Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stranger Danger!!!

First of all, let's get things clear...I DO NOT..I REPEAT...I DO NOT GIVE ANY RANDOM STRANGER MY PHONE NUMBER SO STOP ASKING!!! Urgh, what is with strangers and trying to get my number??? It's getting a little annoying because

a) I'm not interested soo please stop asking me
b) Do I look dumb enough to give you my number???
c) Um...hello??? I don't even know you...

So, if another stranger comes and try some funny tricks, Imma give him a reminder that he'll always remember to NEVER try to get young girls' number!!!

Just because I look nice or sweet and innocent does not mean I am that easy because honestly one day, I'm just going to burst out and say "Guys generally aren't my type!" so they'll stop bugging me...

Yeah, some weird guy came up to me today and see, I try to be a good person and help people with directions and that's how the conversation started with...Let's just call him 'S' for stranger...

S: Hello???
ME: (Listening to song) [Is he talking to me?]
S: Hello?
Me: (Takes off headphone) Um..yeah. [Do I know him?]
S: Do you know where....is???
Me: Oh, sorry but I'm not sure...(Sits quietly and looks away) 
S: So, where do you say?
Me: [Are you insane? Do I look that dumb to you?]Um...Selangor.
S: Are you studying in school or college???
Me:  [What does he think he's doing?] Uni.
S: Can I have your number?
Me: Sorry but my train is here. (Runs off)

See what I mean by annoying??? Okay, I know he was kinda hitting on me because what other reasons would you have to speak to a stranger but I was trying to be cool and NOT panic because honestly, panicking does not help at all!!!

Let's get things straight, I am not that kind of girl who wouldn't mind giving my number to random strangers and start flirting because (I do flirt sometimes but not to weird people I meet on the train!!!) I AM TOTALLY NOT!!! So, read this once more strangers who want my number...You CAN'T have it so please stop asking me!!!

See what I mean by random strangers started talking to me???

And...if you're into styling or experimenting with your hair then check out these videos because it's soo cool...I tried it and IT WORKS!!!

Yeah, it's totally doable because I tried it!!! And yes, it's from Hunger Games and it's a cool way to style your hair so to all you Hunger Games fans, try it!!! Um...I meant the girl because guys could try it but...well, let's just say it works better for long hair...

Your hair should look like that in the end because mine looked almost like it except it was messy but that's because I have really long and silky hair so the plaits don't stay put too long...

Another Katniss hairstyle and it's so cool to do for a formal event or even for some special occassion so I'm
planning to try it out tomorrow...

Same hairstyle but I think this video would be better for those of us who are planning to try it out alone since we don't all have hairstylist so try watching this video first!!!

Anyway, that's all from me for now so have a great week, guys!!!


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