Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friendship isn't a GAME!!!

Okay, I know life can be tough at times but why do some people have to give others a hard time??? I find that so funny because it's weird to me on wasting so much effort to hurt someone else when you can focus on things to better yourself... Like I met a few people like that in my life and it's the worst thing to do to a person...

Here are a few things to NEVER do to another...

1. Ignore them

What do you gain out of ignoring a person??? It's like you decide that you're too good for that person and you don't feel the need to be friends with them...Hello?? Have you ever heard of being a considerate person??? It's called being friendly to build bridges and hopefully it blooms and you have friends in the future..Friends are easy to find but not TRUE friends so don't burn bridges even before you know that person...

2. Insult them

Friends are like the beams in life and we should never try to break it down or the whole house will collapse... Do not try to hurt them by saying/posting/telling them that they aren't good enough for you because you might as well stab them in the back rather than to do that....Stop misusing Technology for evil and try to spread LOVE around...I believe in EQUITY and I hope you people do too...


You can't pick a friend like choosing a product of the shelf in a shopping centre because TRUE friendship are hard to find...I'm sorry if you thought that it was that easy but try finding a friend who listens and talks to you and shows even a ounce of concern on the streets...I told you it won't be easy... Don't make your friends choose between two friends because it's like choosing to live with either your father or your mother...That's a tough call for many people...

The thing is I believe that friends should accept each other for who them are and don't try to change each other because it should be a SIN to do that....YES, it is A SIN to me because friendship is too precious and we shouldn't throw away another person's natural beauty inside which makes them BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't think friends should try to be on a HIGHER level that their other friends because who said that friendship was based on ranks??? That's called being a bully because friends do NOT try to pick another above the others....Friends love to be with each other to talk and have fun...Not to show off and talk about themselves and their GRAND life...

Friends do NOT lie to each other and talk bad of another friend just to satisfy their appetite...And the GOLDEN RULE of FRIENDSHIP is to NEVER ABANDON ANOTHER!!! Yes, friends should always be involved and be told of new updates rather than finding out from another....Outings and trips ahould include ALL FRIENDS even if you're not so close to them because the trip might strengthen the bond and you may find a lot of things in common...Imagine a friend who has been left out from her other friends and she finds out of an event taking place but she/he wasn't invited, how would that friend feel??? Devastated??? Betrayed??? Hurtful??? Unimportant??? More like all of the above...Not a nice feeling, huh???

So, remember to tell or show your friends that you do care for them...Call/ text them to find out how's life...Listen to their problems and try to advice them... Say something nice to them to keep them happy....Do something nice like celebrate their birthday...I love my friends!!!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Snapshots and High School Vs. College!!!

So, what have I been up to??? These past few days I been busy...Well, I was sick for two days and I had to study for my Economics test on Friday...Great huh??? Plus, I actually used my library for some snapshots....Yes, it was a little weird trying to snap pictures of the cool library when I was sitting at a corner, trying to study but I was BORED...Imagine doing something like that and not getting caught for doing weird stuff...Plus, it might be blur because I used my phone to snap before uploading it...

Yes, those people are my seniors and boy, do they study hard...Like they would just stay in the library the entire day and not move...I bet they would stay overnight too if the library was open until that late....I wonder if I will ever be like them and then I remember how lazy I am and I think to myself, Nope...Never going to happen...

Yes, that's my arm and hair...I didn't realized that I was blocking until I took the shot and I realized that it was lunchtime so I just uploaded it....

I miss High school so much...I miss my friends and I hanging out in the Lab and instead of copying notes...We would talk about random things and mess around...

Maple was trying to capture me in the shot but I turned away before she had time...Elaine( Left) and Victoria (Right) were fooling around and trying to persuade me to take a picture together...Too bad I was a little smarter....Hehe!!!

I noticed that no matter how much my friends try to take shots of me, they failed...I hate taking pictures because I don't have a good side....And besides, enjoy every moment so I don't believe we need pictures to remember the moments that make our lives great...

The beautiful artwork of my friends and I who decided to 'sign' our names on a piece of paper for fun and then take a shot of it...We're really that weird....

