Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Tribute to Westlife!!!

Time passes by so fast because I still remember the first time I actually heard Westlife thanks to my aunt and yeah, I'm having a Deja Vu moment because I still can't believe that they disbanded!!! I remember the days when my cousin, my sister and I were singing aloud all the Westlife songs whenever their songs played that we even did it at a shopping mall once!!! I'm so dead serious!!! Everyone was giving the three of us weird glances like "What's wrong with those young girls?" or even "Why are they singing Westlife songs now???"

And today, I decided to go on youtube.com to watch those videos that I'd watched since I was young!!!

Here are a few of my favorite songs that I wanted to share with all you special and great peeps who took all your time to read my random ramblings!!!

1. Swear It Again

2. Flying Without Wings

Who can forget this classic song??? NOT ME!!!

3. Against All Odds

Remember this amazing duet with Mariah Carey??? Because this song was truly one of the greatest duet I've heard...

4. Uptown Girl

This upbeat song made me jump up and down whenever I heard it on the radio!!!

5. If I Let You Go

So, this is a special tribute to one of my old times favourite band, Westlife!!! I know that the news came out ages ago but I just had the mood to revisit all the old songs that I used to listen to before Lady Gaga came up!!!


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