Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hunger Games Updates & Bride War rerun!!!

So, here's another thought in my head and I do not own any of this conversation...It's called Tumblr (OHHHH...) Yeah, my mum just found out about tumblr.com yesterday so it's kind of BIG NEWS for her since she just figured out that some pictures can move but that's parents for you...Erm, I probably should stop saying anything more as I have the rights to remain silent as anything I say may and can be used against me so sorry but my lips are sealed...for now...
  • Hardcore HP, HG fan who hates Twilight: Twilight sucks. Harry Potter and Hunger Games forever!
  • Indifferent me: Okay, what's your point?
  • HHPHGfwhT: My point is that Twilight sucks. The relationship between my dog and his bed is a better love story than that crap.
  • Me: I still don't see your point.
  • HHPHGfwhT: It just sucks. That's my point.
  • Me: Okay, so what you are saying, you hate Twilight?
  • HHPHGfwhT: Yes, that is my point.
  • Me: Alright, then why are you still talking about it?
  • HHPHGfwhT: Because...
  • Me: Exactly. I hate spiders, but you don't hear me talk about how much they suck.
  • HHPHGfwhT: Yeah you do. Remember when I told you I saw a spider in my room. You said how much you hated them.
  • Me: Yeah, I said I hate them to contribute to the conversation.
  • HHPHGfwhT: Yeah, so am I.
  • Me: We weren't even talking about Twilight. Nor were we talking about Harry Potter or Hunger Games. All I asked you was what you wanted for dinner.
  • HHPHGfwhT: ...
  • Me: *in my head* I don't get haters. If they hate something so much, then why do they talk about it all the time? 

Anyway, the casting for Finnick of Hunger Games is starting and...Robert Pattinson will not...I repeat will NOT be playing Finnick Odair, the sex god from District 4 so relax, people!!!So, who on earth is going to play Finnick??? Ah, I WANNA KNOW SOOOOO BADLY!!! I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!
So I am not playing Finnick???
Ah, I need a tan badly...Is that why I didn't get the part???

So, bye bye, Robert for now!!! See you in November for Breaking Dawn Part 2!!!

Anyway, I am trying to get more people to read the Hunger Games because...

And I am not afraid to say that to anyone!!! READ THE BOOKS PEOPLE!!!

So, I just recovered from a fever and no it's not because I was waiting anxiously for the announcement of the actor that is to play Finnick but because...I was sick...Not that I would know why I am sick but...there...This is me after being sick and thank god, I'm okay now...

Anyway, I was rewatching Bride Wars again because I was half-sick and half-not sick so yeah, I didn't exactly know what to do since I was...um...undecided so I watched the movie...

I love Kate Hudson's saying "You don't alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera"!!! And it's so true but tell it to a guy and he'll be like "What's a Vera???" and you'll feel like doing just this...

Well, the movie wasn't that bad like the reviews said because...okay, it's pretty predictable and yeah, it's a little childish to see two grow-up acting all crazy just for one special day in their lives but it was a little fun because it's hilarious when they prank each other...

Okay, I guess it's a little too extreme at times with all the running around to sabotage each other and it's not the best plot that someone has ever come up with but it is pretty fun to watch if you have nothing to watch...

And my...my...Anne Hathaway sure has BIG lungs when she screamed!!!

I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!! Well, now I do so hehe!!!

Resting time because I need a little more time to recover so till next time then, people!!! Pray that I recover quickly so I can post more often...And study for that ever important Contract mock exam!!!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Hunger Games the Games And Victorious preview!!!

Sorry about not posting yesterday but I was not feeling well but today, I guess I feel a little better but with a really annoying headache that feels like someone's squeezing my little head but I'd rather take that than lie around like a dead corpse in my mum's office like yesterday.... Believe me, people really thought that I was dead because I was fast asleep on her sofa bed and wasn't even moving!!! Thank god I feel better now so thank you, God for that!!!

I know that I am suppose to study for the upcoming mock test that's taking place next week but hello, I am just going to use the excuse that I'm not feeling well so I don't need to study today...Plus I didn't bring my books because I was sick this morning so what am I suppose to study???

