Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prom Crashing & A Little Celeb Crush!!!

So, I was reading my sister's book "Prom Crasher" the other night when I decided that the idea isn't that dumb actually!!! I know that I did ditch my high school prom even though I did help to organize it but the thing is...I am not really that fond of proms....

a) Wearing a dress for hours is bad enough but having to wear the dress, makeup and the killer heels at the same time is just pure insanity!!! I don't think I can make it out alive!!!
b) having to find a date...Well, I don't need to actually ask a guy to be my date but seriously, the first thing that comes to mind is ROMANCE!!! I dream that a guy will sweep my off my feet at prom and we'll have a great time just dancing...Okay, that's probably not a good idea to sweep me off my feet because i know the numbers on the weighting scales don't lie and I'm not exactly light as a feather...

c) Most importantly, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DANCE!!!

Basically, the story is about this girl who meets this mystery guy and they instantly start flirting...Boy gives his number on a napkin (Why would you write it on a tissue when it's the easiest thing to lose???) and girl's cousin uses the napkin to wipe split coffee so there goes girl's dream date!!! So, girl comes up with the craziest plan which is to crash 9 proms in 1 month to find dreamy guy since the only thing she knows for sure about him is:
a) his name is Ethan
b) He's totally hot and single
c) He's attending a prom that very month
d) He was looking for a tuxedo and that explains the prom thing...

And the girl is NOT alone!!! Along with the insane plan is her feisty girlfriend, her best friend, Max and her cousin to have a little fun before college begins...

See what I mean about not bad idea??? It's genius so why didn't I think of that???

So, here are a few tips if you are looking forward to prom:

1. Get the DRESS!!!
The most important element is dress because that's what makes you beautiful, ladies!!! Remember to take your time choosing a dress because the right one isn't always easy to be found...If you found a dress that you love but it's a little pricey, try looking around before you throw your credit card on the counter to pay because chances are you're probably not going to wear it again...

2. Find nice comfortable shoes
Remember just because a shoe looks great doesn't mean it feels the same...So, if you found the perfect shoes, remember to try walking around the store before you buy it because you'll need the shoes to be comfortable since you'll be wearing the entire night...And trust me, wearing shoes which aren't comfy will have you dragging your legs around the entire night...

3. Makeup time
Remember NOT to wear too much makeup unless you're dressed up like a drag queen because sometimes less is more!!! Go for the natural look if you're a first timer because chances are you may not know which look suits you...Throw on some lip gloss and you're good to go!!!

4. Date
Now this is the tricky part for all single people because nobody wants to see desperate asking for a date because that's practically like begging a person!!! Still no date??? Here's a good idea, gather a big group of your single friends and go together!!! Celebrate the night with all the single people so you won't feel so lonely!!!


Because chances are you only live once so why not??? Dance around like crazy and just hang out with your friends!!! Remember prom is a night to remember for everyone!!!

Anyway, I'd just finished watching Dream High 2 and here's what I think overall of the show...

1. I could kill the directors for the lousy ending because honestly, I was hoping that Hye Sung ended up with JB!!!!

2. Why is it that someone in the show always has to go to the America???
3. I was actually disappointed with the love triangle thing because I hardly felt a struggle for the main girl's heart from the two guys but maybe I was being unfair since I'm totally in love with JB!!! He's just toooo cute for me to resist!!!

Okay, I probably should not be telling everyone of my current celebrity crush but how can you resist his cuteness??? He's the first Asian guy who looks sooooo good with Blonde hair!!! Ah, my heart's pumping really fast!!! I can't wait for his debut!!!!

The End!!!

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