I really should start taking some pictures of my college mates since I been rambling about them here but there's no pictures of them.... Here's a brief description of them for some of my friends who are confused of who these mysterious friends are...

Kelly- She loves dressing up in those cute and sexy outfits...Her clothes are like a Korean and she loves to wear short pants and really fancy heels...She's pretty friendly and smart in Economics...I ask her a lot of questions though and I wouldn't be surprised if she's afraid of me...she can be blur at times like another of my High School friend, Maggie...Hehe!!!

Peggy- She seems to always be studying and she's like an older sister to me...She's always focused in studies and I have fun walking with her after classes because we seem to have a lot in common except I am supposed to change her perspective on HOT Guys...I will PREVAIL!!!!

Lynn-She's like the closest friend that I have at college even if we only started to be close a few months ago...We have fun laughing and sharing experience...She also cute and blushes easily like another High School mate, Mayee.... I love teasing her because she's really sweet and sometimes she doesn't get me...

Cleo-She's like me in certain ways but she's closer to Kelly. She dresses a little like Kelly too but a little more reserved... She is really friendly and she reminds me of my other High School friend, Elaine but she's not as tough like Elaine who seems to love swearing at people and saying I love you....Weirdo...Hehe!!!

And there's more but I am a little lazy to type out and my mission for this year is to take some pictures of them...Watch out for that time but until then BYE!!!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Merlin and Facebook Fun!!!

Here's a really fun thing to do on Facebook if you're bored and don't know what to do...

1. Put your Music player on shuffle mode.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


4. Tag 20 friends (make me #21 so I can see your results).

5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing. - TOTALLY OPTIONAL!!!

6. Have fun!

Say Goodbye-Debbie gibson & Jordan Knight



WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY (or Girl if you're a Guy)

Perfect Nightmare-Shontelle (Weird much???)

Today Was a Fairytale-Taylor Swift

Pray-Megan Nicole's version

Soldier-James Baum

Avalanche-Marie Digby (OMG!!!)

Love Ya-SS501 (Cool much???)

The truth-Kris Allen

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Hold It Against Me-Britney Spears

Creating Love-4Minute

Shake It Up-Selena Gomez

Pokerface-Glee Cast

Stuck With Each Other-Shontelle feat. Akon (What the???)

In My Head-Jason Derulo

Bubblepop-HyunA of 4Minute (Awesome much???)

Change-HyunA of 4Minute

What If-Ashley Tisdale

Loving You-G.NA

Lose My Breath-Destiny Childs

Deja Vu-SS501

Can't Be tamed-Miley Cyrus

Neutron Star Collision- Muse

Come Back You Bad Person-Kahi of After School (Huh???)

Do As You Please-Secret

You're The Reason-Victoria Justice

Invisible-Taylor Swift

Moonlight, Starlight-Secret (LOL!!!)

Well, this is just an example with my answers but do try your own and see how funny it might be...I was laughing especially at the song for my funeral...It's not a sad song and I might end up waking up to dance for my funeral...Hehe!!! It was a cool thought though...Just saying...

I think I might be falling sick now...Must be the exam stress or the weather...I hate exams...Stress is soo not good for anyone....Watching Season 2 of Merlin now after the finale of Season three!!! Can;t wait for Season 4!!! My heart is pumping!!! Meanwhile, I'll just stalk Bradley James on Twitter...Hehe!!!

Here are a few pictures from Season three as a preview!!

Irish actor Eon Macken joins the Arthur and Merlin in this season and he rescues Arthur a lot!!! He also has some hearts for Gwen...

The knights who will fight against Morgana after she takes the throne from Uther!!
Morgana has finally turned to the dark side for good...

Gaius finds love at last??? But she's not what she seems as expected in Camelot...


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winhouse Passing Away & A Lesson in Life!!!

Well, I just found out from me dear sister that Amy Winehouse has passed away and I was like thinking in my mind...Yes, I think people so don't look so shocked at that statement!!! as I was typing I thought that life is so weird in a funny way like things happen unexpectedly...One moment you're fine and the next you lose someone so dear to you...Okay, I am no fan of Amy Winehouse but there's a lesson to be taken from her death and I wanted to post about it to show some respect to her...

