Thursday, May 24, 2012

Semester Break & Hunger Games Updates!!!

My semester break is officially here and THANK GOD!!! I don't think I could have lasted another day if I had to listen to endless lectures (And my course hasn't even started!!!) Oh boy, I don't know how I am suppose to live through another term of the same lectures...Not that I hate the subjects because I seriously LOVE IT but...Gosh, the lectures can be a little draggy and maybe even a, what am I up to on my first day of a break???

Let's see, I woke up early to hang out in my mum's office so now, I'm as cranking as a lady who is PMSing because honestly, who wakes up so early on a holiday??? The only good thing out of waking up early back to sleep again on this really, really comfy sofa bed in her office plus the INTERNET IS SOOO FAST!!!

Next topic, I know I said that I would stop being obsessed with things (Eg. Twilight, POTC, Hunger Games) but I could not resist checking out for updates and...Here's the latest news on the Hunger Games trilogy...

Liongates has officially decided to rename Catching Fire to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and honestly, you can read all about it on the link below so click that button people!!!

Click here

The first thought in my head was...are they serious??? Like this is the BIG news that they can afford to share with us and not a sneak peek or some character updates??? I know that it's a BIG trend to use the series name like The Twlight Saga or Harry Potter but why can't they just leave it alone??? It will probably save them money if it was just "Catching Fire" as they don't have to print as many words on the poster...Next thing, they might decide to make the movies in 3D so they can charge more!!!

And another breaking news from the Hunger Games...Guess who's going to play Finnick the really really REALLY REALLY HOT victor from district 4 and yes, I do have a HUGE crush on that character...Can't you tell???
I'm Sexy and I know It!!
It's....none other than....EDWARD CULLEN!!!

Okay, it's not Edward Cullen himself because if a vampire was to take part in the Hunger Games, he would probably just suck all the other tributes' blood which makes the Game boring and he'll just attack Capitol too so it's like a total bloodbath!!! I'm talking about Mr. Robert Pattinson and don't believe me??? Read the article in the link below...

Click here

What do I think of this news??? Frankly, I would have to say it would be a big mistake to involve Robert even if I really love him because he's already involved in another franchise as a vampire plus he's probably sick of playing a character in any franchise because he was in three already...

a) Cedric Diggory (He dies a really sad death)
b) Edward Cullen (He died before becoming a vampire)
c) And now The Hunger Games, Finnick Odair who dies a really horrible death and frankly if I could change something from the book, it would be that he wouldn't die such a tragic death!!! I mean seriously, being ripped apart???
I volunteer as tribute if it means I'll be with Edward!!!

What next??? They're going to cast Kristen Stewart as Annie??? I love them both but honestly, I think it would be better to get others who aren't part of some franchise or it will become a little overrated...

If you're wonder how I'm spending my holiday well, I've been watching those really old movies that I'd watched before or missed so yeah, not exactly a good thing to do but I can't think of anything else to do...

Time for bed even though it's lunchtime but I'd rather sleep than eat right now...Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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