So, let me show what I've been up to these few days...
What do you think of the game version???
And just when you thought the Hunger Games ended for now until November 2013 (I could die waiting!!!), you have the game on Facebook!!!!

You have Katniss, Gale, Peeta and the rest of the Hunger Games crew in cartoon version and they actually look pretty cute as cartoons!!! Haha!!! Okay, anyway, about the game, well, it pretty much like any other Facebook game and you get to explore the whole Panem in this game...I'm not too sure what else is in store as I am only on level 33 but I'm almost done with Chapter 9!!! Plus you get to collect points (See, the star over there???) but...BUT the only problem that I have about the game is that it takes sooooo freaking long to load more energy and I am sitting here, growing a beard while waiting...
What are we waiting for???

  And...I just watched the latest episode of Victorious and it's sooooo good!!! Here's a preview!!!

Yes, people!!! No joke!!! This is from the "Tori Goes Platinum" episode!!!

 How did things end up like this, you ask??? Stop asking me and go check out the latest episode!!! Frankly for me, I think Beck and Tori would make a cute couple because Beck totally understands Tori and he's just a really great friend with great hair!!! Hehe!!! Plus, he could use a down-to-earth girl like Tori who wouldn't overreact like Jade...I like Beck and Jade together too but...there's just too much fighting in the way and Jade's a little insecure when it comes to Beck and his popularity and I love Jade being totally independent for a change!!!

I hope that Beck and Tori ends up together soon!!!

Aww...so cute!!! One of the best episode so far!!! Check it out people!!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Colton as Finnick Odair???

I just thought of something really random and okay, it will probably NEVER EVER EVER happen but...please do not kill me for suggesting this but...I think...I FOUND THE FINNICK THAT I WANT!!! You'll never figure out who I picked because honestly, it was pretty random and I know it is so...Please don't say I told you so or I'll go over there to kick your butt, people!!!

And if you're asking who the heck Finnick is, please please please get out of that dark cave wherever you're living under and find (Or buy) the Hunger Games books to read!!! How can you ask who Finnick is??? It's like asking a girl why she has to dress up every time she goes out of her house!!!

You know Finnick from Hunger Games who totally stole my heart...Forget Gale or Peeta if I can just...just get a piece of him...Well, he did die a tragic death of being torn to bites but I don't want him to die!!! I was sooo crushed when he died!!! I mean, COME ON!!! What was Suzanne Collins thinking when she wrote that part??? How can you kill such a cute and hot guy in a cruel way???

Anyway, as I was saying before I rudely interupted myself was...who do I think should play Finnick Odair???
It's none other than....


 If you say who again, Imma go over to where you are right now and throw my shoes at you although technically I am not wearing shoes at this exact moment but you get what I mean...

Still not sure who I am talking about...


Yes, him!!! From American Idol Season 11 and I know he's not exactly an exact match to Finnick's description but...WHO CARES??? I would pay RM 8 just to watch him act in the Huger Games and maybe even do his singing on the movie...Okay, I know that it's a little impossible but a girl can dream!!! Yeah, which is what I might end up dreaming of tonight...

I don't care if everyone thinks I am wrong because...it's called freedom of opinion so take that, Colton Dixon haters!!! And just to show you how perfect he is, allow me to show some pictures of his in the American Idol finale...

Don't you think I look a little like Finnick minus the hair???
Do I have to sing until my heart literally bleeds to get the role???

If I can make it through American Idol, I can make it in the Hunger Games!!!

So, what do you think???

Okay, I know it's a long shot but I just couldn't help it plus I wouldn't mind having another candy for my eyes when I watch Catching Fire next year!!!

 Or Maybe I should lay off the sugar so I'm not so hyper...


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Semester Break & Hunger Games Updates!!!

My semester break is officially here and THANK GOD!!! I don't think I could have lasted another day if I had to listen to endless lectures (And my course hasn't even started!!!) Oh boy, I don't know how I am suppose to live through another term of the same lectures...Not that I hate the subjects because I seriously LOVE IT but...Gosh, the lectures can be a little draggy and maybe even a little...um...dry..So, what am I up to on my first day of a break???