I believe that we should live life to the fullest and never take things for granted as life is full of mystery...Yeah, I feel so sad to those fans of Amy Winehouse and I do know how devastated I would be if my favorite idol like the Mother Monster, Lady Gaga passed away suddenly and I do hope that does not happen any time soon or I would be sad...More than sad but you get my point...

Anyway, I just wanted to post these to remind you all that life is precious so don't waste any moment of it... I do hope that nothing bad will happen to me or anyone close to me because that would be so deevastating to me...Remember to tell those you love that you love them everyday like you might not see them again...Just a thought...

So, here are a few great tips to make everyday of your life better...
1. Smile to everyone you meet...

Remember that you might actually brighten someone else's day with just a little effort to smile at them and they might do the same to others and the cycle goes on and on to make the world a happier place...

2. Do a good deed for someone

A good deed in life never hurt even if it's just a little thing that may seem insignificant to you as it might be a BIG deal for another and they might do the same to another...Make the world a GOOD PLACE to live...

3. Say something nice to someone everyday...

If you can't do a good deed then just say something to any random stranger or even a close friend or even family member like "you look pretty today" or "I love your dress/shirt"...This act might actually boost one's confidence and help them to make it through a tough day if they had one...

4. Compliment yourself in a mirror...

I actually read that you should stand in front of a mirror in the mornings and say something good about yourself rather than putting youreself down by comparing yourself with others...Be happy to be yourself and you'll be able to see yourself better the way people see you...You'll actually realize your abilities rather than flaws and that will boost your confidence too!!! Try it!!!

5. Dress in the style that you're comfortable with...

Do not try to impersonate a model's look unless you look like one or actually are one because that will just make you look awkward and uncomfortable which may ruin a great day...Try dressing in something comfortable yet stylish that suits your body and taste...Remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...Let's make the world a BEAUTIFUL place to live in!!!

So, what are you waiting for??? Go ahead and try these few tips to improve your life and you'll see the world in a better light and never look beck at the past with regret...Just move forward and look ahead at the things that you will achieve in the future...I'm still trying to live my life but maybe I should try to do these tips too!!! Hehe!! I mean do it all everyday....That would be fun!!!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Facebook and Reality is ruining my life!!!

Now, here's the thing that really irritates me these days...People asking me if I actually know what's up with P (Let's call this person by this since I don't want to get beaten up and die before I sit for my A-Levels examinations...Maybe after the BIG test then!!) Well, I mean there is actually a good reason why I stopped being friends with P so why would people ask me about P when I don't really care what P does in life... Seriously, I have been asked that same question since I stopped talking to P and I would like to clarify things that I am not P's friend anymore...Whatever that happens to P is not my concern anymore because P wasn't a really nice friend to me so I stopped trying....

Please get that into your heads, people because I swear that I am going to kill the next person who ask me about P...I don't know what people don't understand about the 'I don't know' phrase...It's ENGLISH!!! I can't make it any clearer!!!

Economics seems easier now that I actually focus a little more that usual...Maybe I can actually survive this year without dying...I need to buy my Ferrari before I grow old...And my father's boat to sail around...Isn't my life great???

I am now eyeing that really great car, Aston Martin Vanquish...Remember that car that was written about in the Twilight book??? Yeah, that's my dream car after I finish studying....Dream BIG, people because it might just come true...too bad Edward Cullen isn't a feature in the car or that would be worth the price...A girl can dream... I love that slick black design on that car!!! It looks so mysterious yet SEXY!!! Those pictures of the car is going into my phone as motivation!!! Maybe even my wallpaper in my phone and laptop...Hehe!!! Hey, it's motivation so I need it!!!

I can't actually bear to write my Fairytale Story for my friends and I...It was a friends' thing that we came up with...Long story but I can't explain more...Shhh... I seem to feel down whenever I write my part because I remember that my prince is never mine to begin with...Sad but true story...I think I need a little more time to move forward completely...The weirdest part was I actually stopped doing the first thing that I learnt from him...Not directly but I found out from someone...I thought that if I did that habit then maybe he might notice and it's dumb really so don't mind me... I feel free now that I actually removed that last element from my life and I'm actually glad... The best tip that I have right now for myself is to stay away from crushes...No more guys until I finish my studies to avoid distractions...

