kill someone for making me walk all the way for nothing! She's lucky she's in a booth or I would have jumped on her!!!)

Thank goodness, I went back for the third time and I guess people were right!!! Third time is the charm!!!

I need a cup of coffee to calm down now....

I think I have muscles in my leg now thanks to that workout yesterday!!!

Wonder what that is??? Yeah, it's just another random shot that I took when I saw that ball hanging on my gate!!! Hehe!!!

The shape of my heart...doughnut!!! Hehe!!! My lunch on Tuesday so eat your hearts out!!!

My Valentine's day present from a special person, Lynn!!! Thank you sooo much again!!! Lots of hugs and kisses from me!!!

Anyway, time for me to return to my show, DREAM HIGH 2!!! Until next time then!!


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