Let's see, I woke up early to hang out in my mum's office so now, I'm as cranking as a lady who is PMSing because honestly, who wakes up so early on a holiday??? The only good thing out of waking up early is...um...going back to sleep again on this really, really comfy sofa bed in her office plus the INTERNET IS SOOO FAST!!!

Next topic, I know I said that I would stop being obsessed with things (Eg. Twilight, POTC, Hunger Games) but I could not resist checking out for updates and...Here's the latest news on the Hunger Games trilogy...

Liongates has officially decided to rename Catching Fire to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and honestly, you can read all about it on the link below so click that button people!!!

Click here

The first thought in my head was...are they serious??? Like this is the BIG news that they can afford to share with us and not a sneak peek or some character updates??? I know that it's a BIG trend to use the series name like The Twlight Saga or Harry Potter but why can't they just leave it alone??? It will probably save them money if it was just "Catching Fire" as they don't have to print as many words on the poster...Next thing, they might decide to make the movies in 3D so they can charge more!!!

And another breaking news from the Hunger Games...Guess who's going to play Finnick the really really REALLY REALLY HOT victor from district 4 and yes, I do have a HUGE crush on that character...Can't you tell???
I'm Sexy and I know It!!
It's....none other than....EDWARD CULLEN!!!

Okay, it's not Edward Cullen himself because if a vampire was to take part in the Hunger Games, he would probably just suck all the other tributes' blood which makes the Game boring and he'll just attack Capitol too so it's like a total bloodbath!!! I'm talking about Mr. Robert Pattinson and don't believe me??? Read the article in the link below...

Click here

What do I think of this news??? Frankly, I would have to say it would be a big mistake to involve Robert even if I really love him because he's already involved in another franchise as a vampire plus he's probably sick of playing a character in any franchise because he was in three already...

a) Cedric Diggory (He dies a really sad death)
b) Edward Cullen (He died before becoming a vampire)
c) And now The Hunger Games, Finnick Odair who dies a really horrible death and frankly if I could change something from the book, it would be that he wouldn't die such a tragic death!!! I mean seriously, being ripped apart???
I volunteer as tribute if it means I'll be with Edward!!!

What next??? They're going to cast Kristen Stewart as Annie??? I love them both but honestly, I think it would be better to get others who aren't part of some franchise or it will become a little overrated...

If you're wonder how I'm spending my holiday well, I've been watching those really old movies that I'd watched before or missed so yeah, not exactly a good thing to do but I can't think of anything else to do...

Time for bed even though it's lunchtime but I'd rather sleep than eat right now...Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Facts!!!

Did I mention how much I LOOOOVE The Hunger Games???

Hmm...I guess it is a little obvious since most of my post for this month is about...The Hunger Games...

I'll be frank and admit that when I first saw the title, I thought it was about food so yeah, I mean come on!! It was...Hunger...Games...So, a game about food!!! But the biggest surprise for me has to be Josh Hutcherson...Okay, we all know that he was one of those child actors and he practically grew up onscreen and I didn't actually find him cute...WAIT, before you throw things at me or even try to hunt me down to kill me, Josh Hutcherson fans, allow me to continue first then you can decide whether you wanna kill me or not,ok???

Where was I again??? Ah right, Josh...Well, what more can I say but...I was wrong about him completely...I meant when I first found out he was playing Peeta, the boy with nice buns (I gotta stop saying things like that!!!), I was totally against it 100% because hello??? He's not blonde and I wasn't so convince about his acting skills but I was wrong which shows that you should never judge a book by its covers...

Take me for example, everyone who meets me thinks that I'm so nerd who studies and aces all her exams and the weird part is...they think I'm lying when I tell them I'm NOT!!! Seriously, what does it take to get them to understand that I am not a NERD???

PS. I like him as Peeta but...I'm not in love with him so...sorry about that...

 Anyway, being random again...

Oh yeah, to all the Hunger Games fans, here's a chance for you to make the Hunger Games Number 1 again!!! Please please please please vote for the Hunger Games for the Teen Choice Award because...well, because you're a fan right??? so, click the link below and vote everyday for the Hunger Games!!! Come on, it will probably take less than 15 minutes so just do it!! DO IT!!!! CLICK IT NOW!!! Thank you...