Rules for me for the remaining year..

1. Stop caring what others say and do what I please...
2. Don't think about guys...Doesn't mean I am a Lesbian because I am NOT!!!
3. Study hard for my Finals in October...
4. Avoid using my Facebook at all cost...
5. Stop updating soooo much on this blog...This might be tough...

I should upload pictures of my new college mates soon to introduce my friends to brighten up my bloggie...Stay tuned for these interesting pictures...Hehe!! Time to be sneaky and snap some shots of them in action...Hopefully I don't get caught...

Or there won't be any pictures of them...And I wouldn't be updating this...

Darn it, I broke the 5th rule in less than a minute....I am still updating...I should just forget about that rule then...

And I just went on Facebook to check my updates...There goes my plans to stay strong...

And sad love songs keep playing on my music player...I better switch before I turn emo throughout the night...Corection: It's already 12 midnight here...

I better get some studying done if I plan to live till the end of next week...Here's my really AWESOME timetable for next week...I kid you not...

Tuesday-English Legal System (Civil Justice System)
Friday-Economics A2 (Chapter 1, 2 and 3)

And the next week after that, I have another Economics test for my AS syllables...Chapter 1 to 7... My life is soooo AWESOME!!! I better start reading now or might not have time...


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Manchester United +Economics= Disaster???

Call me a fool but I just realized that I only have 2 months and 3 weeks left until my DOOM'S DAY and I am sooooo NOT READY!!!! I haven't even started studying yet and I am sooo freaking out!!! Okay, I didn't include a few days in that countdown but hello?? It's so scary yet I am not doing anything!!! What is wrong with me???

And the weirdest question was asked by my bestie yesterday night, she asked me if I would have gone for the Liverpool match with her if she had asked me and I answered NO!!! Here's the justification for my answer, I am a Manchester United FAN!!! Hello?? That would be like me turning my back on my own team!!!

Seriously, she is the weirdest person I EVER MET!!!!I mean I am sooo not supporting my Rival team for no reason when I can support Manchester United...Wait, I thought she liked Chelsea??? I am sooo confused right now...

I think I am reading Greek or Latin because the economics book is NOT making any sense at all!!! I see diagrams and it doesn't make sense to ME!!! I think I need a lot of help and FAST before my exam in October...Why does Econs hate me???

And I decided to Google some pictures to entertain myself while reading Economics...Pleasure...

Oh my gosh, this would be cool on my t-shirt if I didn't actually have HAIR!!!

I wonder if there's such a thing as Itube to listen to Econs rather than to study the subject...A girl can dream for that...

This is soooo cute and funny...Even kids know Economics terms when I am just learning it NOW!!! The world is sooo strange...

And I will keep my head high while studying this subject which hates me...

Ahhhhh, the logo of my favorite football team...


Sunday, July 17, 2011

B-e-a-utiful...Am I???

I simply love Megan Nicole's songs...She makes me smile because she's really talented and I hope she knows that because I wouldn't be posting about her if she isn't!!! If you don't know who she is well, she one of those youtube sensation and I'm actually surprised that she hasn't gotten a record deal to sing as a professional because she's AWESOME and you know that I only post about AWESOME people like myself!!! Just kidding people so stop cursing me!!!

Anyway, this is her latest song and boy, does she know how tot each me how to spell beautiful!!! It's so cool because I am actually learning aomething by listening to her song so my mum can't tell me that I'm wasting my time because I am basically learning in the process...Sort of...Hehe!! It is kind of true...Hope my mum doesn't read this or I am toast...

trust me, watch the video because she's a talented singer and because I posted it here so please remember the effort that I had to go through just to post the video here...Actually it wasn't that tough but I am just trying to get your sympathy votes...Okay, there goes my plan to trick you readers...

And if you really like this song then press the like button on the youtube site...Yes, the button at the bottom of the video...Press the thumbs up button to like it to show your support to her...Another singer that I actually discovered on youtube was also Julia Sheer and boy, can she sing as well as Megan Nicole but with a country accent to match her blondish hair and American looks...I am not being racist people so stop giving me that look!!! I am just describing her for you to imagine!!!

