Thursday, May 17, 2012


The weirdest thing happened today and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing...Hmm...let me put it this way, people were really really friendly to me today...Yeah, see I can be friendly to people and people are usually nice to me but this was like WAY WAY TOO NICE!!!

Gah, I don't know how to say it so Imma drop this topic...

Anyway, I'm going to write about...PDA!!!! No, not the phone PDA more like Public Display of Affection PDA....

Now, don't get me wrong...There's nothing wrong with dating or being in love because I'm fine with it but...BIG BUT HERE, what is with couples and PDA in PUBLIC??? Come on, have you people never heard of getting a room because I'm going to end up puking up my DINNER...Yes, people, this happened early in the morning like at 8am and everyone was staring including me...It was practically a free show for everyone so why waste it???

Okay, I sound like a hypocrite right now and so what if I'd never dated nor have I had a boyfriend and before anyone else say it...I AM NOT A LESBIAN!!! Anyway, where was I???

Right, so maybe I might be like all lovey dovey if...IF I do find myself a guy who can stand my crazy nature and my obsessive nature (Not likely to happen!!!) but I doubt I'll be so in love not to realize other people staring at me!!!

So, it's fine to be in love and everything BUT...You might just wanna keep somethings to yourself...Please, for my sake because I don't enjoy puking (who does???) especially not in the morning...Thanks...

And my day was pretty much just perfectly fine aside from the really really friendly strangers and the PDA...

And just because I have nothing to say...I'm going to post pictures from the Hunger Games again...hehe!!!

Okay, I don't like PDA in real life because it's just odd but I loove PDA in movies!!! Don't judge me but really, why do couples in movies look so good together???

I Love This Phrase!!!
Don't you just love that dress???
I Love them when they smile!!! So cute together!!!



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