Click here and not somewhere else!!!

And now,
I shall just post random pictures because I can and I want to so live with it!!!
Think you've got what it takes to be the next American Idol???

Not to be a sore loser but I would have preferred if Colton won this year because he's just soooo good but...congrats to Philip Philip for winning!!! Guess we all know where Colton's fans went after he was eliminated...

Never say you hate the Hunger Games to me unless you have a death wish because...don't hate something you don't understand!!!

Say that and I promise I'll do this to you!!!
Ever wonder how Peanut butter and banana sushi looked like???

I wonder how it taste like???
Doesn't this look soooo good???


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stranger Danger!!!

First of all, let's get things clear...I DO NOT..I REPEAT...I DO NOT GIVE ANY RANDOM STRANGER MY PHONE NUMBER SO STOP ASKING!!! Urgh, what is with strangers and trying to get my number??? It's getting a little annoying because

a) I'm not interested soo please stop asking me
b) Do I look dumb enough to give you my number???
c) Um...hello??? I don't even know you...

So, if another stranger comes and try some funny tricks, Imma give him a reminder that he'll always remember to NEVER try to get young girls' number!!!

Just because I look nice or sweet and innocent does not mean I am that easy because honestly one day, I'm just going to burst out and say "Guys generally aren't my type!" so they'll stop bugging me...

Yeah, some weird guy came up to me today and see, I try to be a good person and help people with directions and that's how the conversation started with...Let's just call him 'S' for stranger...

S: Hello???
ME: (Listening to song) [Is he talking to me?]
S: Hello?
Me: (Takes off headphone) Um..yeah. [Do I know him?]
S: Do you know where....is???
Me: Oh, sorry but I'm not sure...(Sits quietly and looks away) 
S: So, where do you say?
Me: [Are you insane? Do I look that dumb to you?]Um...Selangor.
S: Are you studying in school or college???
Me:  [What does he think he's doing?] Uni.
S: Can I have your number?
Me: Sorry but my train is here. (Runs off)

See what I mean by annoying??? Okay, I know he was kinda hitting on me because what other reasons would you have to speak to a stranger but I was trying to be cool and NOT panic because honestly, panicking does not help at all!!!

Let's get things straight, I am not that kind of girl who wouldn't mind giving my number to random strangers and start flirting because (I do flirt sometimes but not to weird people I meet on the train!!!) I AM TOTALLY NOT!!! So, read this once more strangers who want my number...You CAN'T have it so please stop asking me!!!

See what I mean by random strangers started talking to me???

And...if you're into styling or experimenting with your hair then check out these videos because it's soo cool...I tried it and IT WORKS!!!

Yeah, it's totally doable because I tried it!!! And yes, it's from Hunger Games and it's a cool way to style your hair so to all you Hunger Games fans, try it!!! Um...I meant the girl because guys could try it but...well, let's just say it works better for long hair...

Your hair should look like that in the end because mine looked almost like it except it was messy but that's because I have really long and silky hair so the plaits don't stay put too long...

Another Katniss hairstyle and it's so cool to do for a formal event or even for some special occassion so I'm
planning to try it out tomorrow...

Same hairstyle but I think this video would be better for those of us who are planning to try it out alone since we don't all have hairstylist so try watching this video first!!!

Anyway, that's all from me for now so have a great week, guys!!!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wedding and Ugly Dresses???

What's wrong with Facebook??? I can't log in at all and frankly it's getting a little tiring to read the 'Problem Loading Page' for the dozen time already!! LOAD YOU FACEBOOK!!! Come on, just because the CEO of Facebook (What's his name again???) is married DOES NOT MEAN Facebook should stop working!!! So what if he created Facebook from some idea he had in college because that does not give him rights to stop Facebook from working because life goes on!!!

And he's making millions already so find someone to run it for this one day that he's gone!!! It's not like he can't afford it with the millions and MILLIONS AND MILLIONS that he makes!!!

And speaking of weddings, I just realized something really odd and no, it's not about how come the bride looks so radiant and how did they style her hair (Fine, I am dying to learn those styles since I love playing with my hair!!!) but...what are the bridemaids wearing???