Check out the lyircs for this song below and do check out Julia Sheer too!!!

Verse 1
She read me the note he left on her bed
Snuck in her room right after she left
And put petals on the ground
Her head on his shoulder they walk down the hall
I'm left to wonder will I ever fall in love
And where is he now

She's with him, I'm in the back seat
Know it's not right but it hurts when they're laughing
And I've never been where they are

I wanna be blown away
I wanna be swept off my feet
I wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
I wanna be lost in love
I wanna be your dream come true
I wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you
Just call me beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful

Verse 2
Friday night she wore his jersey to the game
In the front row screamin out his name
As he turns to her and smiles
Every where I look people holding hands
When am I gonna get my chance at love
My chance at love

Prechorus 2
Cuz she's with him, I'm still hurting
Try to pretend but it's not working
I just wanna be where they are

I wanna be blown away
I wanna be swept off my feet
I wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
I wanna be lost in love
I wanna be your dream come true
I wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you
Just call me beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful

My heart is waiting for your love
My hand is waiting for your touch
My lips just wanna be kissed by you

I wanna be blown away
I wanna be swept off my feet
I wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
I wanna be lost in love
I wanna be your dream come true
I wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you
Just call me beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful

Beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful

Let's support these amazing youtube sensations and hopefully they will be discovered soon!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Louder and my heart is beating empty!!!

HELLO!!! I'm back now and I'm alive if you're wondering why I haven't been updating my blog, I was busy with my studies because I had a test today and BOY, did i write a lot and in the end it was pointless....See, I did my paper as fast as I could because I thought it was a real test whereby the lecturer would mark and grade me but NO...We had to take each other's paper and I had to mark some other person's one...

Great, rite??? Wrong, because now I understand how it feels to be a lecturer marking someone else's paper!!! It was so pitiful to not give them low marks but it was being honest or that person would not have learnt their lesson and STUDY!!! Here's how I marked the paper...

Objective: 5/8
Subjective: 2/5

Seriously, I tried to give more but there was absolutely NO WAY to give more...Sorry poor dude but I did ask for a second opinion from my friend and she also give me the same marks for you...Sorry again for being sooo mean but I had no choice...

Next, the person who marked my paper was sooo weird...Like they didn't mark my essay!!!I was expecting like some marks to imporve but when I opened, IT WAS CLEAN!!! Like the person didn't even bother to read it...After all the writing that I did and NOTHING??? I mean at least give me a little feedback on my essay!!!! Don't hurt my feelings by leaving it blank!!! It hurts worse if you don't bother to read my effort!!! I know it might be a good thing for some people but I want the TRUTH!!!I feel an emptiness now...Like a black hole in ME!!!

And I think Louder-Charice is sticking to me...It's sooo beaty!!! Like I love the beat of the song!! Try listen to the song...Frankly, I prefer charice singing some ballads like Celine Dion because her voice is amazing but I guess she wants to try new stuff first so I guess it's ok...

Louder by Charice

I'm staring out of my window
And the rain is pouring down
When you left, I was so low
But I'm not gonna drown

I don't need no shoulder
I'm gonna be a soldier
I just wanna feel somethin' I don't understand

I'm just gonna run right through the rain
I'm just gonna dance right through the pain
I just wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head (head, head, head)
Heart beat louder than my head (head, head, head)
Heart speak louder
Wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head

I, I am over overthinking of how to get you back
I'm checking out for the weekend
And I ain't going back

I don't need no shoulder
I'm gonna be a soldier
I just wanna feel somethin' I don't understand

I'm just gonna run right through the rain
I'm just gonna dance right through the pain
I just wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head (head, head, head)
Heart beat louder than my head (head, head, head)
Heart speak louder
Wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head

Oh, letting go
Yet it feel so good, so right
Oh, all I know
Is that I let my heart beat
Heart speak louder than my louder than my
Heart beat heart speak louder than my louder than my
Heart beat heart speak louder than my louder than my louder, louder, louder, louder

I'm just gonna run right through the rain
I'm just gonna dance right through the pain
I just wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head (head, head, head)
Heart beat louder than my head (head, head, head)
Heart speak louder
Wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head

Hehe!! So cool!!! Like all the songs this year seem to be the same like this...Sigh..


