Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hunger Games Updates & Bride War rerun!!!

So, here's another thought in my head and I do not own any of this conversation...It's called Tumblr (OHHHH...) Yeah, my mum just found out about tumblr.com yesterday so it's kind of BIG NEWS for her since she just figured out that some pictures can move but that's parents for you...Erm, I probably should stop saying anything more as I have the rights to remain silent as anything I say may and can be used against me so sorry but my lips are sealed...for now...
  • Hardcore HP, HG fan who hates Twilight: Twilight sucks. Harry Potter and Hunger Games forever!
  • Indifferent me: Okay, what's your point?
  • HHPHGfwhT: My point is that Twilight sucks. The relationship between my dog and his bed is a better love story than that crap.
  • Me: I still don't see your point.
  • HHPHGfwhT: It just sucks. That's my point.
  • Me: Okay, so what you are saying, you hate Twilight?
  • HHPHGfwhT: Yes, that is my point.
  • Me: Alright, then why are you still talking about it?
  • HHPHGfwhT: Because...
  • Me: Exactly. I hate spiders, but you don't hear me talk about how much they suck.
  • HHPHGfwhT: Yeah you do. Remember when I told you I saw a spider in my room. You said how much you hated them.
  • Me: Yeah, I said I hate them to contribute to the conversation.
  • HHPHGfwhT: Yeah, so am I.
  • Me: We weren't even talking about Twilight. Nor were we talking about Harry Potter or Hunger Games. All I asked you was what you wanted for dinner.
  • HHPHGfwhT: ...
  • Me: *in my head* I don't get haters. If they hate something so much, then why do they talk about it all the time? 

Anyway, the casting for Finnick of Hunger Games is starting and...Robert Pattinson will not...I repeat will NOT be playing Finnick Odair, the sex god from District 4 so relax, people!!!So, who on earth is going to play Finnick??? Ah, I WANNA KNOW SOOOOO BADLY!!! I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!
So I am not playing Finnick???
Ah, I need a tan badly...Is that why I didn't get the part???

So, bye bye, Robert for now!!! See you in November for Breaking Dawn Part 2!!!

Anyway, I am trying to get more people to read the Hunger Games because...

And I am not afraid to say that to anyone!!! READ THE BOOKS PEOPLE!!!

So, I just recovered from a fever and no it's not because I was waiting anxiously for the announcement of the actor that is to play Finnick but because...I was sick...Not that I would know why I am sick but...there...This is me after being sick and thank god, I'm okay now...

Anyway, I was rewatching Bride Wars again because I was half-sick and half-not sick so yeah, I didn't exactly know what to do since I was...um...undecided so I watched the movie...

I love Kate Hudson's saying "You don't alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera"!!! And it's so true but tell it to a guy and he'll be like "What's a Vera???" and you'll feel like doing just this...

Well, the movie wasn't that bad like the reviews said because...okay, it's pretty predictable and yeah, it's a little childish to see two grow-up acting all crazy just for one special day in their lives but it was a little fun because it's hilarious when they prank each other...

Okay, I guess it's a little too extreme at times with all the running around to sabotage each other and it's not the best plot that someone has ever come up with but it is pretty fun to watch if you have nothing to watch...

And my...my...Anne Hathaway sure has BIG lungs when she screamed!!!

I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!! Well, now I do so hehe!!!

Resting time because I need a little more time to recover so till next time then, people!!! Pray that I recover quickly so I can post more often...And study for that ever important Contract mock exam!!!


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