Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hunger Games vs Twilight Saga!!!

So, I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy and I'm HUNGRY FOR MORE!!! Gah, I can't believe I finished the book in three days!!! Now what am I suppose to read??? What did I think of the books???


Do not scroll any lower if you haven't read the book because this may contain some spoilers!!!

So, how would I compare it to the Twilight Saga???

1. Okay, there's actually no similarities between these two series (I'm talking about the books, not the movies!!!) except if you count the theme of love and love triangles...

Twilight: Jacob (Werewolf), Edward (Vampire) and Bella (Human)
Hunger Games: Peeta (Human), Katniss (Human) and Gale  (Human as well!!!)

1. So, which love triangle did I like the most???

If you'd asked me before I'd read Hunger Games, I would have definately said Twilight because it was so painful to watch Bella torn between two great guys but after reading Hunger Games, I'm going to have to STILL stick with Twilight love triangle because I felt the story all fitted perfectly but Hunger Games ending was a little rushed like hello, Gale just ran away from Katniss when he said he loves her!!! He wasn't even in the same district as her so yeah, it wasn't as real as Twilight's love triangle...

1 point for Twilight

2. Which couple was the best out of both books???

Well, in the ending of Twilight, we have Bella and Edward after she sacrifices everything in her life including her mortality while in Hunger Games, we have Peeta and Katniss ending up back in District 12 after two Hunger Games (These two must have angels looking out for them to make it out alive twice!!!) and Peeta was always looking out for Katniss especially in the Hunger Games!!!

My answer would have to be Hunger Games because I find the element of a guy doing everything to keep you alive just so appealing plus this couple have gone through the worst days of their lives together and yet they're still together!!! The Twilight Couple was just a little too weak in comparison to Hunger Games Couple because it was basically all about love and more love...No struggles equals to a little boring at times...

1 point of Hunger Games

I'm a little tired of typing out the Hunger Games and twilight Saga so I'm just going to use HG (Hunger Games) and TS( twilight Saga)...

3.  Which was the best female in the books???

Unfortunately, hands down this has to go to Katniss because she would totally kick Bella's butt if they were competing in the Hunger Games together...Katniss was basically what I would like about a female lead because she's brave, strong and responsible (She's volunteered to replace her sister to compete in a killing game!!!) while Bella was all about playing the weak and defenseless damsel in distress until maybe the final book, Breaking Dawn when she's a vampire...

1 point to HG

4. Best male in the books???

Now, this is a little tricky since in both books, the males are pretty strong...Let's take Edward who would probably kill Gale and Peeta in one swift movement because he's a vampire and Jake could probably do the same...But I'm not talking about that...More on the lines of fighting for the girl and I'm going to have to say...Peeta because hello, he's crazy in love with Katniss that he was doing everything even lay down his life for her instead of just saying it!!! Gale seemed like a weak character because he's perfect for Katniss and yet, he wasn't willing to fight all the way for Katniss because he keeps thinking that she's madly in love with Peeta....Jake was actually a pretty close competitor with Peeta since he managed to get Bella to kiss him and steal her from Edward... And Edward is just...the perfect gentleman because he gave Bella a chance to choose who she needed the most...

Another point for HG

5. Best plot between both books???

TS- About this human girl who's in love with both a vampire and a werewolf (Seriously, why does this always happen anyway???). You'll see her always so close to death because she smells so good (Hey, I smell good too but you don't see me close to death all the time!!!) and vampires and werewolves always have to protect her...Plus she has to make a choice between these two mystical creatures... She fears of putting everyone she loves in danger...

HG- About this girl and her struggles against the Capitol while trying to decide her feelings for two guys: Peeta and Gale. She's always in close to death situations because she rebelled against the Capitol and she's one girl who doesn't need any man to protect her...Did I mention she has to face all that makeup and grooming in all three books (Gah, I feel her pain!!!)??? And she loses her loved ones and anyone close to her because she's the Mockingbird!!!

Another point for HG...

My verdict: 4 points for HG and 1 point for TS...


Try reading both books because I did and I personally think that Hunger Games is a better story to read even though I love both series because the HG is full of exciting and thrilling events that I just couldn't put the books down while reading!!! Twilight  Saga was more of a leisure reading but simply a great read for those romance lovers...

Anyway, I guess I'm going to end up reading the HG trilogy again because I loved every moment of it!!!I still can't believe that Finnick dies!!! (Ophs, I probably shouldn't have said that but I'm still devastated that FINNICK dies a terrible death!!! NO!!! I'm going to cry when I watch the movie because it will  be so sad...I was getting to like his character and Annie too!!!


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