Monday, July 11, 2011

Bradley James Obsession!!!

I think I am running out of things to post about...My brain is like lifeless now and I feel like sleeping instead of updating this blog but if I don't, this blog is DEAD and it's terrible.... And my wifey is finally online when I am!!! Here's the little quote that she posted with made my day...Night...Whatever...

'List of things to do before I die: 1. Don't die.' I ♥ it ah! I WANT IT.

Seriously, she's like the weirdest NERD EVER!!! But I love her for her randomness...
If you're reading this, wifey, I dedicate this song to you, I love you like a love song-Selena Gomez...Hehe!! Enjoy this song, woman!!!

And my college friends are still the weirdest bunch of friends that I EVER HAD!!! Like my friend, Peggy took the wrong bus today and she was almost brought to Klang!!!

Peggy: I caught the wrong bus just now.
Me: what happened?
Peggy: The lady at the bus counter told me the bus went into the Tasik selatan
station but it didn't. It stopped at the petrol station and I was alone in the bus. Everyone else went out...
Me: Why were you inside???
Peggy: I was resting and then I noticed the bus took a long break so I asked the
driver, he said they were heading to Klang...
Me: And how did you come here?
Peggy: I walked to another station hen I realized that the petrol station was in
near the LRT station at Tasik Selatan.
Me: Then, why did you walk????
Peggy: I didn't know until later...I just kept walking...
Me: No comment...

Seriously, why didn't Peggy just walk to the nearer station???

Next, situation with Kelly, Peggy, Lynn and myself...

Me: You guys want to buy fruits???
Peggy: I wanted to go but Kelly didn't want to go...Let's go.
Me: Kelly, let's go. We're not going to buy any for you then.
Kelly: Fine. Let's go.
Lynn: Why don't you want to go???
Kelly: Because I don't want to be sunburned...
Me: You should ask Lynn how she stays fair.
Kelly: I think she was born to be fair.
Me: No, she uses a bleach to bath everyday...See why she is always fair???
Lynn: Yeah, sure.
Me: You shouldn't use too much bleach or you might end up as white as Michael Jackson.
Lynn:Don't worry. I only use half a bottle...
Kelly: Wait, she uses what???

Kelly is like the blurest friend I ever had...She's so blur and she doesn't get things at times but I love her too!! Gosh, they make my day...

I am drooling at the sight of my hot boyfriend, Bradley James...He's like the cutest blonde Britsh actor EVER!!!!

Ahhhh!!! He's making me melt into a puddle of ME!!!!

do I need another reason to put his picture here???


Friday, July 8, 2011

Googling Hello Kitty!!!!

Here's a scene of Lynn and I today in Tort class...

Lynn: Your sister looks so cute.
Me: She's actually a devil in reality.
Lynn: (Laughs) Who isn't?
Me: True. Even I'm not but I don't show it.

Man, I love my college friends....Especially Lynn... She's like the cutest person I EVER met and I feel like pinching her cheeks!!!

The story of the Korean girl and the Indonesian maid...

Me: I don't look like my sister right?
Lynn: (Holds up my phone) Not really.
Me: I get that a lot. She looks like a korean right?
Lynn: Yes!!! She looks like a Korean girl!
Me: And I look like an Indonesian miad.
Lynn: (Looks blankly for a moment then laughs)

Lynn showing her siblings' picture to me...

Lynn: Now, I think I have my brother and sister's picture in my phone. (Checks phone)
Found it! (Shows photo)
Me: (Looks at the photo) Your sister looks like you.
Lynn: That's me....
Me: (Dumbfounded) Oh...
Lynn: (Laughs hysterically)

Seriously, I was like sooo blur today...Must be because I ditched my lunch plans because I was too lazy to move my fat butt to the nearest store to buy lunch..Bad me!!!

We were talking about family when we were actually learning about nervous shock...Like trauma thing and I almost laughs when my lecturer was talking about a horrible accident because I thought of the Hello Kitty murder case that my sister and I searched on google....We were curious because someoone had told me and it was TRUE!!!! Look it up yourself if you don't believe!!! I swear it's true and it's sick...

