Saturday, March 24, 2012

American Idol and Xheylie's Obsession!!!

So, it's a Saturday and like the impatient person that I am, I couldn't resist temptation and decided to look up for the Top 9 of American Idol Season 11 and guess who is out this week!!! It's Erika Van Pelt and the first thought that came to my head was " I knew America was going to get rid of her some time but I didn't expect it to be this week!" So, why was I not surprised really by that decision???

a) I am a psychic (Just kidding!!!)
b) She couldn't keep up with the younger contestants by picking all those ballads
c) America just couldn't connect with her because she's much older and therefore, not as likeable from what I can see from the voting (I didn't mean to insult anyone so please do not diss me for stating my opinion!)

Here are actually my bottom three based on the performances that I watched yesterday!!!

1) Hee Jun Han (I know that he's Asian like me but it doesn't mean I should support him just for that reason!!!)
2) Deandre (Sorry man but I don't really dig that falsetto and I just wasn't feeling it from you!)
3) Skylar (I know that Country is the American thing but I just don't feel like she'll make it big like Carrie Underwood who is one of my biggest idol!!!)

So yeah, I was actually right about two of the bottom three but sadly, I did not expect Erika to be packing any time soon.... Wanna know my top three performances from this week???

1) Colton Dixon (Yeah, I know I'm being unfair because I just like him but his performance of the "Piano Man" was just so AWESOME that you have to admit that he was that good!!! I think he actually deserved that standing ovation from the judges!!! Why can't you judges see how talented that guy is???)
2) Jessica Sanchez (I think Jessica is BACK!!! After that awful week last week, Jessica just didn't want to stay down in defeat and I'm so glad she's back to form but nothing can beat her rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". Something tells me that she probably should have kept the best for last because it will only get harder to beat her best performance at this stage!!! We'll see about that!!!)
3) Elise (Thank god America finally got her out of the bottom three because last week was so unfair for her!!! Her performance was THAT GOOD like I was literally standing and jumping and acting like a fool after her performance last week!!!)

So, that's all for American Idol news!!! And remember to keep supporting Colton because...I said so!!!

And...Miss Xheylie, allow me to share your boyfriends to the world because I'm sooooo sorry if there are other fans of their out there but I just don't feel anything....Hehe!!!

In case you didn't know who they were like I was before Miss Xheylie told me, they are from the Korean boy band Exo and the first guy's name is Kai but I'm not to sure about the second one...Hehe!!! Xheylie's going to kill me for forgetting his name but I honestly don't have a clue!!!!

I'm so bored that I'm stalking my friends on Facebook!!! Maybe I'd better start doing my notes for Public law because I'm seriously lost in that subject!!! I don't even know what Chapter or page we're on right now!!! And Miss Lynn isn't helping much because she's lost too!!! Haha!!!
Two blind mices leading each other!!! I seriously love that girl so much because she's just so cute and funny every time I bug her about her height!!! Maybe I should change her name to Miss Shortie!!!

If I could be a Smurf, I would be a Sleepy Smurf since I'm always falling asleep all the time and it's time for another law fact!!!

There's actually a REAL smurf named SLEEPY!!! OMG!!! Time for my dinner although I am a little full right now!!! I think that's why my sister calls me a pig since I'm always eating all the time!!! Wonder if I'd put on weight since I've been eating a lot thanks to those three days of hotel buffet for breakfast!!! I ate like 4 plates each morning and I think I probably scared the server who served me!!! Hehe, my bad!!!

Happy Weekend guys!!!

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