Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Review~~~

So, I watched the Hunger Games, finally and here’s what I thought of the movie...You know that feeling you get when one of your favourite books gets turned into a BIG HOLLYWOOD Movie and you’re so freaking excited to watch the movie because:
a)      You wonder if it lives up to your expectation
b)      Who is playing your favourite characters
c)       How some of your favourite scenes in the story looks like in the movies because honestly, your mind is like a television as you’re reading the book (Trust me, that’s the main reason why I love reading!!!!)
Yeah, I was excited as the opening credits started rolling and my heart was pumping fast because I am a Hunger Games Fan and I’ve read and reread all the books again and again just to live out that story in my mind so I was thinking as the credit rolled “This movie better be as good as the reviews said it was!” And what is my verdict for this movie adaptation from the books that I’ve come to love???
As everyone knows, some books aren’t meant to be made into movies because they tend to disappoint your expectations and trust me, my expectations are set really high especially for all my favourite books and the directors don’t seem to connect with the stories either because it’s the complexity of the love story or even the presentation of the movie which totally ruins the book and my imaginary tv in my mind...
What are some of the examples???
1)      Harry Potter and the whole series
I love J.K. Rowling and I seriously do as she’s a totally amazing author and I still can’t believe all those names like Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hugglepuff and Gryfindor came out from her mind because I mean who would have thought that those names would make sense??? BUT...Yes, there’s a major BUT so please don’t hate me HP lovers/fans because I am not being totally bias towards the series but...The movies for me were seriously lacking and ruined my imagination...Why??? Well, the first three movies were good and then, it started falling under the Hollywood curse until I felt like the movies were missing out many important scenes and none of the last two movies made sense to me especially since I did not read the last two books but watched all the movies...My cousins could understand it because they read the books but to an outside or a non-HP fan, it just doesn’t make sense!!! Does that make sense now??? I felt like I was riding in a bullettrain and we were zooming pass EVERYTHING!!!
2)      The Twilight Series
The longest obsession on a book series that I’d ever had and sadly, the first movie was...lacking... I love all the cast members and the story plot but...BUT...something just didn’t feel right in the first movie!!! It was way to...NORMAL and cold!! I get that it’s a vampire story and they’re cold in nature but seriously??? Is it even possible to make them anymore colder??? I was a little disappointed because the movie didn’t live up to my expectations but the second movie was WAY WAY better!!!
So, the real question is what did I think of the movie??? 

Well, I was fairly impressed at the actors/actresses in the movie especially those playing the main characters because they were perfect in the movie!!! I liked Jennifer Lawrence the best because she’s the perfect Katniss and honestly, I cannot think of any one else who can understand and play the character as convincing as her and then we have Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark and hmm...I have to say he was a little of a surprise to me because  honestly, I did not expect him to play the character pretty well...The Boy with the Bread Lives!!! The only disappointment for me was Liam Hensworth who plays Gale because honestly, he’s barely in the movie and the director could have just cast a dummy as Gale and no one would know the difference!!! Not that I blame the director because Gale is rarely in the book but they could have done something more!!! 

Next, Gary Ross is seriously a genius for coming up with the idea of focusing more on the Capitol in the movie because it is naturally the place where the Games begins although most people would prefer to watch the action as the games begin but for me, it was just right...Because Katniss is alone most of the time in the woods and she’s thinking to herself most times in the book so it’s a little hard for people to watch if there’s mostly silence in the movie, right??? I would pay RM 10 for some stinking movie that seems to be silent all the time!!! For me, I thought the ending was a little too rushed because the Peeta and Katniss bit at the end didn’t give me that same feelings that I felt as I was reading the end of book 1 so yeah, it would have been better slower for me...

I have to say that Hunger Games was a delight to watch and I’m probably going to rewatch it again because I loved the movie!!! I can’t wait for the DVD to come out in August because I NEED TO BUY IT!!! Ah, I don’t think I can wait that long!!! Plus Vampire Diaries Season 3 ended too which means...I’m stuck with nothing again!! Gah, I hate it when  this happens!!!
Wait, wasn’t I talking about the Hunger Games just now???
Anyway, The Hunger Games is a pretty good movie adaptation and I’m soooo happy it is because I love the series!!! But...BUT I would think that the movie would only make sense to HG fans or those who read the books only because you might not understand the silent parts in the movie during the games so READ THE BOOK FIRST then WATCH IT!!!!
And can I say anything more???
Even the soundtrack is pretty good...The songs match the book and I can actually imagine what happens as I listen to the songs!!! My favourites would have to be:
1)      Taylor Swift-Eyes Open
2)      Taylor Swift-Safe and Sound
3)      Birdy- Just a Game
4)      Arcade Fire-Abraham’s daughther.
5)      Maroon 5- Come over to the Water
I think I’m going to end up buying the soundtrack too!!!

 BTW I'm all for team PEETA and KATNISS!!!

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