Like some people just love torturing their bridesmaid on their special day just so they don't outshine the bride but SERIOUSLY???  Why would you ruin all the pictures from your special day with those really horrible dresses so you can look pretty???? I don't seem to understand how that makes your special day..Well, special...Honestly, if I were to be married, the last thing I would do is to put someone through torture just so I can look beautiful!!! It's crazy and yeah, I don't think outshining the bride is anyone's fault if they're born pretty or have a sexy body but don't wear anything that sexy and you'll be fine!!!

It's already bad enough that planning the wedding takes FOREVER so can't you just dress the bridesmaid so it doesn't look like you ran out of time or EVEN MONEY???

If my sister were to do that to me when she gets married, Imma rip that dress into shreds because I will NEVER EVER EVER be caught in such an ugly dress...

 So, lesson learnt if you want to look pretty on your special day, just friend ugly people so you won't have to try so hard..Okay, not what I mean but sorry it was from a movie I watched and it just came out...Wrong saying because EVERYONE'S beautiful and special in their own way!!!

Beautiful Reception/Dinner

Beautiful Couple
Beauty and the Beasts???


                                                If this is pretty, I don't wanna know what ugly looks like!!!                                                                     



Thursday, May 17, 2012


The weirdest thing happened today and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing...Hmm...let me put it this way, people were really really friendly to me today...Yeah, see I can be friendly to people and people are usually nice to me but this was like WAY WAY TOO NICE!!!

Gah, I don't know how to say it so Imma drop this topic...

Anyway, I'm going to write about...PDA!!!! No, not the phone PDA more like Public Display of Affection PDA....

Now, don't get me wrong...There's nothing wrong with dating or being in love because I'm fine with it but...BIG BUT HERE, what is with couples and PDA in PUBLIC??? Come on, have you people never heard of getting a room because I'm going to end up puking up my DINNER...Yes, people, this happened early in the morning like at 8am and everyone was staring including me...It was practically a free show for everyone so why waste it???

Okay, I sound like a hypocrite right now and so what if I'd never dated nor have I had a boyfriend and before anyone else say it...I AM NOT A LESBIAN!!! Anyway, where was I???

Right, so maybe I might be like all lovey dovey if...IF I do find myself a guy who can stand my crazy nature and my obsessive nature (Not likely to happen!!!) but I doubt I'll be so in love not to realize other people staring at me!!!

So, it's fine to be in love and everything BUT...You might just wanna keep somethings to yourself...Please, for my sake because I don't enjoy puking (who does???) especially not in the morning...Thanks...

And my day was pretty much just perfectly fine aside from the really really friendly strangers and the PDA...

And just because I have nothing to say...I'm going to post pictures from the Hunger Games again...hehe!!!

Okay, I don't like PDA in real life because it's just odd but I loove PDA in movies!!! Don't judge me but really, why do couples in movies look so good together???

I Love This Phrase!!!
Don't you just love that dress???
I Love them when they smile!!! So cute together!!!



