Saturday, April 28, 2012

BIG NEWS and Sad Endings!!!

Honestly, if I were to share this BIG news with you all, you'll probably think I'm some obsessed hormonal controlled girl who has nothing to do with her life and...AND YOU'RE PROBABLY RIGHT...Gah, I know I said that I would stop my really, really bad habit of googling and drooling over some celeb guys but seriously, are you trying to take my whole life away??? I need to live and breathe gossip or my life seems meaningless for these few months left before my real course starts and then bye bye college mates/close friends!!!

Wait, what was I talking about again??? Ah yes, the big news to share!!! Anyway, COLTON IS RELEASING HIS DEBUT ALBUM and I'm SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOO VERY HAPPY!!! Can't you see how happy I am just from the many many many so's that I used??? Yeah, I'm excited and boy, take that, American Idol!!!

And I kept my promise to boycott American Idol too!!! Wait, wasn't I suppose to stop talking about American Idol already??? Ah, sorry about that but I'm still a little peeved that Colton was eliminated because honestly, he was the only sole reason that I watched American Idol this year and so, no Colton equals to you can do the maths!!!

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What else was I suppose to say??? What's better than drinking a cold ice blended drink on a really hot day??? Drinking it with a free doughnut!!! Yeah, I'm so happy even if the doughnut was plain because IT'S FREE!!! Here's a picture to rub it in so eat your hearts out, guys!!!

Anyway, I attended my Legal Skills class on Friday and we watched a movie titled 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas' and before I begin rambling on and on about the movie, I must warn those of you who haven't watched it or even read the book to please DO NOT READ any further below because I may ruin your movie for you!!!

So, what's the movie about??? Well, it's based on World War 2 during Hitler's reign and the setting is in Germany and mainly revolves around these two boys...You must be wondering what's so interesting about these two boys and well, it's actually pretty interesting as these two are close friends when they're mean to be enemies...Okay, I'm going way ahead of myself so let me explain the friends-enemies part...One boy is a German and the other is a Jewish boy of the same age so yeah, it was that time when Jews were seems as a threat in German and many should I put it in a proper manner??? Let's just say sacrificed for Hitler's cause so yeah, it was a terrible time to be a Jew...

The German boy is basically not aware of the situations that he's not meant to be friends with any Jew and he's so innocent that he continues this forbidden friendship and ask a lot of questions but unfortunately, his family doesn't tell him much because they think he's too young...They probably should have thought of the fact that boys are extremely curious to explore new places so yeah, the German boy steals food from his house and gives it to the Jewish boy...One day, the Jewish boy informs the German kid that his father has been missing for a few days and he can't find him and that's when you'll really be annoyed with these two kids for thinking of the dumbest idea because the German kid offers to enter the extermination camp to look for the Jewish boy's father!!!

And everyone knows what happens in those extermination camps so yeah, the ending isn't pretty for the two boys and many other Jews but I won't tell you exactly what happens because it's really a good movie to watch...

And you're probably wondering why I'm watching such a sad movie at 10 in the morning which totally ruins my whole day since I love thinking postive and happy thoughts but hey, it wasn't for fun!!! It was for my class to study the elements of law in the movie like mainly Human Rights so yeah, it was a good movie and I would recommend this to any law students who like to watch movies or even to anyone with some spare time to watch it because the movie is pretty good...Here's a list of some pretty good movies to that I'm going to watch since my Legal Skills Lecturer recommended them to me so sharing is caring!!!

1. Provoked (It's based on a Criminal case that occurred in UK and it's about an abused wife who kills her husband and well, I have not watched it but it is pretty sensitive so watch it with caution people!!!)

2. My Sister's Keeper (It's based on Jodi Picoult's book with the same title and it's about this sick young girl and her family's struggle to deal with her illness so ladies, keep a box of tissues with you because the ending isn't pretty too!!!)

3. Runaway Jury (Based On John Grisham's book, it's about this court hearing and the things that happens behind the scenes, what I meant was in the jury room so yeah, it might be a little boring to watch but it does help you understand the legal system a little...)

4. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (Do not watch this if you're fond of happy endings only because this is not a happy story and things happens...)


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