Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back to Basic!!!

It's a Sunday and I went shopping today!!! Technically, it was for me in the beginning but I don't know how all the attention was diverted to ME so yeah, I ended up with a pants....First of all, why is that I'm always caught shopping when I'm not exactly a fan of shopping anyway???

I'd rather be in bed, sleeping like a pig than to drag myself around, looking for outfits unless I really need one so yeah, I wasn't exactly SUPER excited to go shopping like most girls are....

And call me a hypocrite if you'd like for saying how I would never be caught in a hot pants but I never said that I wouldn't change my mind....See how lawyers twist words so yeah, I'm a lawyer-in-training so don't hate me, it's just what I have to learn in order to make lots of money to afford my beautiful luxury cars!!! Yes, I got a hot pants despite all my ranting about hating to show off a little skin but hey, you only live once so I might as well do it now when I'm still young rather than when I'm all old and wrinkly....I seriously can't imagine myself in a hot pants 40 years from now...Oh, I'm so gonna get nightmares for a week just thinking of that!!!

So, I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to try on those short pants because
a) Have you seen my elephant legs??? I could blind someone with those thunder thighs!!!
b) I'm actually just an average sized girl so yeah, I only see most skinny girls or even girls who look sexy wear those shorts so yeah, I'm like an odd case!!!

But it turned out not to be that bad because it's actually quite comfortable except for the fact that I have to totally shave my hairy legs before I wear them or I'll be called "King Kong" or in my case, "Queen Kong"....Pfff, somehow I feel like I've been lied to all these years when everyone tells me that 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' because all I see is guys looking at girls for one reason and...yeah, not gonna happen for me...

Now, for other news, here are random shots and also the pictures of my really AWESOME library which I had promised to upload sooner but I was busy...Anyhow, check it out!!!

These books are like WAY WAY WAY older than me!! The oldest book which I saw was dating back from the 18th century so wow, it's so cool than I'm actually surrounded by HISTORY!!! Who says that history isn't cool???

Another cool shot of the books!!! Call me a nerd all you one but I'm living and breathing history in that library!!! I could stay there forever!!!!

I wonder if the library is haunted since these books are so OLD and written by really old judges who are likely to not be around anymore...Hopefully they don't read my post here or I'll be in deep trouble!!!

This is me hard at work to complete my Criminal Law notes and yes, I did use all 4 books to study and I did not just grab any random books and snap the shot pretending to study so hard...Technically, the right way to study these books are to read the same topics and compare the notes so it's not that easy like "Cut and Paste"!!!

I love reading and now it's time to complete my lovely storybook, Eldest by Christopher Paolini so Ta ta for now!!! I'm all set for a good read in my comfy pjs and good book to keep me company on a relaxing weekend!!!


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