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Review~~~

So, I watched the Hunger Games, finally and here’s what I thought of the movie...You know that feeling you get when one of your favourite books gets turned into a BIG HOLLYWOOD Movie and you’re so freaking excited to watch the movie because:
a)      You wonder if it lives up to your expectation
b)      Who is playing your favourite characters
c)       How some of your favourite scenes in the story looks like in the movies because honestly, your mind is like a television as you’re reading the book (Trust me, that’s the main reason why I love reading!!!!)
Yeah, I was excited as the opening credits started rolling and my heart was pumping fast because I am a Hunger Games Fan and I’ve read and reread all the books again and again just to live out that story in my mind so I was thinking as the credit rolled “This movie better be as good as the reviews said it was!” And what is my verdict for this movie adaptation from the books that I’ve come to love???
As everyone knows, some books aren’t meant to be made into movies because they tend to disappoint your expectations and trust me, my expectations are set really high especially for all my favourite books and the directors don’t seem to connect with the stories either because it’s the complexity of the love story or even the presentation of the movie which totally ruins the book and my imaginary tv in my mind...
What are some of the examples???
1)      Harry Potter and the whole series
I love J.K. Rowling and I seriously do as she’s a totally amazing author and I still can’t believe all those names like Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hugglepuff and Gryfindor came out from her mind because I mean who would have thought that those names would make sense??? BUT...Yes, there’s a major BUT so please don’t hate me HP lovers/fans because I am not being totally bias towards the series but...The movies for me were seriously lacking and ruined my imagination...Why??? Well, the first three movies were good and then, it started falling under the Hollywood curse until I felt like the movies were missing out many important scenes and none of the last two movies made sense to me especially since I did not read the last two books but watched all the movies...My cousins could understand it because they read the books but to an outside or a non-HP fan, it just doesn’t make sense!!! Does that make sense now??? I felt like I was riding in a bullettrain and we were zooming pass EVERYTHING!!!
2)      The Twilight Series
The longest obsession on a book series that I’d ever had and sadly, the first movie was...lacking... I love all the cast members and the story plot but...BUT...something just didn’t feel right in the first movie!!! It was way to...NORMAL and cold!! I get that it’s a vampire story and they’re cold in nature but seriously??? Is it even possible to make them anymore colder??? I was a little disappointed because the movie didn’t live up to my expectations but the second movie was WAY WAY better!!!
So, the real question is what did I think of the movie??? 

Well, I was fairly impressed at the actors/actresses in the movie especially those playing the main characters because they were perfect in the movie!!! I liked Jennifer Lawrence the best because she’s the perfect Katniss and honestly, I cannot think of any one else who can understand and play the character as convincing as her and then we have Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark and hmm...I have to say he was a little of a surprise to me because  honestly, I did not expect him to play the character pretty well...The Boy with the Bread Lives!!! The only disappointment for me was Liam Hensworth who plays Gale because honestly, he’s barely in the movie and the director could have just cast a dummy as Gale and no one would know the difference!!! Not that I blame the director because Gale is rarely in the book but they could have done something more!!! 

Next, Gary Ross is seriously a genius for coming up with the idea of focusing more on the Capitol in the movie because it is naturally the place where the Games begins although most people would prefer to watch the action as the games begin but for me, it was just right...Because Katniss is alone most of the time in the woods and she’s thinking to herself most times in the book so it’s a little hard for people to watch if there’s mostly silence in the movie, right??? I would pay RM 10 for some stinking movie that seems to be silent all the time!!! For me, I thought the ending was a little too rushed because the Peeta and Katniss bit at the end didn’t give me that same feelings that I felt as I was reading the end of book 1 so yeah, it would have been better slower for me...

I have to say that Hunger Games was a delight to watch and I’m probably going to rewatch it again because I loved the movie!!! I can’t wait for the DVD to come out in August because I NEED TO BUY IT!!! Ah, I don’t think I can wait that long!!! Plus Vampire Diaries Season 3 ended too which means...I’m stuck with nothing again!! Gah, I hate it when  this happens!!!
Wait, wasn’t I talking about the Hunger Games just now???
Anyway, The Hunger Games is a pretty good movie adaptation and I’m soooo happy it is because I love the series!!! But...BUT I would think that the movie would only make sense to HG fans or those who read the books only because you might not understand the silent parts in the movie during the games so READ THE BOOK FIRST then WATCH IT!!!!
And can I say anything more???
Even the soundtrack is pretty good...The songs match the book and I can actually imagine what happens as I listen to the songs!!! My favourites would have to be:
1)      Taylor Swift-Eyes Open
2)      Taylor Swift-Safe and Sound
3)      Birdy- Just a Game
4)      Arcade Fire-Abraham’s daughther.
5)      Maroon 5- Come over to the Water
I think I’m going to end up buying the soundtrack too!!!

 BTW I'm all for team PEETA and KATNISS!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hunger Games vs Twilight Saga!!!

So, I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy and I'm HUNGRY FOR MORE!!! Gah, I can't believe I finished the book in three days!!! Now what am I suppose to read??? What did I think of the books???


Do not scroll any lower if you haven't read the book because this may contain some spoilers!!!

So, how would I compare it to the Twilight Saga???

1. Okay, there's actually no similarities between these two series (I'm talking about the books, not the movies!!!) except if you count the theme of love and love triangles...

