Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Facts!!!

Did I mention how much I LOOOOVE The Hunger Games???

Hmm...I guess it is a little obvious since most of my post for this month is about...The Hunger Games...

I'll be frank and admit that when I first saw the title, I thought it was about food so yeah, I mean come on!! It was...Hunger...Games...So, a game about food!!! But the biggest surprise for me has to be Josh Hutcherson...Okay, we all know that he was one of those child actors and he practically grew up onscreen and I didn't actually find him cute...WAIT, before you throw things at me or even try to hunt me down to kill me, Josh Hutcherson fans, allow me to continue first then you can decide whether you wanna kill me or not,ok???

Where was I again??? Ah right, Josh...Well, what more can I say but...I was wrong about him completely...I meant when I first found out he was playing Peeta, the boy with nice buns (I gotta stop saying things like that!!!), I was totally against it 100% because hello??? He's not blonde and I wasn't so convince about his acting skills but I was wrong which shows that you should never judge a book by its covers...

Take me for example, everyone who meets me thinks that I'm so nerd who studies and aces all her exams and the weird part is...they think I'm lying when I tell them I'm NOT!!! Seriously, what does it take to get them to understand that I am not a NERD???

PS. I like him as Peeta but...I'm not in love with him so...sorry about that...

 Anyway, being random again...

Oh yeah, to all the Hunger Games fans, here's a chance for you to make the Hunger Games Number 1 again!!! Please please please please vote for the Hunger Games for the Teen Choice Award because...well, because you're a fan right??? so, click the link below and vote everyday for the Hunger Games!!! Come on, it will probably take less than 15 minutes so just do it!! DO IT!!!! CLICK IT NOW!!! Thank you...

Click here and not somewhere else!!!

And now,
I shall just post random pictures because I can and I want to so live with it!!!
Think you've got what it takes to be the next American Idol???

Not to be a sore loser but I would have preferred if Colton won this year because he's just soooo good but...congrats to Philip Philip for winning!!! Guess we all know where Colton's fans went after he was eliminated...

Never say you hate the Hunger Games to me unless you have a death wish because...don't hate something you don't understand!!!

Say that and I promise I'll do this to you!!!
Ever wonder how Peanut butter and banana sushi looked like???

I wonder how it taste like???
Doesn't this look soooo good???


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