Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little Weekend Fun!!!

So, I'm back after disappearing for about 6 days and yeah, I was busy with some personal stuff... Firstly, I was sick thanks to my brilliant idea of drinking chocolate drink and eating curry mee for dinner without any water later...Now you wonder why my world is upside down at times... Plus, I probably should lay off heels for a while since my feet is still aching from my little shopping trip at KLCC!!! The 'joy' of being a girl sometimes!!!

Maybe I should start wearing my flats even if it's a little...flat...

In case you're wondering why I'm posting this so early, well, I ditched class today!!! Just kidding, I wouldn't do that but my college is having a Law Expo so no classes!!! HURRAY!!!

Anyway, I wasn't up to a lot last weekend so yeah, I pretty much cleared my room which looked like a hurricane had hit it so that's a BIG effort for me!!! Dinner with my aunts, cousins and grandma was pretty much a simple yet nice meeting plus we celebrated my little cousin's birthday who isn't so little anymore since he's taller than me now!!! NO!!! I feel like I'm shrinking now!!! Hey, no one calls me short but me!!!

Here's a little preview of my cousin's cake that my mum bought for him!!! Caution: These following pictures may lead to excessive drooling and constant tummy rumblings!!! You have been warned!!!

Take 1, ACTION!!!

Give me a little something, CAKE!!!

Just perfect!!!

Plus I got to watch Underworld: Awakening and I mean I get that the show is like a whole series so the producers can make millions from everyone but what is the deal with that Michael dude running all the time??? I mean it's so dumb that he wouldn't even be bothered to look for his daughter and his lady when they spend the whole movie looking for him!!! If I had a girl looking as sexy and hot as Kate Beckinsale, I would go running back to her immediately!!!

I love her blue eyes!!!


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