Twilight: Jacob (Werewolf), Edward (Vampire) and Bella (Human)
Hunger Games: Peeta (Human), Katniss (Human) and Gale  (Human as well!!!)

1. So, which love triangle did I like the most???

If you'd asked me before I'd read Hunger Games, I would have definately said Twilight because it was so painful to watch Bella torn between two great guys but after reading Hunger Games, I'm going to have to STILL stick with Twilight love triangle because I felt the story all fitted perfectly but Hunger Games ending was a little rushed like hello, Gale just ran away from Katniss when he said he loves her!!! He wasn't even in the same district as her so yeah, it wasn't as real as Twilight's love triangle...

1 point for Twilight

2. Which couple was the best out of both books???

Well, in the ending of Twilight, we have Bella and Edward after she sacrifices everything in her life including her mortality while in Hunger Games, we have Peeta and Katniss ending up back in District 12 after two Hunger Games (These two must have angels looking out for them to make it out alive twice!!!) and Peeta was always looking out for Katniss especially in the Hunger Games!!!

My answer would have to be Hunger Games because I find the element of a guy doing everything to keep you alive just so appealing plus this couple have gone through the worst days of their lives together and yet they're still together!!! The Twilight Couple was just a little too weak in comparison to Hunger Games Couple because it was basically all about love and more love...No struggles equals to a little boring at times...

1 point of Hunger Games

I'm a little tired of typing out the Hunger Games and twilight Saga so I'm just going to use HG (Hunger Games) and TS( twilight Saga)...

3.  Which was the best female in the books???

Unfortunately, hands down this has to go to Katniss because she would totally kick Bella's butt if they were competing in the Hunger Games together...Katniss was basically what I would like about a female lead because she's brave, strong and responsible (She's volunteered to replace her sister to compete in a killing game!!!) while Bella was all about playing the weak and defenseless damsel in distress until maybe the final book, Breaking Dawn when she's a vampire...

1 point to HG

4. Best male in the books???

Now, this is a little tricky since in both books, the males are pretty strong...Let's take Edward who would probably kill Gale and Peeta in one swift movement because he's a vampire and Jake could probably do the same...But I'm not talking about that...More on the lines of fighting for the girl and I'm going to have to say...Peeta because hello, he's crazy in love with Katniss that he was doing everything even lay down his life for her instead of just saying it!!! Gale seemed like a weak character because he's perfect for Katniss and yet, he wasn't willing to fight all the way for Katniss because he keeps thinking that she's madly in love with Peeta....Jake was actually a pretty close competitor with Peeta since he managed to get Bella to kiss him and steal her from Edward... And Edward is just...the perfect gentleman because he gave Bella a chance to choose who she needed the most...

Another point for HG

5. Best plot between both books???

TS- About this human girl who's in love with both a vampire and a werewolf (Seriously, why does this always happen anyway???). You'll see her always so close to death because she smells so good (Hey, I smell good too but you don't see me close to death all the time!!!) and vampires and werewolves always have to protect her...Plus she has to make a choice between these two mystical creatures... She fears of putting everyone she loves in danger...

HG- About this girl and her struggles against the Capitol while trying to decide her feelings for two guys: Peeta and Gale. She's always in close to death situations because she rebelled against the Capitol and she's one girl who doesn't need any man to protect her...Did I mention she has to face all that makeup and grooming in all three books (Gah, I feel her pain!!!)??? And she loses her loved ones and anyone close to her because she's the Mockingbird!!!

Another point for HG...

My verdict: 4 points for HG and 1 point for TS...


Try reading both books because I did and I personally think that Hunger Games is a better story to read even though I love both series because the HG is full of exciting and thrilling events that I just couldn't put the books down while reading!!! Twilight  Saga was more of a leisure reading but simply a great read for those romance lovers...

Anyway, I guess I'm going to end up reading the HG trilogy again because I loved every moment of it!!!I still can't believe that Finnick dies!!! (Ophs, I probably shouldn't have said that but I'm still devastated that FINNICK dies a terrible death!!! NO!!! I'm going to cry when I watch the movie because it will  be so sad...I was getting to like his character and Annie too!!!