The reason I almost laughed was because I went looking for the picture of the Hello Kitty doll and it was SOOO CUTE!!! Not the one used in the murder but I meant the cute picture of the doll!!! I am sooo weird at times....


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Economics and Facebook=????

Now, I have around three and a half months left till my FINALS and I have studied NOTHING!!! OMG!!!I am so dead because I doubt I remember anything that I have studied!!! Economics is like Latin which is a dead language!!! I hate graphs and the entire concept of Economics...What's wrong with my brain??? It must be wired wrongly to the wrong place or I would be able to get the simple concept...

Did I mention I love Please-Kim Hyun Joong??? I could listen to the song over and over and over and over AGAIN!!!! What's another song that makes me happy??? Well, it's Break Down by Kim Hyun Joong!!! Wait, didn't I write a whole post about him previously...

Well, the reason that I haven't been updating is because I been busy with my college stuff and I have also been busy...I think my butt has grown fatter from not exercising at all since last year...

I think I am losing my sarcasm because my college friends are soooo blur that I swear it's no fun at all to sarscam them....I blame Sow Lynn, Peggy and Adela for that...You people are soooo blur and worst that ME!!!!

Me: I think I'm losing my sarcasm and I can't insult anyone.
Lynn: Why not?
Me: Because you people are so blur that there's no point to insult you all.
Lynn: I don't mind if you insult me.
Me: No, I mean there's no fun to insult you if you don't get it.

And my Economics lecturer is soooo hilarious that I like his classes...He's coming up with funny things to say and do that I think he enjoys doing it...

My mother has also discovered the joy of Facebook that I think she's stalking me there!!! She's always online and she knows whenever I'm not online....And my dear friends, just because I'm missing froom Facebook does NOT mean that I'm dead!!! It means that I have a life and I rather spend it doing real stuff rather that writing about it on Facebook!!! OMG!!! They actually thought that I was dead or something...Sigh...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Goodies & Pretty Lights, Transformers???

I feel lifeless now...My feet is killing me thanks to my beloved sister, Celine and well, it was partially my own fault too....Okay, here's the story on why I decided to torture myself to those of you who are lost...

Well, today was Taylor's Open Day at the Lakeside Campus and being me the curious and non-Taylorian (Is that what they call themselves???) went to explore the place with the help of my dad and sister who was finding out more about the Science fields there and boy, was I shocked when we entered the premises...The place was HUGE!!! Like BIGGER than a football field!!! And we were actually the first people to enter the HUGE hall too!!! We started our enquires at the Pharmacy booth and moved on to Biotechnology Science and lastly to Medical...It was quite boring to listen to them speak because I am already in my own college but everyone thought I was a student there and I even got a GOODIE BAG!!! AWESOME!!!!

I was tempted to enquire about the Law course at Taylors but I only noticed the twinning program thing with Reading and I guess my college is still better at Law than Taylor is....Oh well....I love Brickfields but I have to admit that Taylors University looks AWESOME!! Like I spotted the huge library and was dying to go in but I had no student ID card...Oh man!!!

The Boardwalk was pretty cool too but of course it was filled with those expensive stores but luckily there was a food court with cheap priced food so we caught our breath and took a drink there before taking some really cool snapshots of the campus...I used my handphone because I forgot to bring my camera...AGAIN...

We left and had to prepare for my grandmother's B'day party!!! Hehe!!! More like a dinner but I was so stuffed with food!!! The entire table was covered with food and my grandmother was smiling....I do hope she's happy with the dinner!!! We went to my aunt's house to cut the B'day cake...What's a B'day without cake??? And ended up watching Skylight before the Cake Ceremony...

The movie was pretty much the usually B grade movie but with lots of graphics and a cheesy ending...Like the heroine who is pregnant is on the mothership and her boyfriend, the supposed hero's brain is pulled out to be eaten and his brain is RED!!! The rest of the brains are BLUE!!! What the???? And she's being molested by some ugly looking alien and starts screaming....Like AHHHHHHH!!!! And the alien that ate her boyfriend's brain starts to vibrate and he hears the scream and rushes to help her....He starts touching her and hears the baby's heartbeat and she recognizes him for no apparent reason and calls his name out, "Jarrod" before the credit rolls...My cousins and I laughed when she called out his name..We were rolling on the flooe with laughter because she wouldn't have ended up in that situation if she had left him and ran but NO!!!! She had to stay and do the sacrifice thing and ends up almost EATEN!!!!

And the movie reminds me of Transformers like the aliens were like Bumblebee but in a scary way...NOT!!!! And the script was predictable...I was laughing most of the time...

Anyway, I'm kind of tired now thanks to my busy day of wandering around but it was worth it!!!! I also learnt to NEVER LOOK AT PRETTY LIGHTS IN THE SKY AT NIGHT!!! Goodnite readers!!! My bedtime is here and the time on this blog is spoilt...

PS...You can call me the Love Guru now thanks to my free consultation on Love to friends....Sigh...Oh well....


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Angry Birds & Domos!!!!

My sister and I were sitting around in our living room, watching tv at night...Yes, we're in the living room for people who are still living and breathing like my sister and I....Her phone rang and she had received a sms from someone close to the both of us... But here's the thing...She used up all her phone credit already so guess who has to text back with their phone??? Yes, it was me!!!

Celine: Hey, can you text M back and tell her that I said okay?
Me: No. Why can't you use your own phone?
Celine: Because I have no credit left?
Me: Fine. (Types out message and presses send)
Celine: (Phone rings)Hello, why did you send it to me? I said to send it to M.
Me: (Laughs hysterically till I rolled on the floor)
Celine: (Laughs too)

Yes, that actually happened but it wasn't my fault...I was just distracted that's all...Stop laughing people!!! It wasn't that funny!!!!

And another joke to brighten your weekend...

Did you know Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are combining soon??? Guess what they are going to be called???

You twitface...

Hehe!!! My Economics lecturer told me that and my entire class actually believed him including me... He's like the best lecturer this year and also Ms. Meera...Hope he's not reading this or I'm sooooo dead....

I'm wearing my Angry Birds shirt again and frankly, i LOVE IT!!! You don't diss my Angry Bird and get away with it!!! The weirdest thing is I NEVER played the game before...

Me: What's Angry Birds?
Celine: It's a game on the Iphone. You throw the birds to buildings to kill the pig.
Me: Why would you do that? And why to the pigs?
Celine: It's a game. The pigs stole the birds' eggs and these birds can't fly.
Me: That's not a bird then. Why the name Angry Birds?
Celine: Because they are angry at the pigs. And penguins are birds yet they don't fly.
Me: They are not birds then. I don't think anything that can't fly can call itself a bird.
Celine: Yes, they are. And you're a bird yet you don't fly...
Me: (No comment)

The next event happened this week with my college friends...It was actually quite funny...

Peggy: Hey, what's angry Birds?
Lynn: It's a game on iphones.
Me: Think they are on Facebook now. Hey, you heard of Domo?
Lynn: Yeah. The brown thing right?
Me: Yeah. My sister loves it. I thought it looks like shit to me.
Lynn: (Laughs) Agreed.
Peggy: Wait, what's a domo???
Lynn: I don't know how to explain.
Me: It looks like a lolipop shaped thing with small feets and hands. Big eyes and brown like shit.
Peggy: You mean it looks like shit?

Yes, my college life is pretty funny with my friends because they are AWESOME!!!

Me: I don't get Hello Kitty.
Lynn: What don't you get?
Me: I watched this animation once and she could talk. But she has no mouth!
Lynn: Yeah. I used to wonder too. But I heard it's a sad story. A girl was abused by
her mother everyday and she would sleep with a Hello Kitty. One day, she died
and left the doll alone.
Me: Wait, what does it have to do with Hello Kitty having no mouth?
Lynn: The makers made the Hello Kitty without mouth because it cried like the girl.
Me: Wait, but she had a Hello Kitty. This was after the Hello Kitty.
Lynn: I have no idea. I just heard it from a friend.
Nexus: What about Doremon who has no hands? Don't you wonder how he grabs things?
Me: I tried once but I need to use two fists.
All: (No comment)

And another reason why my life is AWESOME right now...AWESOME people= AWESOME LIFE!!!